Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Busters!

KEY's 6th Game, the creators of Air, Kanon, and CLANNAD, have also made this cutesy little novel! I haven't played it before, but the pictures make me wanna get back into playing Visual Novels. The Soundtrack, I've listened to it and found it pretty nice and smooth. So, I was looking through HimeyaShop and Play-Asia.


"Little Busters! Converted Edition
Compatible with PlayStation2™
For JPN/Asian systems only
  Not yet published or released

In stock on Aug 20, 2009. We do not charge your credit card before pre-orders are being shipped.
Price: US$ 64.90"

FREAKIN' ...Oh well, so I checked HimeyaShop! ^.^

"Language: Japanese (see more details)

Retail Price: 9,240 Yen

Genre: ADV

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, DVD-ROM

Game Synopsis:
When Riki was a kid, his parents passed away. What saved him was a group of his friends. They called themselves the Little Busters. They took Riki out and played together with him. He really enjoyed it and his grief gradually faded away. And now, they are in the second year of the same high school. They still hang out together and enjoy their school life...."

So I'm like, woo! I wanna ask for it!



*insert another "FREAKIN!" here*

So, I found a torrent, and hopefully it'll work for me, since torrents, like to be...buttmunches sometimes X.x

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My First Anniversary!

Lol at the Promo for Premium Access, but otherwise, yeah. I've been on DeviantArt for 1 Year! Yay me! -shot-

Broadcasting: OPEN!

After finally getting it to work correctly, my Broadcasting Channel is now up and ready. I've tested it awhile back, but since I had to recover my computer, I didn't bother doing it again. I won't be able to broadcast me playing the PS2 or anything, Webcam is auto-installed into the computer. Anyways, I'll link to my channel ASAP, as I am still learning how to broadcast without the game freezing. (Freakin' Vista).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a Mini-Rant..

I think alot of people are annoyed by this, but I'm just gonna say anything anyone could say.

Quit abusing the Japanese Language.

Now, if Japanese is your native tounge, and if you need to mix it so you can try making it understandable for you, then that's fine by me (Just like Spanish mixed with English!). However, if you're one of those dumbasses (not all) who like to overuse phrases like "Kawaii" or "Baka", then you better not cross my path.

Seriously, you sound like an uneducated Fangirl who has no idea what the hell they're saying. And also, for those who know that I know Japanese, better stop asking me to teach them. I'm not a tutor, I don't want to be a tutor, and I don't even know all of the Japanese Language. I swear to god I have to deal with crap like this with some of my "Fangirly" friends and I'm really sick of it.
Basically, in a nutshell. Learn the language, or shut the hell up. I mean sure, if you need help on learning how to say something, then go ahead and ask me.

...Just don't abuse it >.>
Flame me. Bash me. Whatever, I'm just speaking my heart out here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I love writing!?

Yeah...if you didn't catch the reason why I chose to blog, or anything like that, it's because I love writing! I love reading Chapter Books and Series (The Fire Within Series, House of Night novels..). I dream to become an Archaeologist, but if that doesn't work out, I'll just become a small little writer or work at some Computer technical place. Those are really my strong points, but I'm starting to write Fan-Fiction as well. I'm starting to ditch my games just to start writing (Not LaTale! I just haven't had the time for it X_x;;). So far Raven and my best friend Katie are reading my Fan-Fictions that I have made, but never got the courage to post.

Most of my newer Fan-Fictions will be on Quizilla!

So..Uhh...Yeah! xD

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Battle is Over... [Anime - Bokurano]

Yep, I finally finished Bokurano, and I have to say, It was a pretty good Anime. It doesn't revolve around all Mecha, but around the lives of 15 Kids who had saved the world from destruction, all because they were tricked into thinking it was a game. In the end, it was pretty sad, it made me cry, but....

I reccomend this Anime to anyone who plans on WATCHING anime like this.

This isn't all that's up. My Childhood Anime is up next! That's right! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi-Freakin-oh! I will be watching all series (English + Jap, to see how bad 4Kids...4Kids'd it), except 5D's. However, I'll be watching the subbed version first.

-Hums theme song lulz-

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bokurano - Anime Progress & Computer Problems

So, yeah. I haven't been able to blog post due to my frikin computer messing up one piece by another. My Touchpad has switched controls on me (quite litterally), meaning I can only click things with my Right Click, and it'll show the panel and everything so I hated it.

Anyways, with Bokurano, I'm close to finishing it, and LaTale...I'll be taking a break since school is coming closer. I'll still play, just not as much. I can't even upload pictures atm @__@;;, So I'm gonna switch my controls with the mouse that my Desktop has, and then fix this post up. Bokurano made me cry a few times, though.

Also, Happy Birthday to my niece on July 18th.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trickster Online - 7/16 Patch Notes

2.46.6 Patch Notes 

Game Updates

0] Fortune For Today is now available by Stella in Megalo. Check what your daily fortune is!

1] Now we provide Auto Teleport after finishing Party Quests. They are available only for field/dungeon Party Quests.

2] Find where Card Hunter is!

3] A New Discovery Event ? part 2

4] Kuusi Event ? Buy Kuusi Special Set or Kuusi Pet and receive Kuusi’s Biography instantly.

5] Refer a friend Event ? Refer a friend through our website to receive special prizes!

6] Level Up Event ? See how fast you can level up after making brand new character! Great prizes are ready!

7] Summer 3 Month Event ? Part 1 has started. Part 2 and Part 3 are also coming up for this summer!

Game Adjustments

1] Event Garden no longer allows normal skills or drilling to be used.

My Shop Updates

1] Queen Odinea Box & Princess Odinea Box are back for 3 weeks!

2] Reidentifier 2000 is back for 3 weeks!

3] Super Detection Scroll & Basic Detection Scroll are now available in myshop for drilling maniacs!

4] Kuusi Series are available in level 60/150 variants for 2 weeks!


1] Swimsuit Vinosh Event is over and prizes are distributed to players.

2] Double Egg Event is over.

3] My Shop Spending Event is over.

4] Comeback Event for inactive users is over.

5] Episode 4 Completion Event is over and prizes are distributed to players.

6] Prizes for 4G Lucky Event are distributed.

7] Prizes for Goodbye Special Gacha Event are distributed.

8] Prizes for Bonus Gacha Coin Event are distributed.


NTreev screwed up here. That pet, was supposed to be used for the Anniversary Event and not MyShop. -sigh-, but what can we say? It's NTreevUSA, not NTreevKR.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trickster Online - 7/15 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on 07/15/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 07/15/09 07:00PM PDT to 07/16/09 01:00AM PDT

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have a big update being released in this patch. Stay tuned!

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team

PangYa - 7/15 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on Thursday morning 07/15/09.


The maintenance hours as scheduled:

07/15/09 12:00 AM (PDT) 
07/15/09 12:30 AM (PDT)
During the maintenance, the game will not be available for play.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Pangya Team

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LaTale Progress - 7/14/09

So besides MizumiTearz, my friend gave me her account with her wizard the other day and I've been working on it ever since. She and a friend of hers also helped me with the Scenario Quest of Shaowee, and my XFire boosted up to 33 hours this week on LaTale. I plan on working on Mizumi when I have the time, but I wanna work on BlackestMoon as well. She will be going Bard, and possibly staying fire. I guess my Wizard on my original account is going to be a Water Sorcerer, or possibly another bard.
...But, that can wait. Amy made a guild called WildFlower with the help of our old guildies: Kiriel145, AceMP2, and Raven rejoined LaTale and joined as "Kokoeru", an explorer. I think that's all for my blog post today, but if something comes up I'll post about it.
--Non-LaTale related--
On PangYa, I finally got Kooh's Swimsuit!
Yaaay Cuteness! *o*

Monday, July 13, 2009

LaTale OST - Part III

LaTale has added some new content, so we all know new music will be heard throughout the game meaning I will need to get back into creating more files for the music. Since I have the time and it's summer, usually any new content will come with music and I'll be creating .rar files to deal with it. This Pack will also come with the song that was played in the Japanese LaTale Trailer, so far there isn't a name for it, so I'll just call it "Welcome to LaTale!" and it is rumored to be made by ESTi as well, but for now it is unknown. However, alot of the music isn't just made from ESTi, it could've been made by DiNY or iNID, the others who worked on the LaTale OST.

- Post Content:
Tracks #77~93 have been made into a seperate .rar file.
Tracks 34 and 37 have been replaced and put into a seperate .rar file.

I have yet to find the music that was used in the Mecha Empire Trailer(the remixed ver anyways), I'm sorry.

Tracks 77~93:
Replaced OSTs: OST.rar.html

The Parts - [Introduction]|[OST Download #1]
WinRAR Download

Sunday, July 12, 2009

LaTale - Finding Muwen!

I give a special thanks to my guildmates Samakie and Kiriel145 for helping me with the Invoke part of the Scenario Quests. Now I have to train harder, and do the NEXT Scenario Quest.

Hyunmu + Shaowee...UGH X_X

Let's take this from the top... [Trickster & PangYa]

So...PangYa! I got 50k Pang from Tourneying and playing tons with my comets and such, and I finally got my Lucia her skirt and such, and I couldn't get it yesterday since I went to a barbecue at my brother's (Yay Fajitas! *O*)
I got 10k Pang Left, but it's worth it. ;n;
So yeah! For about the 20th time, I'm returning to Trickster, but that's because I finally got my account back due to a problem with Athena's account, so they transferred her PangYa account to a seperate account NTreev made. How nice can they get?
By the way, I. HATE. BEING. 1432.
But, then again I like it too...
...I need to post my LaTale Review soon, It's still stuck as a draft, lol

Friday, July 10, 2009

PangYa - Somewhat 7/10/09 Patch Notes

Thank you for your patience! Season 4 is now live!

If you haven't done so, please uninstall Season 3 and download the brand new Season 4!(new installation is required).

Download Season 4 here!

-- Pangya Team


Good-Bye Season 3! See ya never!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

[PangYa] - 24 Hour Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on Thursday morning 07/09/09 for Season 4 update!

The maintenance hours as scheduled:
07/09/09 03:00 AM (PDT) 
07/10/09 03:00 AM (PDT)
During the maintenance, the game will not be available for play. Websites and forum may not be available frequently as well.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. The current 24 hour maintenance we have set for Season 4 is a rough estimate. We definitely expect the maintenance time to fluctuate as we continue with the maintenance. 
We may open early for a stress test with shop disabled. Please check back frequently.

We will post an update if it changes. Please keep checking our websites and forums for updates.
-- Pangya Team

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[PangYa] - Season 4 Maintenance Announcement

Season 4 Maintenance Announcement
That's right. We are very close to start Season 4 maintenance very soon. We are chipping away on going through the final preparation for the maintenance. 

We expect approximately 24 hours for the maintenance to complete. When we do have determined the starting time, an in-game notice will go out at least an hour in advance and this announcement will be updated as well.

Please note, everything is subject to change. Season 4 is soon. Stay tuned!

-- Pangya Team

VOCALOID in Korean PangYa.

Hopefully the video says all..

These Items Won't Last Forever!

As previously announced, our summer items will be removed from the premieum shop for sale on 07/08! In addition, we are also going to be ending the sales on original launch celebration items! 
If you haven't gotten them yet, you still have chance while it lasts!
Items to be gone on 07/08!
*New for Summer! Items
Ic0n Set
Poppy Set
Detective Set
Classy Sailor Set
Jet Fighter Set
Bartoss Set
Aqua Set
Scarlet Demon Set
Runner's Package
Sun Rune Comet
Scarlet Rune Comet
Holy Air Knight Set
Blood Lord's Arsenal

*Pangya Launch Celebration Items!
Air Knight Utility Set
Green Earth
Golden Earth
-- Pangya Team


As shown, the Ulility set will be leaving the shop. I wasn't expecting it, but then again it can't be helped.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Soon~

So yeah, for the people who view this blog, I appreciate the motivation it's given to me. Makes me feel good, but for now that's not the point. I will be updating my blog a bit in a few days. Mostly for things that'll fit my taste, so you might see pictures instead of Links. I guess I'll update more about it later on, but I'll post what's coming up and what's new.

[What's new?]:

Website Related:

- Rio's blog is now available to look at. Please give him some advice and cheer him on!

[What I'm doing]:

- Working on a new banner; Grand Chase isn't much of my thing anymore.

- Working on Matching Colors; This site will need a theme later.

- PangYa Season 4 Posts, only 4 days away.

- Many things to add up onto the blog.

Happy 4th of July~!

Before I forget, I wanna wish everyone a happy 4th of july, and pop some fireworks! 
...Just don't burn stuff up.

Kara No Kyoukai -Boukyaku Rokuon- in Late July.

Now for those who love Kara no Kyoukai, and are watching it. I think most of us know from Movie 5, that the story got twisted. "Spiral Paradox" is the name of Movie #5, and we are all waiting for Movie #6 to see what happens next, right? I was actually suprised at how Kalafina made the Ending music fit perfectly. Oblivious on Movie 1, and Sprinter on Movie 5..I wonder about Movie 6 and 7 though. Anyways, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6, will be coming out on July 29th, 2009, the 28th in US time.

For those who don't know what the hell KnK is. Here's a Summary coming from

"From a long sleep, Ryougi Shiki awoke.
As an after effect, she gained the power to perceive the death of things.
A power to kill anything with just a knife lures Shiki into a dark world.
The murderer from two years ago.
Swarm of floating ghosts
A girl who can bend things by just looking at them.
A spiral construction which collects people's death.
When numerous bizarre incidents collides with Shiki's Mystic Eyes...
her lost memories reawakens---.

The main character, Ryougi Shiki, was involved in a car accident and fell into a deep coma for two years. When she finally awoke from it, she had gained the Eyes of Death Perception ability but believed to have lost something instead.

The Ryougi family attempted to create human beings that exceeded normal humans, and to accomplish this, they trained their children in various martial arts and fencing, and also made them split their personalities. They believed that by using this method, one personality could be an expert in one subject while the other could be master other subjects. Shiki was no exception to this, and she had a masculine and feminine side that switched places with each other.

After having woken up from the accident, Shiki believed that her masculine personality side had died during the accident. Instead she tried to supplement the spiritually dead Shiki's personality by her masculine tone."

Movie Order?: 2,4,3,1,5,6,7.

It's really murderous. Like Higurashi.

EDIT: From what I translated, "Boukyaku Rokuon" should mean the Records of Lapsing Memories. However, I will wait for a correct translation.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Days till Season 4~

It's coming to that time. Season 4 will be coming in six days, but I have some ideas on what NTreev's going to do to somehow mess this up.

Card System -

The Newest Card System Demo - By: Sweatdrop

The card system(*1) is a system that allows you to upgrade equipments with certain statistics, either Timed or Permanent. The effects could range from +1 Power to Raising Pixels on a PangYa Bar. Sweatdrop mentioned PangYaKR recently adding "Card Vials" which have a chance of removing the card and keeping it to sell certain things. The Cards come in three types: Characters, which update your stats, Caddie: Which upgrades Gameplay, and Special: Which can give something like...2x EXP or somethin. The supposily "Most Expensive" Card in PangYaKR is Card #30: Cadie, which Ups your PangYa bar by 2 permanently.

The only disadvantage is that without the card vials, the cards will NOT transfer to different outfits unless the vial removes it first. The Vials have a success rate, so it could be like Refining from Trickster Online or Necklace Upgrading on Grand Chase.

Card Packs in PangYaKR can be purchased for 15 Cookies for 3 cards, and contain stuff like Cadie's cards. You can also earn packs using the Treasure Point System, but you can't guarantee a good card from it.

What I'm worried about here is they'll nerf the cards and make it timed or some crap like that.

Motion Items -

The Newest Motion Item - By: Sweatdrop

The Following Characters have Motion Items - Azer, Arin, Max, Nuri, Hana, Kaz, and Cecilia. These give some new motions to the characters (Obviously.) They all cost 49 Cookies in PangYaKR, and so far Azer is the only one who has his in the shop.

It's nothing really big, they also add stats so it's not virtually useless.

Lucia -

A Video of Lucia - By: Sweatdrop

Ah, Yes. Lucia, the new character. To some Ntreev players, Lucia could act like Amy from Grand Chase, or the Cat from Trickster Online (More Specifically, Rosemary to some people). As most of us know, NTreev screwed up Scratchy Card, leaving us to go to a retarded mix up. Now, Lucia in the shop usually started out with Only Pang Clothing, costing 35,000 Pang to unlock her. However, This is NTreevUSA we're talking about, so they'll probably spam the shop with premium items faster than you can say "OGPlanet is a mentally retarded company."

Design-A-TShirt System -

Self-Design - By: not6056

This system is kind of nifty for Guilds who want to create a shirt. However, it is said that it costs Cookies to design a shirt, and you can buy the shirts and skirts/pants in the shop. People suggest making the design on paint first, then working on the shirt ingame. I'm expecting NTreev to make some money out of this. You can also sell the shirts by copying the design onto pangs.


*1 = That is Sweatdrop's PangYaKR Guide.

There's much more to cover, but I think those are the main things on my mind. So, I'll get back to you on that. This is my response to it.