Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stats vs Gameplay Style

Online Gaming is always a form of entertainment for all of us gamers, big and small. We get imports from South Korea and it is americanized to make it more 'Easy' and 'Free to Play' most of the times. We could get on from a minimum to like..5 seconds, depending on if we like or hate it. Online Gaming has a sort of reputation to it, and it can range from being Free to Play with a Cash shop (I.E: Most of the games out there), or Pay to Play (Membership Only - I.E: Disney's ToonTown Online, Upcoming Aion Online, and World of Warcraft).

However, with communities being craptastic these days, it's kind of hard to play alone on certain games.

"Well, I play Lass because of the Dark Assassin Gameplay~:D" - A common Grand Chase player.

"Lass sucks, his defense is like, totally low. You should play a Ronan." - A Power-Hungry Gamer.

What am I getting at here?

Online Gaming has turned to trash because of "Statistics". I mean, yes, if it's MMOs and you want to build up your power for a character, go ahead!

Just don't go pester someone who doesn't play for statistics. It's not your mind to force into playing for "being the best". Some players who are in those Top 10 Boards, got there for a few reasons, some just wanting to see what happens at the ends. 

The sad part thing, is the statistic crap happens in games that DON'T depend on stats, too. They make it somehow possible.


A Non-Hacking Beginner D, could beat a National Pro E, with non-cash/premium shop equips. - Albatross18/PangYa

A person who uses the free melee weapon (forgetting name... XD) can beat anyone who's using a storm bat, depending on how good they are. - S4 League

The Common one?: A Casher can beat a Non-Casher - All MMOs, in this case: Grand Chase.

This is probably not understandable, but tl;dr?

Stop acting like pricks when it comes to stats! .-.

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