Sunday, August 30, 2009

Breakin' through to Jewelia!

That's right, I managed to get onto Trickster Online this morning! I was working on Episode 2 single-handedly, and I got through to Chapter 3. I didn't really like Tornado Blast's aim, but...It'll do good when I'm helping people get through Count Trials or I'm training. So...only 11 levels till 100, and I'm hoping that I can drill up the bloody rune when I'm at that stage.
Also, @Raven: Concentrate on 1 Character so we can try to work on quests together, kthnx @_@

Friday, August 28, 2009


I was gonna post about this awhile back, but I completely forgot. On my birthday I had gotten 170 bucks, with an additional 60 from one of my brothers. I had bought two packs of Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008, Code Lyoko, and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. I was quite suprised GameStop had P3, and not only that, but P3FES, and it's manual and artwork and such. I freaking LOVE the game so far, but I haven't gotten time to play it. Storyline's good. Gameplay's good. It's all good, and I hope to review more of it once I'm playing it more often.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meh, School and Life.

"B-But..School sucks..."
Not anymore, Kuribo

I was expecting school to suck this year, but I guess not. I've made some friends, have some good teachers, and now have other stuff to do, instead of playing MMOs so much. I also have some friends in my classes, too, so I'm not at a total loss here. Hopefully this school year will go on like I hope it will.
Good. As in, nothing will disrupt me and I can pass my tests.
Anyways, I've hit 5x on my Anime Episodes.
Guess that's it for now.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Something totally screwed up my HTML, so posting a blog post can make it look...weird.
Anyways, this isn't the point.Right now, I'm trying out new templates, to see how it would look for me. And...School starts on the 24th, so blogging may be slower than usual. Anyways, I'll be flickering around templates, so if you visit and the next time you see another design..that's on my behalf.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


About time XD, yep. Today's my 13th Birthday and I'm excited since I'm gonna go game shopping~ <3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stats vs Gameplay Style

Online Gaming is always a form of entertainment for all of us gamers, big and small. We get imports from South Korea and it is americanized to make it more 'Easy' and 'Free to Play' most of the times. We could get on from a minimum to like..5 seconds, depending on if we like or hate it. Online Gaming has a sort of reputation to it, and it can range from being Free to Play with a Cash shop (I.E: Most of the games out there), or Pay to Play (Membership Only - I.E: Disney's ToonTown Online, Upcoming Aion Online, and World of Warcraft).

However, with communities being craptastic these days, it's kind of hard to play alone on certain games.

"Well, I play Lass because of the Dark Assassin Gameplay~:D" - A common Grand Chase player.

"Lass sucks, his defense is like, totally low. You should play a Ronan." - A Power-Hungry Gamer.

What am I getting at here?

Online Gaming has turned to trash because of "Statistics". I mean, yes, if it's MMOs and you want to build up your power for a character, go ahead!

Just don't go pester someone who doesn't play for statistics. It's not your mind to force into playing for "being the best". Some players who are in those Top 10 Boards, got there for a few reasons, some just wanting to see what happens at the ends. 

The sad part thing, is the statistic crap happens in games that DON'T depend on stats, too. They make it somehow possible.


A Non-Hacking Beginner D, could beat a National Pro E, with non-cash/premium shop equips. - Albatross18/PangYa

A person who uses the free melee weapon (forgetting name... XD) can beat anyone who's using a storm bat, depending on how good they are. - S4 League

The Common one?: A Casher can beat a Non-Casher - All MMOs, in this case: Grand Chase.

This is probably not understandable, but tl;dr?

Stop acting like pricks when it comes to stats! .-.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Needing Game Suggestions~!

Well, besides checking out Rio's gaming suggestions (I'm already debating on Vanguard Princess, since it reminds me alot about Melty Blood), I'm looking for game suggestions on the blog, so I can try out new ones. I'm coming back to some, like I may go back to LaTale again due to sheer boredom, however..I'm leaving a list of games that you can't suggest, since I've either tried them or I don't like 'em.

They can be in a different language(All, but Korean, since I'd need a KSSN).

Anything, BUT PvP Games(Like, you'd need certain stats to do well in the game, any games like Melty Blood or Vanguard Princess is oK.)

MUST BE FREE (F2P, not P2P kthnx ;;)

Please do NOT suggest the following:

Angels Online, Atlantica Online, Cabal Online, Club Penguin(Cuz I know someone's probably going to :|), ToonTown Online, Dragonica Online, Fiesta, FlyFF, Florenisa, Fusion Fall(HECK NO.), Grand Chase Hello Kitty Online, LaTale(Obviously if I'm coming back), LUNA Online, Lunia, Mabinogi, Manga Fighter, Maple Story, Nostale, Ragnarok, Rumble Fighter, Runescape, S4 League(May come back ~.~), Imagine Online (I cannot get that game to work..), SHOT Online, PangYa, TalesRunner, Trickster, Wizard 101, zOMG!, Dream of Mirror Online

I either tried it out before, or just didn't like how it looked.
Thankies :D (Comments are now free for anyone to post.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School's Starting again...

And I hate this school. I'll need all the help I can get this year, because if I fail just 1 out of like...3 of my tests, it's over, and I will be held back into the 8th grade again. School will be starting on the 24th, but in the mean time, I will be going to the doctor's tomorrow AND I'll be watching Anime.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Official] - LaTale OST Download Page

This is the OFFICIAL Blog Post for all OST Downloads.

The Link will be changed on the side button, so it only links to here.


- WinRAR or WinZIP

- A Media Player

- Downloading Required

[Introduction] | [WinRAR Download]

OST Tracks!

[Tracks 1-30]| [Tracks 31-50] | [Tracks 51-76] | [Tracks 77~93]
[Replaced OSTs] |[Tracks 94~107]

They're safe, don't worry. XD


11/6 - I just found out one was removed for Copyright Material (Replaced OSTs), that will be fixed ASAP.

11/6 - Tracks 1~107 (not including replaced) have been replaced with MediaFire links.

11/7 - Replaced OSTs are back up.

YouTube Videos coming to my Blog?

Yeah...if you haven't noticed the button on the sidebar, my YouTube videos will be coming up here once again. It'll be an assortment of videos. Mostly ROM videos and AMVs, and maybe even a walkthrough or two, but, I must get back to making YouTube videos again. And to start it off, I'll post a random test video I uploaded a few days ago.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Possible return to Grand Chase?

^My Amy^

So, due to Trickster failing, and me still needing to reinstall Luna Online, I will making a reappearance to Grand Chase. I've already GP'd Siren yesterday thanks to help from new friends, but now, I will be trying to level my Amy the best I can. So far she's Lv34 from this post, and I'm just doing Lower Level and Ellia Continent Runs..until like Lv38 or something (Which is when I'll be BfBing). Wish me luck~
IGN: SyphiraChan

Thursday, August 6, 2009

There goes Trickster...

I just remembered, that I cannot Broadcast Trickster Online, or even play it anymore.

As of 8/05/09, Pearl Island was killed off of the Server: Jewelia. This caused many players to leave, due to not handling the lag.

...I am one of them.

I was planning on playing some more, and broadcasting my leveling progress, but until NTreev fixes what they've messed up, I'm not going to bother with it.

However, I may be returning back to Luna Online, and playing that once again. Along with playing some ROMs on my Visual Boy Advance.

Keep in mind, I'm still thinking about when to Broadcast, as I'll only set times for it .-.;;

I'm back~!

I'm back from my trip to Alabama, but I haven't gotten much sleep. I plan on getting ready for school, but in my spare time officially broadcast. I am trying out this new game in Open Beta as soon as I fill out the information. It's called Kinos World, and it barely came out in Japan about a few weeks ago for Open Beta Testing. I will be setting dates and times for when I do broadcast.

So far I plan on broadcasting the following:

- Trickster Online

So...I'll post the dates and times (and time zones) when I get a chance.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

On a Trip...

I'll be in Burmingham, Alabama for a few days, to visit my Grandmother, my 'sister', and possibly my Online Friend. Don't expect many blogposts from now til' Wednesday.