Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Um, oops...

Ah, crap~!! I totally forgot to give the links out for my blogs. Anyways...

My Ameba (Click "ブログ", it'll direct you to my blog)

I'm pretty sure my Ameba is something that I'll update more than my LiveJournal, but I'm still using both.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making a Comeback! ~ The "Real Me"

Hello, everyone. Do you remember me? Probably not, but I might as well reintroduce myself as my feelings towards people and surroundings have all changed. I'm tired of trying to please people, I want to do things off my own will now. And, that starts by updating my blog! Well.. maybe not this one in particular, but I do have a blog I want to update on my own free will.

So, I recently got an Ameba & a LiveJournal to update whenever I have the time. I even have a Facebook now, which I really only get onto talk to my friends from Indonesia, or the Philippines. I'm still angry at my 'father,' to the point where I have grudges and hate locked up into my heart. Four years of this, huh..?

That's not the point though! I should really update my life before anything else! Guess what? I'm becoming a Freshman starting this August. That's right, I'll be in Ninth grade as I update my blog through school life. I'll be taking Pre-AP classes (all subjects), and have a bunch of Photojournalism and Journalism to go into once I'm done with those classes. I'm studying Japanese now, well.. still. I haven't been able to go into my actual book that helps me, but now I'm able to go in whenever I choose to. I obtained Persona 4 for Easter, and now I am playing that game as well. I've been trying to become a Hardcore Role-player, but I've been having trouble with keeping up on all of them such as Gaia Online (I wish people would stop inviting me to so many RPs... I'm a gamer as well, so I don't only write Fan-Fiction in my spare time...).

So, the only game I'm currently playing right now as my Laptop is still down would be a Private Server of LaTale: GPLaTale. Not only do I stack up my training times with Japanese and Artsy things, I must also share my spare time with my friends. However, Role-playing seems to be taking my time off of what I want to do. I think I'm just gonna start logging off of MSN to get away from Roleplaying, it's what my friends wanna do 24-7, and I really wanna do something else for a change!

Now blogging, I never said I would continue to post here did I? I'm going to be fixing up the links of what I have so far, and I will be only updating Ameba and LiveJournal. Ameba will be used for my Personal life, while LiveJournal will be giving updates on games that seem interesting or fun to play. Maybe once in awhile, I'll update my life in there too!

Oh, I told myself I was going to be updating my interests today. While I'm still into Anime, I rarely watch it now. While I'm into Manga, I rarely read it. I hate Naruto and Bleach, but love Yu-Gi-Oh!. I'm into the Shin Megami Tensei games, and I love the company that started it all: ATLUS. I write a lot of Fan-Fiction in my spare time, and I sketch once in awhile. I don't really like broadcasting or making videos anymore... I will be pointing my High School career towards Journalism & Photography. I'm going to be 14 years old in August, and I'm a female Gamer. I love Touhou Project, too. I'm known to act like a prick, or a douche. However, if you get to know me, you can tell I'm a pretty big Fangirl of Persona. In truth, I hate being alone or I hate feeling left out. Like this one time, I was helping a bit with the Trauma Team Role-play my friend was doing. However, I do not own a Wii or the Game.. I haven't even watched all the stories that are featured within said game... So, when they were talking about it I felt this weird feeling in my throat that made me wanna say something (even though it's online). So, then I felt something pouring down my cheeks.. and they were, if you guessed correctly, tears. I dunno why, I felt like I couldn't help at all anymore.. eventually stopped talking until my friend Shane came in. Told him everything, held myself up so I wouldn't break down and type at the same time. And.. I guess everything went okay on there. I don't know why I'm sappy like that.. I just am!

So, that's my update post. I hope to stick with you soon, and if you wanna visit my other blogs, I'll edit this post later so you can go visit the links!

~ Thanks,

Jennifer Jackson a.k.a Syphira.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Announcements...

Hey, everyone! Surprised I actually appeared with a post today? To tell you the truth, I was going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but there were some...problems that came up during so.

My Laptop died again, and it's the Motherboard...again. So, I'm unable to play games or basically do anything without a computer freezing up and completely messing up on everything. To add to that, I won't be getting another laptop, but possibly a Desktop and that's not going to be for awhile. I will only be on the Desktop for awhile, and I won't be gaming at all.

Second of all, Merry Christmas! I'm wondering what you guys got from it. My family pulled through at the last minute and got me the PSP 3000 along with PangYa Portable & Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 4. I've stopped working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan-Fiction for now and decided to settle in and continue Blackbullet (FanFiction.net) & Links to Fantasy (Check deviantART). Kinda sad for the YGO FF, since GX_ST just came out with episode 117, but I'd rather watch the Anime.

Thirdly, I've kinda lost interest in blogging alot. Indeed, I can do Anime reviews and post maintenance notes, but I don't wanna do that anymore. It gets to repetitive, and most of the stuff is just MyShop now. So, as a result, I won't post as much as I used to on the blog. Besides, I got a school life, too, and it's been kind of whack with the economy lately.

Thank you for reading, and most importantly, thank you for viewing my blog so much!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Anime Review] - Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of Sinners~

I support this epic Pairing~!

So, I just finished watching Kara no Kyoukai Movie 7, and that's the last movie of the series! It was pretty cute, and I almost cried twice because of how cute, yet sad it was... I guess I should just review now and get straight to the point and review the FULL Anime.

Storyline - 8.9/10
Shiki basically has a split personality. One of her sides want to kill, while one is what you could call "Fragile". She calls the fragile "Shiki" while she calls the Murderous side, "SHIKI" and SHIKI later dies to protect Shiki. (This is further explained in Movie 7) I only rate this 8.9, because the storyline does not go in numerical order, and therefore is very confusing even watching it in the order it goes in. However, this is all explained and clarified in Movie 7.

Art - 10/10
The blood, Character designs, and the way each murder was interpreted was simply stunning. It all looked really nice and blended easily with colors. There was no overuse (I mean like, zero) Kaomoji expressions, because this is a serious Anime. Basically, it's Higurashi's Nature.

Characters -10/10
Each Character had a personality that was portrayed well, and each character had a part in the story. There was an automatic pairing into the story, that in a way was not carried out, but also carried out. Mikiya is in love with Shiki, and Shiki basically rejected him at first. In a way though, Shiki can express her feelings without even telling him.

Overall Grade - 9.6
This anime is a great one to watch, I recommend it to people who like Mystery or Murder-type Animes. If you do plan on watching it, Google the movie order, since you'll basically spoil most of it if you go in numerical order.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life & Love...

If only real life were more like Anime Pairings!

So, this Christmas may be a little troubled, because of all the bills being bunched up and the check that my mom is looking forward to isn't coming. I'm not saying this because of the presents, but almost everyday something new comes up and it's worse than before. Usually, it's my father's fault, and right now we're running low on supplies and such, so we need to to conserve what we have..

However, I feel kinda embarrassed at the moment...
You see, some of you probably know I had a crush on this one guy years ago (if you're my friend, I told you), and how we're like best buddies now?
...Well, that feeling's come back. Though, I'm kinda ashamed of myself because I told him once, but I've hidden the feeling for quite awhile now. Like, I don't even know how to type "I love you" without freaking out (Not even kidding ._.;;). My friends have been cheering me on since I've told them, and I'm kinda happy about it. I told my mom, who told only one of my brothers, and they've been encouraging me, too. (Though, my other brothers are gonna be ticked.)
Ack, I can't even talk about it right now. Expect an Anime/Game Review soon, though...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Break, huh?

Star Arcana Social Link FTW. -shot-
So, winter break has arrived huh? For most of us, we're just going to go shopping for gifts, but some of us will be gaming to our heart's content. For me, I'll be writing up tons of Links to Fantasy & Blackbullet Chapters, and that'll be enough for me to go by for awhile.

But, what about you? How are you gonna spend your break?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trickster - 12/17 Maintenance

Game Updates

1] VIP Shop has been updated.

2] Double Egg Event - Leonardo is giving out double eggs for three weeks!

3] The League of Guilds Campaign has begun! Check out event news for details.

4] Christmas Event - Santa Needs your help! Talk to Rudolph and Fairies in event garden to start!

5] Card Hunter Has wandered off again, Find him if you can!

6] Friend Finder My Shop Event – Special bonus for our new release of Friend Finder. Please check event news for details.

7] Stella My Shop Event - Event – Special bonus for purchasing Stella’s Winter boxes during event period. Please check event news for details.

8] Singha Box My Shop Event – Purchase Singha boxes during event period and get special prizes. Please check event news for details.

Game Adjustments

1] Quest Log has been updated, Now you can have up to 6 Normal, and 6 Story quests at once!

2] Tapasco Revolution event is over – Rewards for Teleport registration and Key Quest Completion have been changed to reflect this.

3] Guardians can now been hidden when using the Hide Skill.

My Shop Updates

1] Stella's Winter Box (2weeks) - Stella’s all dressed up for winter. Check out my shop!

2] Friend Finder (permanent addition) - A new Friend Finder will let you teleport directly to your friends. Check out our new addition!


1] Blood Box My Shop Event is over, and prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

2] Thanksgiving Harvest Items have been distributed to all players.

3] Thanksgiving Harvest Equipment can be upgraded at Rosemary in Megalopolis Shop.

-- Trickster Online Team