Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trickster Updates

2.30.3 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Thanksgiving is almost here! How can you cut that juicy Turkey without a nice carving knife? Blacksmith Marx is in Gate of Tapasco Volcano to help you make the ultimate turkey carving knife!

2] Stella has arrived on Trickster to read your fortune! She has opened her fortune telling business throughout Caballa Island. In order to use her services, you have to talk to Fortune Teller in Event Garden and finish her quest first.

3] Bika's quest has been added! Andrew is in Megalopolis & Blooming Cora to give a quest for all Bika the Bull owners. Andrew won't be around for too long~ He'll be gone on 12/03/08.

4] New login background featuring Stella has been updated.

Game Adjustments

1] Apprentice Knight Quest Part 2 has been changed so players who have not done part 1 can do part 2. This quest will be removed on 12/04/08.

2] My View has been expanded! You can now change your titles if you have more than one, show your character information to other players and add in your own greeting message. You can now view your Skirmish record, Revolution boss seals and other neat features! The images have been updated as well. You can access My View by pressing the V key in-game.

3] Several new in-game UI improvements have been added
- Quick Slots have been expanded to 5 slots.
- Items can now be picked up by ~, J, and Z key.
- Trade window now has a 3 second delay for confirmation.

My Shop Updates

1] Sheep Boxes featuring Amelie has been added to My Shop! Huggles to the Caballa Island!

2] Level 170 sets featuring Afrit & Titania has been added to My Shop.

3] Pink & Amethyst Elixirs are back for a limited time!

Gacha Updates

1] Aria has arrived in Gacha Town 3! Her items will help you explore Caballa Island!


1] 2nd Anniversary Party! prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

2] 4G Lucky Day prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Updates #3! [NEW]

Grand Chase -
  • PvP Day event has been added!
    • Score 5 kills in a PvP match and gain 100% more EXP/GP for that match
    • If someone on your team scores 5 kills in team PvP, the whole team will receive the bonus
    • This bonus is available on all maps, including Gorge of Oath
    • Only individual kills will be counted, so a team scoring 5 kills between two players will not receive the bonus
    • Special Champion Boxes will drop for the winners of PvP matches during the event
    • The drop rate is 100% for the winners of a survival or team match, fight or tag mode
    • The Competitor's Quest mission will be given when you log in, calling for 50 wins on any character in PvP
    • Completing the Competitor's Quest will automatically grant the Challenger's Quest in addition to your reward
    • Completing the Challenger's Quest will automatically grant the Gladiator's Quest in addition to your reward
    • This mission cannot be completed after the event period has ended
  • 15 Brand new emotes have been released
    • 5 New Emotes can be acquired from winning PvP matches
    • 5 New Emotes can be acquired from completion of dungeons
    • The drop rate on acquiring emotes from dungeons is higher in Champion mode than in normal three-star difficulty
    • The new emotes cannot be found in dungeons on one and two star difficulty
    • The new emotes cannot be found in Trial Forest or Trial Tower
    • 5 New Emotes can only be compounded from the other new emotes
    • A special accessory will be given out to users who collect all 15 new emotes during the event period
    • The new emotes can still be found the event has ended
  • Grasping at Flames mission has been added to celebrate Sidt's upcoming release!
    • The mission requires you to collect 10 Feathers of Flame
    • One feather is given every day for logging in
    • An additional feather is available each day as an attendance bonus
    • The reward is a 15-day timed accessory based on Sidt's wings

  • Changed continent unlocking requirements
      To unlock...
    • Ellia Continent: Complete Gaikoz's Castle
    • Xenia Continent: Complete Battle for Bermesiah

    Please note: If you unlocked a continent prior to the patch, it will remain unlocked. This change is for new continent unlocks only

Audition -
New Music has been added, and ALOT has been removed!

Wonderland Online -
Wonderland's letting you create Thanksgiving Cards! Have relatives you can't see right now, but wanna send a card? Here's the link!

Petz 5/Oddballz:
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
No New Updates

Lunia -
Site's on Maintnence heh.

Mabinogi -
None xD;

Trickster Online -
No New Updates!

Maple Story -
No new events except a 7-Eleven event ~.~

[NEW]: ToonTown Online -
Hah~! If you guessed this than you were right! ToonTown will be joining our game station. I will be updating this WAY more often when I get my 3month game card(@_@ B> A Yearly Subscription) Anyways let's get started.

We're having another ToonTask Derby! Now that we have more Black Cats :D. Good Luck, Have Fun, and get started!

[EVENT!]: Let's Welcome ToonTown
Since ToonTown has come to our blog, I suppose we should hold an event to make it say hello! We'll be holding a ToonTown Video and drawing contest!
What you need to do, is make a ToonTown Promotional Video
OR You can draw a picture of your toon and friends.
Winner prizes:

1st Place(2 - One in Drawing Category and One in Video)
- YT Channel will be featured on my blog for 2 weeks (15 Days really, so everyone will get a chance)
- A Banner saying "Let's Welcome ToonTown!"
- A Video you've made of YOUR choice will be featured on my Channel for 15 Days as well. Then the Drawing Category winner will go next!

2nd Place(5)
- Banner Saying "Let's Welcome ToonTown!"

3rd Place(10 Runner-Ups)
- Banner saying "Event Paricipant"

Have Fun! You only have 2 Weeks!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's Coming Up into the Blog?

[You guys may think it's stupid, but kids should get news too! A new game will be coming, what do you think it is?]

[I'm pretty sure all of us download stuff off the internet. What do you think is coming? We'll see soon enough!]

[Let's Sing!]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog and Game Updates #2

Site Updates:
- New Poll: Please Contribute to it!

Grand Chase -
Aegis Knight, is finally here! We're barely catching up, So stay tuned for more info!

Audition -
Whoa Look out! They're giving DOUBLE Nexon Cash! Extra 10k for 10k Cards or Extra 25k for 25k Cards! How good can that be?

Wonderland Online -
Fairy's Whisper has arrived, meaning a new patch and download is released! Did we tell you theres a double exp event going on? Well there is! Check it out after downloading the patch and such.


Petz 5/Oddballz -
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
No New Updates

Lunia -
New hospital costumes for all characters!
Levels 0,25,45,and 55 have been released!

Mabinogi -
No new Updates

Trickster Online -
The Second Anniversary Party is still going on for 5 more days! Let's get a move on Folks!

[NEW!]Maple Story -
Let's welcome Maple Story to the Game Station. We won't be playing it, but we'll be updating it the best we can.
"Arrgh!" Pirates are here ^^! We can finally play as pirates. There's an event for pirates too, check it out guys :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update's #1!

Game Station News:
December is coming, which means....Newsletters! That's right, we'll be working to make newsletters to send out to emails~! =o Older Newsletters will be archived into the Photobucket I have, so keep that in mind ^^

Let's get to our games~!
Jenny here~! Along with new game updates!

Grand Chase -
Ryan is here, and so is Defensor! A.K.A. Aegis Knight is coming, therefore NTreev's holding an event for the Aegis, which will come next maintnence. Let's stay tuned for that.

Audition -
No New Updates

Wonderland Online -
Hear the Fairies whisper! Wonderland will have a new server, Fairy's Whisper! That's right, no more Dark Spell after it comes. I will also be making a wonderland online adventures series, with my Healer JenTheMuse!

Petz 5/Oddballz -
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
New Clothes, Shoes and gloves for Kooh, A Jacket for Kaz, and the magical suit for Arin! Also including The Rainbow and Devil Feathers, that raise your pangya bar for winds 7m+

Lunia -
No New Updates

Mabinogi -
G3S4 Is Out! Paladin and Dark Knight have been released. There are also new clothes, and Gachapon Fashion! :D Peaca and Rabbie have an advanced and basic dungeon! Check it out~!

Trickster Online -
Wow~! jTO Items! Pirate Min~ Yaaaay!2nd Anniversary, and Devil Buffalo is Out! Don't worry Trickster, its not like you have a 3rd season or anything. Angel Cat(Jen), Devil Dragon(Azhi) have passed, but Bika(Devil Buff) has released himself. The only thing I find sad is that they nerfed the levels due to CULTURAL REASONS >.>; GG NTreev those were supposed to be the strongest pets in the game @_@

I guess that's all hehe xD; Arigato Gosaimasu for Reading, and look out for more updates!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey Everyone~! TTC and CR here! We have finally released the Kitty Boom Jam's Game Station, but was renamed to fit Jenny and Raven's! Instead of JUST PangYa, we'll be giving news about all games!

Such As:
- Wonderland Online
- Audition
- PangYa (PangYaTV will migrate here!)
- Lunia
- LaTale
- Mabinogi
- Grand Chase
and more coming up!

Stay Happy~!
- Jen and Rave.