Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elexis' 12th Birthday - Bakura Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday to my friend: Elexis Blash! You're probably all, "Who the hell is she?" She is also known as, Raven, ChiiiRaven, Sparkleberry, and the Seiyuu of Uzuaki Haruka. So...

Happy Birthday, Elexis!

July 1st, 2009

Syphira's Broadcasting Station - Coming Soon..

Coming soon, I'll be broadcasting my games onto this blog, so you can see my gameplay, but for now I will post my last post of the today and maybe tomorrow.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy

Well, I've been playing playing alot of lulzy ROMs, but I actually found a decent one for me. Yu-Gi-Oh GX!: Duel Academy, which is ..uhh...Okay in my book? It's basically following the storyline, like Chazz is a pain in the rear, Jaden's hyper active, Chumley's...Chumley, etc.etc. However, I SUCK at battling a bit, I think I kept switching from "Apprentice Duelist" to "Dropout Boy" about five times now, lmao.
Also, I called Bastion a nerd. 
..Yay :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Childhood Games - Part 1 [Online]

The pictures here do not go in chronological order!

1. DragonGem

I think, this was one of my very first games that I played online, DragonGem. It was cutesy, it was fun, but there were tons of hackers and the text quality was pretty crappy. However, It closed down in America, Japan, and South Korea due to not being popular enough. It was pretty fun.

Friends from the game, who are still in contact w/ me: None.

3. Maple Story

Mmk, so this is where basically me and Cliff first started to hang out, mainly because it was fun at the time, but it was still infested with hackers and smart...idiots (lol I'm not saying it.) in the community. I've also met Tabby and Sage, two others in this game.

Friends in Contact: Cliff, Tabby, & Sage.

2. ToonTown Online

My favorite game, here and now. I think this is where I met most of my friends (Michael, Raven, etc.), and some of them from awhile back have found ways to contact me again, so I'm pretty grateful this has all happened.

Friends who are still in contact w/ me: Michael, Raven, Katie, and some others even though they're mad at me or somethin.

4. Trickster Online.

From the beginning of Closed Beta, to the end where I dropped it, My friends have mostly come from this game and ToonTown. We worked together most of the time, (I.E: Glacier, Zekii, Katie, and I would party like crazy, or I'd hang out w/ my fox friend Momohime.) and I usually was the one who lagged behind, as Katie and Zekii were the first one's to reach 200 in our little group of friends when Revolution/Links to Fantasy came.

Friends still in Contact: Zekii, Katie, Raven, and Cliff.


So yeah, long story short, this is really how I met all my true friends!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Successful License AND Holy Beast!

I heard bad reviews on this game, but I've heard good ones. So far, I like the game. It's called Holy Beast Online, and basically you can turn into an animal, which limits you to certain jobs. Only Lv4 since I just started, but none-the-less cutesy. 

OKAY! AUDITION. I just returned to it today, and Umm..AFTER 4 TRIES I GOT THIS!? O___O;;; I got sooo freakin mad back with Nexon, and LOOK AT ME NOW. THANK YOU LV3 CHANCE -delayed timing on lv3 ~.~- So Yeah.

Scratchy Card Rant - Part II

Remember when I said, that the update was forgiving?

I lied.

NTreev, stop creating slaps in the face, you know it's quite annoying that you've messed up about three times this week. Let's take a quick recap, in the patch notes, it said the following rares were out.
Elven Ears(K)
Wedding Dress(C)
SSAF Suit(N)
Um, okay, first of all, what the hell happened to Scratch Card #18, our Animal Suits, and why isn't it at #19. NTreev you are indeed pathetic, because the next rare was NOT supposed to be this. Advantage to the following characters much? Oh and here's another thing. They don't SELL the eCards anymore, you have to spend ONE DOLLAR (yes ONE DOLLAR) for ONE TICKET. You can't spend $3.60 on like, a dress, and get 3 tickets, no. You have to spend ONE Dollar for ONE ticket. If you spend 3.60 on a dress just for 3 cards, that's regret right thar. You got 1 ticket, baww q_q have fun. This is not going to go well, lol.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Crap Get (lol)

On my third game too, lulz. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for her xD

'Season 4 is Coming!' Event

PangYa - 6/25 Patch Notes

Scratchy Card system has been added, see below for details 
Season 4 is coming! 
Until July 8th, look for a Pop Idol Ticket which will entitle the bearer to receive the new character Lucia for free when Season 4 launces. 
The Pop Idol Ticket may be found randomly at the completion of any hole, in Tournament or Versus mode. Course difficulty does not affect drop rate. 

[Scratchy Card]

One Scratchy Card is received for every 1000 Ntreev Points spent on premium items. 
Earned Scratchy Cards will be delivered to your Gift Box upon next login. 
One Scratchy Card is used for each attempt. 
1st scratchy card set added: 
Elfen Ears (K) 
Wedding Dress Set (C) 
SSAF Set (N) 

[Game Adjustments]

Corrected minor localization issues. 

-- Pangya Team


I found this update to be more disappointing, but in a way forgiving none-the-less. They did host a Pre-Event like I was thinking! I'll attempt for a Free Lucia, I want mah Free Lucia so I don't have to spend 35k pang on her lulz. However, I'll post the event parts up, and the summer clothing is still selling so, go go go!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PangYa - 6/24 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on Wednesday evening 06/29/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:
06/24/09 07:00 PM (PDT) 
06/24/09 11:30 PM (PDT)
During the maintenance, the game will not be available for play.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
*We will be processing all account recovery requests received up until the servers go offline for maintenance.

-- Pangya Team  

Also happy birthday to my brother, Carlos! ^^

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Come on NTreev, you can do better than this!

NTreev, so far, you were acting like a good company, but became irresponsible to most players due to one tiny thing. You forgot to do the Tee Time and came 2 hours late due to your lunch break, I mean come on! I understand, lunch break, gotta eat, right? Must you delay that for TWO HOURS!? I mean, yeah, you got all the Tee Timers worked up and spamming the lobby like crazy, but I'm not really ranting about that, lol. I'm ranting about this.


It has been brought to our attention that recently there has been an increase in non-English communication in open Pangya channels (i.e. general chat), so we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our stance. While we do welcome players from all regions who are legally eligible to play our games, we must insist on English as the only language to be used in public channels.
As Ntreev USA only conducts business in English, we are only to support that language. Because of this, we are obligated to regard the use of any foreign language in public as spam since we cannot ensure that it complies with our Terms of Use. Penalties for violation of this rule may vary based on the severity of the infraction from a warning to account closure.
If you witness players speaking a foreign language in a public channel (unlocked games, lobby, lounge, et cetera), please advise them that this is an English-speaking version only. If the behavior persists, please take a screenshot and report it to 1:1 support or use the in-game reporting function if it is available where you're playing.
Our overall goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our players. As a matter of courtesy, we would like all of our players to understand the language being spoken in-game.
In the meantime, please refrain from any inflammatory comments about race, religion, nationality, et cetera as that sort of behavior is both unconstructive as well as prohibited by our rules, thank you.
Swing for the Heavens!
-- Pangya Team"


--Piruix Reference-- (lol) This Company. I mean come on, we did that for a FREAKIN...no wait, scratch it, WE'VE BEEN DOING THAT SINCE OGP TIMES, HAVE WE NOT? There are just some God Forsaken Idiots who don't know what English Only means, wait, so I have to use a gd Google Translator for you!?

Brazilians - Apenas Inglês (Yeah, I actually translated this phrase, it's 12AM lol.)

Frenchies(who haet GOA) -  En anglais seulement

Italians(who haet GOA) - Solo in lingua inglese

PH - Ingles Lamang

Spanish - Sólo Inglés

Flame me, bash me, do whatever you want. It's called PangYa U-S-A for a reason, even though NTreev is a failure and thinks it doesn't mean crap.

Also, GIVE ME INFORMATION ON MY ACCOUNT! I missed father's day cuz my password somehow got changed, I don't need anything else bugging me.

-takes a breather-

Quizilla, lulz.

So yeah, created a quiz on Quizilla that revolves around my friends that I've known for a long time, leading to the quiz posted below. Enjoy.

Click Me~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Animix 2009 - Asking to go.

A week ago, Rubi, my schoolfriend, told me about there being an Anime Convention in Texas. Now, I like Anime Conventions, but I could never go, however, when she said In Texas, I nearly flipped. The entry fee is $20 and is in Killeen, Texas. I know alot of you Narutards will be there, so instead of doing Naruto, Tori, Savanah, Rubi, and I may dress up as Touhou Characters. So far: I am Reimu, Rubi is Sakuya, Tori is Kaguya, and Savanah is Reisen. If I do happen to go, I hope to see you there!

Happy Father's Day~

Happy Father's day to all those fathers who have worked hard.

Trickster (Story Series)

Awhile back, I planned on creating a random Fictionized story based on the game of Trickster Online, and when I'm finished up with like 4 others that I need to finish up, I'll steart working on the Trickster one. However, I think I'll just give a small summary to most of them. The whole storyline will keep going depending on how the episodes go, the story will revolve around friends. So, I'll just start summarizing now. I may even post it.

Trickster: Links to Fantasy

Trickster: Links to Fantasy revolves around what you would call "Pre-Revo" lifes. The 8 Tricksters: Jenny, Thein, Katie, Harrison, Momohime, Rhiney, Raven, and Cliff are to come to Caballa Island because of certain personal problems, however, the plot starts off with Jenny being stowed away onto the boat. They learn about the 16 Cards and (I changed this up) the Harkon being shattered and unable to give off energy that would show a passage. They also learn that they are trapped in a game, and have to dress up as Animals and hone (lolcorny) magical energy to find the harkon and cards.

Trickster+ Love

The name inherits from jTO's Trickster Love. The time frame is indeed screwed up and the Harkon has become lost, but the 16 cards are no longer needed. While at home, the 8 tricksters hear about it and need to reregister all that they know about them to return to Caballa Island. This plot revolves around Episode 0 and 1(along with the early key quests, and with the Pharoah set), in which they must relearn the skills they've forgotten before. After finding out that Caballa Island can indeed collide with Earth, they have no choice but to talk to Calivar's Hologram, along with Eclipse, to get some clues about the new Caballa Island.

Trickster: R (REVOLUTION)

The Plot continues and moves into Episodes 2 and 3(Along with the continuing key quests, leading most of the sets we have, come out now.), also having certain pets come out like Lina or Miracle Jen to guide them on their way out. This also marks the where one of the bosses have a large plot to them, and with finding the Harkon, they have to find out more about why Caballa Island turned the way it did.

Trickster: A New Discovery

The Shining Crystal Set makes its debut, along with the story revolving around Episode 4 ONLY. From obtaining a Dev Card Key like in Trickster: R, you find the Dev Room, in which they can only access with it. A spirit haunts the Tricksters, and one even thinks about Resigning. The Computers are easily destroyed, with most of the data uncovered, the cards come in handy once again, but you're wondering if they'll stay this way.

And...That's all on the story subject. Like I said, I may post it on here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Korean Grand Chase - Amy's 4th Job - 시스티나가

Someone tried to translate this and it came out as "Super Star", which was released on KGC. (I'm probably not gonna Update anymore about NAGC and stuff.) Kudos to Firest for creating the vid and obtaining the photo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Let's Resume] - Klonoa Heroes Walkthrough.

Awhile back I stopped doing a walkthrough of "Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal" as one of the attacks (the easiest lol) I couldn't even figure out using the VBA. The recording will now continue, so keep on the look out in my youtube channel!

-17 Blue Moon Record~

I got me some lucky HIOs today, which is uh...very very uncommon for me. So..Yeah I'm happy now, I got myself a -17 on Blue Moon, I really wanted -18, but I don't seem to really care anymore, NEW RECORD +-10! XD

Korean PangYa...Goes Event Crazy?

So yeah. If you looked at the 6/18 Update that sweatdrop posted about, KR went Event Crazy. I actually changed my nickname from 'syphira' to (heart)yuugi. Shorter posts ftw. xD;;

Oh noez, I'm dropping again?!

I'm dropping (NtreevUSAs)Trickster AND Grand Chase again. Many NTreev players have been getting banned for no entire reason. I'm thinking they're becoming even more retarded by thinking people are hacking. Someone was already accused of hacking in a dungeon, and got banned that day too. Quite annoying if you ask me. Accusing non-hackers for hackers, I understand it could be hard for them to handle it, but this is really getting out of hand! I'm afraid SyphiraChan will be banned next! So while waiting for Test ToonTown to be fixed, I'll be playing Angels Online, KR and NA PangYa, and possibly LaTale and S4 League.


Monday, June 15, 2009

DeviantArt & SheezyArt?

So yeah, I just signed up on SheezyArt yesterday, and also becoming more active on DeviantArt. I've already planned what I'm going to do, though. I will finish posting up my art on DeviantArt, then repost it on Sheezy, just so I'll have more in my gallery, and my account there won't be useless. SheezyArt will also be used for stories or poems or some stuff. So...yeah, it also explains why I haven't posted much in my blog, however, I'll be posting more on my blog from here on out, okay? ^^;;

My DeviantArt

My SheezyArt

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trickster Online - 6/11 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Snow Hill Boss Entrance has been updated!

2] Queen Odinea Boss Event has started!

3] Login Event has Started!

4] Episode 4 Pre event has Started!

5] Fan Art Event is still available!

6] New Legendary Unique 'Ice' items for Queen Odinea have been updated.

5] A new login background has been added

. Game Adjustments

1] New Instanced Boss System!

2] Queen Odinea Trials now present.

3] Boss Maps are No longer Drillable.

4] Items previously drilled will be dropped by the boss.

My Shop Updates

1] Father’s Day Items in level 70, 190 variants are available in my shop!

2] New mask items Tenter Lion Mask, Noble Monocle, XT Goggles, and Jelly Fish Goggle are available in level 150!

3] 5 X Artisan’s Flames are now in sale!

Fiesta Updates

1] Fiesta Zone is now open for 1 week(~ 06/17 10 pm)!


1] Captain Skull Boss Seal Event Prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

Congratulations to icestriker with amazing 101 seals obtained during the event period!

1st - Jewelia - icestriker - 101
2nd - Fantasia - Caiterzz - 70
3rd - Fantasia - MaGorHei - 58
4th - Jewelia - Inimical - 55
5th - Jewelia - FoxLoda - 48
6th - Fantasia - PowerOfLight - 44
7th - Jewelia - Kvlt - 40
8th - Jewelia - easy1 - 40
9th - Fantasia - gReenfeLLow - 38
10th - Fantasia - kawaiikawaii - 36

2] Bonus Gacha Coins prizes have been distributed.

PangYa - 6/11 Patch Notes

Jump-In Mode added, now players can join a Tournament room within 5 minutes of it starting. 
Chrono Point event has been added! 
Special items, including the limited-time "Pang Ramyon" caddy may be purchased from the Chrono Point button on the main screen. 
Chrono Points are earned through gameplay; 25 points for every 10 minutes. 
Some items have a limited quantity, and may be unavailable for purchase. 
Check the in-game UI for a full explanation of points, costs, and availability. 
This event will run from now until the June 24th maintenance. 


In celebration of summer, special promotional items will be on sale until July 8th: 
A character package for every character. 
Two new clubsets. 
Two new comets. 
A discounted package containing popular consumable items. 
Tiki Report Scroll has been added to the shop permanently. This item allows players to leave a finished tournament early and receive the results later. 

[Papel Shop]

Added pop-up showcasing current rare set. 

[Game Adjustments]

Added "Reports" tab to Gift Box in support of Tiki's Report Scroll. 
Added Notice functionality with a welcome message. 
Corrected minor localization issues. 

-- Pangya Team
So this patch they've added the PangYa Portable Outfits. I'm going to try to get cash and get a set. They've also added "Jump Mode" like in PangYaKR where you can jump into a tourney at any given time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trickster Online - 6/10 Maintenance

Server Maintenance Announcement 

We will be performing server maintenance on 06/10/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 06/10/09 07:00PM PDT to 06/10/09 02:00AM PDT

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team

PangYa [Updated] - 6/10 Maintenance

Server Maintenance Announcement JUN.10.2009 
We will be performing Pangya server maintenance for content, events and account transfer/recovery on Wednesday evening 06/10/09. 
Keep your eyes peeled for Patch Notes and other information:

The maintenance hours as scheduled:
06/10/09 06:00 PM (PDT)
06/11/09 01:00 AM (PDT)
During the maintenance, the game will not be available for play.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

-- Pangya Team

PangYa - 6/10 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on Wednesday evening 06/10/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:
06/10/09 06:00 PM (PDT)
06/11/09 01:00 AM (PDT)
During the maintenance, the game will not be available for play.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

-- Pangya Team

Grand Chase - 6/10 Patch Notes

Jin has been added to the game as a playable character and can be acquired with a cash or GP mission! 
Jin NPCs and posters will be in the park until June 16th to get acquainted with the Chase! 
Acquiring Jin through either Cash or GP missions will award Fighter Jin's Signboard (permanent), Gorgos' Knuckles (200 Uses), and Fighter's Wings (15 Days) 
Upon reaching certain "milestone" levels during the event as Jin, you will automatically receive certain items. 
A 30-day timed cash armor set will be given to anyone that acquires and levels Jin to at least 20 during the event, the set received will be based on the highest level they reached. 
Armor sets will be awarded after maintenance on June 23rd. 
Two new dungeons have been added to the Silver Land continent! 
A mission will be given out at login to explore the new dungeons. 
Once you complete the first mission, the second part will be distributed automatically. 
Stats and Dungeon Drops are increased 10% in Silver Land dungeons during the event. 

Whispering Woods dungeon added to Silver Land, Kerrie Beach dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon. 
Ruins of the Silver Knights dungeon added to Silver Land, Whispering Woods dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon. 
Completion of Kerrie Beach Champion Crest is required to acquire the Whispering Woods Champion Crest. 
Completion of Whispering Woods Champion Crest is required to acquire the Ruins of Silver Knights Champion Crest. 
Completion of Silver Land dungeon Champion Crests is *NOT* required to acquire the Gorgos Dungeon Champion Crest or beyond. 

Jin Mission is available for cash purchase at Level 0 to acquire the Jin character. 
New Cash items have been added to the shop in support of Jin. 

Worn-Out Jin Mission is available for GP purchase at Level 0 to acquire the Jin character. 
New GP items have been added to the shop in support of Jin. 

Changed monster ability "Recovery" to "Fall Recovery" to clarify the effect. 
No mission scrolls for Jin can be found as dungeon drops, this is intentional. 
Jin's connecting missions come a level early. The first at 9, this is intentional. 

--Grand Chase Team

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grand Chase - 6/9 Maintenance

The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From June 9th 2009 09:00PM PDT ~ June 10th 2009 04:00AM PDT
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

PangYa Season 4 by Summer '09?

"Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that it will launch Season 4 of its popular online casual golf game, Pangya, in North America this July. The game was recently re-launched in the U.S. and includes content for Pangya’s Season 3. With the launch of Season 4 this summer players can look forward to new content including a self design
feature, new characters, new custom items and options and much more. 

Pangya’s Season 4 includes an all-new Self Design Feature where players can totally custom create a character’s outfit from head to toe. Players will be able to choose from different pieces of clothing to make up an outfit and then can decorate the clothing with their own artistic flair. In addition, players will also be treated to an all-new character, a pop-star known as Lucia, who is already a hugely popular character in the Asian version of the game where Season 4 is now live. Ntreev has also added a new security feature that includes an in-game safe for players to keep all their purchased items. By putting their items in the new safe, players will not have to worry about hacking or loss of their valuable items. In addition, players can create custom items and give them as gifts to other players, and the gift will be embossed with the player’s name when it is delivered.

Pangya is a casual golf game that takes the difficult rules of golf and transforms it into an easy to pick-up -and-play casual golf experience that a player of any skill level can enjoy. Featuring simple and intuitive controls, Pangya allows anyone to easily play with other gamers and unlike other online games; players in Pangya are friends, not enemies! Players will be taken to 14 breath-taking locations where they can choose one of 8 unique playable characters. Pangya offers players an extensive customization experience with thousands of possible combinations of costumes, accessories, equipment, golf clubs, power boosts and more that help them to become a pro out on the green."


Now for old OGPlanet players, we already knew this was coming. Via Sweatdrop and Kanashimi, we got updates from Japan PangYa AND Korean PangYa. I'm thinking, since being over 3 months behind on updates, NTreev will be speeding this up, giving the reason why the World Tour was here for a whole month. For New NTreev players who are all "WTFPANGYA? WHYNOGEWDUPDATESONTRICKSTARORGEECEE?!" Shut up. Seriously. Shut up. Our game was PILED with hackers (Still is, but y'know.), and OGPlanet was not doing crap about it. Now for those little whiners who think whining's gonna kick PangYa off NTreevUSA, you're wrong. I don't think they'd do that, especially since they JUST got it. PangYa belonged to NTreevSoft in the first place. So while the little Grand Chase players are enjoying their freakin' Jin, and Trickster gets piled with Episode 4, We will be rebuilding the community of PangYa, ALONG with getting Season 4 and Lucia.

Proof of Paragraph Above (Not Mine) - GDN: NTreev USA to launch PangYa Season 4.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I hate you so much Count Von Roo...

First time doing this in my whole life too. I never knew he'd do that, even after reading it. That's a pretty awesome game though, I'd like to try it from now on.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

WTH Jenny has a Deviant Art!?

By the way, I don't take crap from others. If you're going to comment about it, and it has all this negative criticism instead of suggestive criticism, expect the comment to be deleted. |:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grand Chase - 6/2 Patch Notes

Jin is on his way, log on to receive a Soul of the Fighter Doll (7 Days) that increases EXP by 10%!
Dungeon drop rate has increased 10% for one week for rebuilding the park.
Refer-a-Friend event has been added
New and Returning Knights will have an option when logging in to name the friend who referred them.
A "Returning Knight" is any player who has not logged in since May 1st, 2009.
A "New Knight" is any account created during the event period.
Prizes will be given out upon login to new, returning, and existing knights.
The player who refers a new or returning Knight will receive prizes when that Knight performs an attendance check.
New and Returning Knights will also receive prizes for their first attendance check.
A player can refer up to 12 new or returning Knights, and will receive progressively better prizes for each one that performs an attendance check.
As an added bonus, friends receive a 30% bonus to XP and GP when playing on the same team in PvP or Dungeons.
For a full explanation of the event, please visit the event page on the official website.

Park background has been returned to normal.
Cow's statues have been reinstated in the Park.
Silver Land Continent added to World Map, however it is currently locked as no dungeons are available.

--Grand Chase Team


Bull...I was expecting Striper or Siren to come next. *Sighs* I don't care, lol. I'll just train my Amy while I'm at it or somethin'.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grand Chase - 6/2 Maintenance

Thanks to r0x of bGC for the Render.
We will be performing server maintenance on 06/02/09. 
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From June 2nd 2009 09:00PM PDT ~ June 3rd 2009 01:00AM PDT 
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

Tales of Symphona: Postponed!

Well, this sucks. There wasn't another copy of Tales of Symphonia at the GameStop, so I bet you I have to wait 6 months, AGAIN. Eh, I'm not really that mad, but I was really looking forward to playing this game after Half a year, and due to the CD being scratched up, it was basically screwed over in the first place.

In other news..I've already defeat Monkey Pink and I'm 30% in the game so far. I'm doing bad with spinning the Stun Club, though. I already got my Net stolen once by a monkey, then got caught with it Q_Q;;

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saru Getchu! 3 & Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia:

I was expecting it to work at first, but Disk 1 is screwed up so I'll need to go get a replacement CD, possibly tomorrow. When I do, I'll be able to play it.

Ape Escape 3:

Yeah! Finally, the third childhood game series! Besides Tales of Symphonia needing to be replaced, I can finally play this game while I'm at it, but that'll mean I slack off of KH1 for awhile...D: