Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rescuing another Animal~

Full Story [Coming Soon!]

Negg #2!

Yes, I opened my Second Negg from the NC Shop! I really want that Negg Head Bonk Item Q_Q;;

Yay Spring Events~!

Neopets has more to come! Look, they even have an easter egg hunt!
Kudos to my Guildmate lilelmo23 for the links!
However, I do not think they work for anyone outside the US, at least that's what kku88 said. Try them for yourself.

[Neopets] - Free Neggs~!

If you go to the NC Mall, you will get a free "Green Toy Negg". The Spring Celebration event will be here for 2 days, collect it every day and you may be eligable for a Bonus Prize~
Spring Celebration information is also on JellyNeo. You also have 2 other neggs to collect.
I've gotten the green toy negg, and I opened it as shown in the photos.

[Ntreev's Grand Chase] - 3/31/09 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on 03/31/09. 
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From March 31st 2009 9:00PM PDT ~ April 1st 2009 1:00AM PDT
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

-- Grand Chase Team


Good-Bye 1st Anniversary ;_;

Neopets' Daily Dare - Day 30!

So yeah, Daily Dare is finally reaching it's farewell on Neopets. I was playing this half the time and most of the games I didn't even try on. I'm an abigail gurl XD. I did try AAA once, but Wingoball = SUCKY!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Back when I was playing Grand Chase(alot), My friends: Mau, Dea, & Raven would not QUIT BOTHERING ME TO PLAY THIS GAME! I told them to basically leave me alone, cuz I wasn't gonna play this game with them, because they would bug me. Anyways, I chose LunLun as my first character cuz well, she's a girl xD. It's an okay Game, I'm still somewhat bad at it, but I've gotten some close shavings on matches.

Playing with Brazilians :D

Chatting before the match!

Beat Niki!

In a Chat Room~(Statistics)

*Name blocked out so my friends won't stalk me >_>*

Trickster - Leveling Up!

When it comes to magic types I am somewhat slow on leveling, though I'm still called a Level-O-Matic, because of my moderate speed. I had 6mil and thought "I'll buy some stuff! Maybe later go to the chaos spire!" Well, I bought an Inky Muck Card, Jack o Lanturn 40, and something else. I'll probably ask Raven if she wants to go to the Chaos Spire with me, after all I need the exp >.<

Wait...was there A spire for levels like me? o_o

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Laptop's Up and Running!

Finally! I can finally go back to playing on my Laptop, without having a problem with it. Thanks to my dad, I am not allowing anyone to go on my laptop except ME! (And Him...when he needs to recover it =o) I'll be putting a password on MY account.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good-Bye YouTube.

Well, I got suspended from YouTube(while I was asleep! I barely checked my email today and found out I was banned, man!). I wouldn't be so suprised though, there have been rumors that YouTube's been basically beaten to a pulp by some Companies from all over the world.
Anyways, I'll be at Dailymotion now!
I've also started off with a VBA Video.
Also! I got my Laptop back today, however the internet will not work, so It'll be a while till I can get back to my ol' self again!

Aquarium on Gaia~

So yeah, I've had an aquarium for quite awhile, but I never really watched it on my desktop since it lagged like crap! Well, today, I was looking up on my aquarium (despite the lag), and I forgot that I won an aquarium hermit cat from the Daily Chance, plus two of my fish died, but I didn't really care. Anyways, this is a picture of it:

I'm also told that I may get my laptop back today...who knows? ^^;;

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/24 Patch Notes

Cow's statue and splash page have been added to commemorate his PvP victories! 
The Anniversary celebration continues! 
A special anniversary mission to acquire Stalwart Hero Weapons (15 Days) will be distributed upon login. 
A different character will get the mission each day, so log in all 7 days this week to get it for all characters! 
Anniversary Candles can be found in PvP, and will not be dropped after March 31st. 

The VIP Shop has been updated with Casanova's weapons for everyone and armor for the girls. 

Partusay's Sea has been adjusted to lower the overall difficulty level. 

--Grand Chase Team

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Digimon Evolved [Supposed to be Yesterday's]

Niss the Kyuubimon, has evolved into Taomon.

*sigh* Though I have NO idea how to get it to Sakuyamon now, it won't go past lv50...Do I degenerate it or something? Gah!! >.<

GC Maint.

We will be performing server maintenance on 03/24/09. 
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From March 24th 2009 9:00PM PDT ~ March 25th 2009 12:00AM PDT
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break...

Has officially ended for me. I actually had more fun this year than I had in the previous years. However, it was pretty disappointing as I still have not gotten back my Laptop. God knows where it is. School shall start back up for me on Monday, March 23rd,2009. However, my next break will be April 10th & April 13th.

9th Character - Fanmade

Apparently, Brazil has started to become creative. To balance out characters, they wanted to create a 9th Female Character. The character's name, is Nina and her appearence is black hair, with green eyes.

1st Class - Missionary - Bracelets

2nd Class - Illusionist - Mirror

3rd Class - Prophetess - Crystal

4th Class - Hermet - Pendulum

Nina, ironically, resembles two angels off the 1st Season of Digimon Adventures(Angewomon and LadyDevimon). She is 15 years old, and is a Human, but considered a mutant.

Silver Knight Continent Mission #4 - Pantano Noturno

The latest Korean Grand Chase Maintenance released Silver Knight Continent Mission #4, which by Lionkingler(Obrigado!) was translated to Pantano Noturno. It deals with a large leviathan (Sea Dragon), and is a stage that deals with underwater. 


Source of Pictures - http://blog.xuite.net/b0915347060/xcdf50104/22883851

Video Thanks To - xXxForgeRxXx

TalesRunner - Two T-Shirt Giveaways~

So...From the 16th~31st, TalesRuner will be giving away 2 free custom T-Shirts. MMORPG T-Shirts and Manga T-Shirts. So...get them before the Keys Disappear! D:
For MMORPG, you need to register an account/login

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digimon World - Dusk [Relief Digimon]

Part 2!Relief Digimon

Name - Niss (Kyuubimon)

When Rin is in bad shape, Niss is able to jump out and help, even at a low level. Niss' strongest move is 'FoxTailInferno', which sadly, doesn't do alot of Damage, but is able to become a finishing move whenever Rin is about to faint. She is also very stable when it comes to staying alive.

Name - Rin(Aquilamon)

Rin may be the strongest of the reliefs, but has a bad sense of attacks. Rin can attack very well, but staying alive is her weakness. It's hard when they start to gang up on her because she's a bird type. It's more annoying when I have to save her at the last minute.

Name - Tori (Gargomon)

The newest to the Reliefs, but fairly weak because she just digivolved. Tori is able to stay alive also, and she's just in Champion Form. I am hoping to get her to Rapidmon, and hopefully K.O. the rest of them baddies~ :D

Digimon World - Dusk [Teammates]

Name - Deishii (Crescemon)

Now, this little fella' has been my balance the whole entire time throughout the game. It took awhile for me to get to Crescemon, but I swear to god this little buddy is like a freakin' 1HKO Massacre. It's really handy with it's moves 'Healing Spring' and 'Lunatic Dance', and for a finisher it's either 'Soulful Kick' or 'Ice Blast'. If that doesn't work then 'RagingDarkness' does the job.

Name - Runia(Lillymon)

Watch out! Runia's my killer! With her all mighty flower cannon, she stayed at Togamon for about a day, then I started boosting up her insect exp when she was at max level. Now she's up and at them and ready to kill kill kill! :D

Name - Miracle (Mozaemon)


Yep, this blog post is about my partners in crime from Digimon World: Dusk! I guess I'll start off with the mains.

Games I plan on getting in the Future...

So yeah. I didn't really play my DS so much till last month. I was actually happy about it too. Though, these aren't the ONLY games I want, but probably like..my Top ones.

Pokemon: Platinum

Yeah...The 3rd edition to the Diamond and Pearl Series. Like Pokemon Red, Blue, and then Yellow. It's different at the start, instead of going to the lake, your partner wants to be an idiot and ram into the grass LOL. Then, it's based in the winter, so NEW SUITS WOOT! X3

Digimon World: Dusk

This is the Light Fang ver. of Dusk. Instead of playing as team Night Fang, you will adventure as a player in the team of Light Fang. (Read the Blog Post talking about Dusk)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time

This is the um..second version of MD, like Red Rescue Team + Blue Rescue Team, but for the same system(As red rescue + blue rescue were for seperate systems, I think.) Instead of landing in the grasslands, you're washed up on the shore, and suffering from amnesia. You basically go on the same adventure as the first one.

Megaman Starforce: Dragon/Leo/Pegasus

These are basically the same game, but each take place in a different part of the story. The Dragon version is exclusive to North America, while the Pegasus was in United Kingdom. Leo can be obtained basically in Japan, Europe, NA, & Austrailia. What ticked me off is that Pegasus is only in the UNITED KINGDOM. DARN IT! Unless...I may find it at GameStop next time, because it's probably there >_>;;; (Notice how Megaman changed over the years!) Poor Mega Man! xD, He used to be this cute little Chibi Blue Dude,Then he went to short air, and now look! He has freakin' spikes coming out of him. Please don't tell me he has a Moehawk >_>;;; ...DANG IT HE HAS A MOEHAWK!

Friday, March 20, 2009

GameStop lolness

So yeah, I got the two new games as said before. Funny thing was, when I got Digimon World - Dusk, the game was already completed by another person LOL. Then I realized I got a USED version of it. *sighs* Ah well, but whats the point of playing the game if you don't know the story of it and it's already completed. The game had like Lv80+ Digimon, so what did I do?
-New Game; Save-
R.I.P Lv80+ Digimanz LOL

So...2 New DS Games (not really new)

So...yeah, I went to go get a haircut, and along that I bought two new games for my DS. Yeah, they aren't new, but for me they are xD. I guess I should go down the list of them while I am at it.

Digimon World: Dusk

Now before you say: "OH THIS IS A TOTAL KNOCKOFF OF POKEMON!" ...Somewhat. It's not really. The effects do not stay on after battle. At first, you have 4 packs to choose one, each coming with Lunamon, and 2 others. Your digimon start off at the Lv30~ Range, but, when the Digiworld corrupts only your Lunamon will stay at it's level, while the rest are Lv1 and are Rookies. Your rival is the other group Light Fang, while you are in Night Crow (it's vice versa in the Dawn ver.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Darkness

I was planning to get this game on first release, but we couldn't go to the store at that time. It's basically a sequal to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team. I'm playing as Turtwig (This was retarded, my Aura was pink. =|) named Jenny, while my partner is a Chimchar named Cliff! XD.

Maybe next time I'll get Dawn + Explorers of Time. Then the next time possibly MEGAMAN >3

Grand Chase - Patch Notes

Fourth Job for Elesis has been added! Now Elesis can learn the Ssanggeom-wielding art of the Savior! 
Fourth Job change requires level 40 to begin. 
The Savior mission is completed in three parts, your job is not changed until completion of a THIRD mission. When you complete the first mission, the next will be given automatically. 
Bonuses will be distributed at the end of the month to all players who acquire Savior. 
Prizes given after the month ends include: Ancient Relic Ssasnggeom (7 days), Savior Ssanggeom Belt (permanent), Knight's New Continent Amulet (3 days), and the Hero of Bermesiah Crest (permanent). 
The Anniversary celebration continues! 
A special anniversary mission to acquire an Elysion Armor Set + Cape (15 Days) will be distributed upon login. 
A different character will get the mission each day, so log in all 7 days this week to get it for all characters! 
Anniversary Cake drops similar to 2nd Job Mission Fragments--randomly from monsters in dungeons. 

The Savior Mission for Elesis characters level 40 or higher is available for cash purchase. 
Ssanggeom have been added for cash purchase in support of Savior. 

The Worn-Out Savior Mission for Elesis characters level 40 or higher is available for GP purchase. 
Ssanggeom have been added for GP purchase in support of Savior. 

GameGuard has been updated in an ongoing effort to combat abusive behavior. 
Amy's Holy Runes were fixed so that their strings no longer say "Old Holy Runes." 
Patched the issue of job change missions being purchased, registered, and executed before meeting level requirements. 
Corrected a glitch allowing equipment to remain equipped if the conditions to wield it are no longer 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grand Chase - Savior Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on 03/18/09. 
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From March 18th 2009 9:00PM PDT ~ March 19th 2009 01:00AM PDT
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

So....Maple Story....

So...uhh...Oh! Yeah, I was checking up on my email the other day and found a Survey email for Maple Story + a Email containing a code to use in Maple. Well, I found out that the code was from when Nexon dropped Audition, and it seemed to contain a 30day Snowboard Outfit, and 2 other items. I thought, "Mmm...Maybe I should just let the code expire. I hate Nexon." Oh I didn't even bother to. A couple of friends from MyMMOGames convinced me to move back to Maple Story, and what's next is most of us are gonna restart in a different server. So..I guess I'll be going back to Maple Story again, and maybe go with the Mooglers this time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Even if you don't celebrate it, or just wear green to not get pinched. I hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

PangYa Wikia! Now Open!

I sent in a request last night, asking to open up a PangYa Wikia. Today, the Wikia was accepted and is now open to edit. However,  to reduce the random postings, You must register in order to update any page whatsoever. I am hoping to make the Wiki big enough for all Wiki info to fit in.

100% Complete - IOSYS - Border of Death [Lyrics]

You may need to click again to open a new page.

Tohoumon [TouhouxPokemon]

Touhoumon is a ROM that features characters from the Touhou Series.

The starter Touhou characters are Chibi Reimu, Chibi Marisa, and Chibi Sakuya. The concepts basically the same, beat the rival...fight against the Elite 4...etc. You can find the .rar using google, and it should come with the VisualBoy Advance. The VBA was supposed to be used for playing your pokemon online, but ROMs were later made to play the game without having to buy it.
(Bottom Left shows Chibi Momizi Inubashiri from the Touhou Series.)
(Top Right shows the interface. It's just like regular pokemon.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dobutso No Mori[Animal Crossing] - The Movie

So yeah around 9:00PM to 11:30PM, I was watching the movie Dobutso no Mori 「ドブツォノモリ」  which in Japanese, is "Animal Crossing - The Movie". It's a very cute movie if you like Animal Crossing, or have seen it before. This movie was never released in America, so you'd have to look for the JP Version with Subtitles on Youtube. The movie starts out acting a bit like the Gamecube Version of Animal Crossing, and acts more like Animal Crossing: Wild World, since there is a Taxi, instead of a Train. You may start hearing the Theme from the Main Screen of Wild World, and when you explore the town in AC:WW, you'll start to hear it too. The girl's name is Ai, and yes, since Japan came first, the names were changed in our version. Sally is Meggie, Futo is Blathers, Fuka? is Celeste. Apollo keeps his name, and Bianca is Whitney? or however you spell it. Mr. Resetti is Mr. Reset, but otherwise the movie does have some sad parts into it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trickster Online - Patch Notes #2.38.4

2.38.4 Patch Notes 

2.38.4 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Tombeth boss path has been upgraded! New mazes, puzzles and quests awaits you!

2] Butler of Vamp Castle is in Megalopolis to upgrade the event items from Valentines Quest! He won't be around forever!

3] Wear something green Tricksters! New St. Patrick's Day Quest remixed from 08 has been added! It now features doubled XP bonuses and brand new Lost Freesia pet as a reward!

4] Coming from the far east, experience the White Day quest and say thanks to all the chocolates you've received on Valentine's Day!

5] Singha's origin quest is now available for all Singha pet owners! Find out the Singha's prologue and enjoy the bonus accessory!

6] A new login background featuring Patricia Shamrock has been added.

Game Adjustments

1] All Galder Checks can no longer be dropped.

2] Certain Abyss equipment's stats have been corrected. If you have the incorrect version, you'll receive a corrected version soon.

3] Fairy Fiorina T1 ~ T3 & Curea T1 ~ T3 can now be properly upgraded. My Shop Updates

1] Peridot, Jade, and Emerald Lucky Boxes have been added to My Shop. These boxes are available in level 40, 90, and 140! These boxes will be available until 03/25! 

2] Shamrock Boxes featuring the adorable Guiness is on sale again until 03/25!

2] New Secret Scrolls are available on My Shop! These are available for personal, party, and specific types!

4] Robo Box Ver. Bs sale have been exteded until 03/25 due to popular demand!

5] Super Gacha Coin sale has been extended until 03/25 due to popular demand!

Gacha Updates

1] Lycan is out of retirement and back for your nostalgia! Check out the 'Vintange Town' in gacha! Want to see older previous towns return? Please let your voice be heard on our suggestion section of our forum!


1] Poppuri Drilling Event IV Stage 7 prizes have been distributed.

2] Bonus Gacha Coin prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

3] Spring on Caballa/New Resident Bonuses event prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts. We'll announce and distribute 50 players for 5 Gacha Coins in the near future. 

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

Pl@net Sphere Debut

Planet Sphere [Music!] Coming soon to Japan: April 22nd, 2009!

Wha-!? Grand Chase - Southeast Asia?! Closing!?

Dear Elites,

We are sad and devastated to have to bring to you a piece of bad news. GrandChaseSEA will no longer be with us with effect from 14th April 2009 as the contract with the developer has ended.

However, we recognize and thank you for supporting us feverously throughout the past year unconditionally. We have prepared a series of updates and rewards to excite you with before the final day of farewell dawns upon us.

What you can expect during this period of time:
1) Cash items can be bought with Virtual Cash.
2) Redemption of GrandChaseSEA’s premium.
3) In-game goodies give-away from GetampedSEA & MapleSEA

Once again, we thank you for your support all this while. Let’s all commemorate the time we have spent together in GrandChaseSEA!

- GrandChaseSEA Administrator
Whoa whoa whoa WHAT!? We got SEA coming to North American Grand Chase?! Well it was fun, Hope to see you around..SEA Players.

Welcome Back...somewhat PangYa!

As promised, Ntreev has lifted the PangYa website, and has said the game will come out in Late March 2009.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jenny's Blog of Game Information plays with Wordpress!

As of March 11th, 2009, I will be also using Wordpress along with Blogspot! If this gets too much to handle, I will stop using Blogspot, and use Wordpress. The WordPress will be used for Mostly International Game Updates [But, PangYa will be #1!] Don't worry, I ain't abandoning this blog.

Happy 1st Anniversary!

[This picture was created by another Grand Chase Member, it is not mine, this is also the winning photo.]
Happy Anniversary Guys! We have stuff coming in from Trickster today, the Anniversary event for Grand Chase started yesterday, and PangYa will say hello to us!