Saturday, August 15, 2009

Needing Game Suggestions~!

Well, besides checking out Rio's gaming suggestions (I'm already debating on Vanguard Princess, since it reminds me alot about Melty Blood), I'm looking for game suggestions on the blog, so I can try out new ones. I'm coming back to some, like I may go back to LaTale again due to sheer boredom, however..I'm leaving a list of games that you can't suggest, since I've either tried them or I don't like 'em.

They can be in a different language(All, but Korean, since I'd need a KSSN).

Anything, BUT PvP Games(Like, you'd need certain stats to do well in the game, any games like Melty Blood or Vanguard Princess is oK.)

MUST BE FREE (F2P, not P2P kthnx ;;)

Please do NOT suggest the following:

Angels Online, Atlantica Online, Cabal Online, Club Penguin(Cuz I know someone's probably going to :|), ToonTown Online, Dragonica Online, Fiesta, FlyFF, Florenisa, Fusion Fall(HECK NO.), Grand Chase Hello Kitty Online, LaTale(Obviously if I'm coming back), LUNA Online, Lunia, Mabinogi, Manga Fighter, Maple Story, Nostale, Ragnarok, Rumble Fighter, Runescape, S4 League(May come back ~.~), Imagine Online (I cannot get that game to work..), SHOT Online, PangYa, TalesRunner, Trickster, Wizard 101, zOMG!, Dream of Mirror Online

I either tried it out before, or just didn't like how it looked.
Thankies :D (Comments are now free for anyone to post.)


RRobert said...

Combat Arms ?

Syphira said...

Never tried it, so I may look into it.

RRobert said...

Ah its a good game if you like FPSMMOs

RRobert said...
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RRobert said...

mean to say Gratz 4 more days until your b-day :D

Syphira said...

Thanks X3.