Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Official] - LaTale OST Download Page

This is the OFFICIAL Blog Post for all OST Downloads.

The Link will be changed on the side button, so it only links to here.


- WinRAR or WinZIP

- A Media Player

- Downloading Required

[Introduction] | [WinRAR Download]

OST Tracks!

[Tracks 1-30]| [Tracks 31-50] | [Tracks 51-76] | [Tracks 77~93]
[Replaced OSTs] |[Tracks 94~107]

They're safe, don't worry. XD


11/6 - I just found out one was removed for Copyright Material (Replaced OSTs), that will be fixed ASAP.

11/6 - Tracks 1~107 (not including replaced) have been replaced with MediaFire links.

11/7 - Replaced OSTs are back up.


~kp said...

Totaly safe indeed! thanks for posting these files i was missing alot of them. This is one of the best ost's in my opinion.

Thanks again

My warlord is only level 100

SoulFace said...

I know i'm probably a year late but do can you post a download link to the music that goes to that trailer in LaTale episode 2 Mecha Empire..

If you could do that, i really appreciate it ^.^

~kp said...

sorry I didn't get any alerts towards that reply are you still interested ?


Just a Guy xD said...

Rly thanks for the ost ^^ Have Fun and Have a Nice Day ^^