Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reward Prizes

Let's start off with the "Royal Rewards" Event. I got as said, but Whoaaa XD, and including that, theres the Equips from the Muse event X3
My Fest. Set is still stronger, but I'll live with it xDD

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes

  • Gacha Dungeon 6 - Trial Tower has been added! The sixth Gacha dungeon features the Casanova pet and North American Grand Chase world premier Casanova themed outfits for the Ronan, Ryan, and Lass!
  • 100% experience bonus for one week is now active for Show Your Love event!
  • Amy drop items have been added to dungeons.

  • For one week Gacha Coins are being sold in special bundles.

--Grand Chase Team

Pet Casanova + Trickster Online Maintenance

New Gacha Pet, Itza Casanova~! X333
Oh! And....

We will be performing server maintenance on 02/25/09. All of the Rosemary's Hardant trade items will be removed. Vivian Boxes and Valentines Day Quest will end as well. Get your vote in! We'll announce the result afterwards. Level up event and Snow Hill revolution bonus will end as well.

We'll also being the 50% EXP & TM EXP increase event when the server comes back up on 02/26 as a part of continued Poppri Drilling Event prize distribution so stay tuned!

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 02/25/09 07:00PM PST to 02/26/09 01:00AM PST

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gaia Online - Woo Monthly!

Since I didn't wanna buy the monthly for $2.50(And I don't have gaia cash >.>) I bought it out of the marketplace. 33k went to 3.4k Gold, and I'm sellin mah wings~!(Heartbreaker was 29.9k)
I was gonna sell it in the marketplace, but Thanks to FurociousFyve, I got my new outfit! Woo~ :3
It's 40k+ Outfit Woo~! :3

Maintenance [Grand Chase]

We will be performing server maintenance on 02/24/09.
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From February 24th 2009 09:00PM PST ~ February 25th 2009 02:00AM PST (UTC -800)
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

Monday, February 23, 2009

Couple hit 10 days on 2/22/09

Like I said before, Raven and I coupled just for fun.
She has pajamas now so woo! xD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jin's 2nd Job: Taesacha!

Taesacha's been released, I'm happy now~! X3
[Video Coming Soon]

TWGC's having a Donation Event Too~!

School Suits have been given to each character for 15 days, Availiable for all characters. (Mine aren't shown D:)

Sonic & The Black Knight.

-- Fun Facts --
In Romaji it is known as: Sonikku to Ankoku no Kishi
In Hiragana it is known as ソニックと暗黒の騎士
(Provided some Info, more is caught off from teh Wikiz o3o)

If you favor King Arthur or Sir Gawain stories, then you'd possibly like this game. This sonic game is based on the old days including this featuring 3 characters that come out, and some of your old pals. Again, Sonic is the main character but there are side characters that can be unlocked to play as.

The Following Characters will appear in this game:
- Sonic (of course LOL)
- Shadow the Hedgehog will star as Sir Lancelot in this game.
- Merlina is a new character in this game. She modelizes the magician, Merlin from the Arthurian Legend.
- Caliburn, I think, is Sonic's "Talking Sword." knocking off Excalibur from the legend.
- The Black Knight is a new character starring as King Arthur
- Tails, Yes Tails, will be featuring in this game, but only as a Blacksmith.
- Knuckles the Echinda will star as Sir Gawain in this game.
- If you remember Silver the Hedgehog, then yes he will star in this game as well! Known as a Knight.
- Blaze the Cat will also star in this game but as Percival from the Arthurian Legend.
...This is what caught me -w-;;
- Amy Rose will star as the "Lady of the Lake." (WTF....) So...look out for that.
In Japan; The Game will be released - 3/12/09
In North America; The Game will be released - 3/3/09
In Europe; The Game will be released - 3/13/09
In Australia; The Game will be Released - 3/31/09
For a Limited Time - You can get your own Sonic Buddy on Gaia Online!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nico Nico Douga + Nico Sound~

Some people don't know about Nico Nico Douga(ニコニコ動画), either because the site is in Japanese or they just never heard of it. From the creators of Nico Nico Douga, they bring you...Nico Sound(にこ☆さうんど#)! Nico Nico, allows you to take a link from one of the videos (since some MP3s you can't get out in the real world.) and download it using Nico Sound. So it's quite convient.

--Nico Nico Douga Interface.--

--Nico Nico Sound Interface--
Yaaay Japan~!(*^▽^*)


*Yawn* Happy Late Burrfday Gaia. I forgot to post my latest stufflez about Gaia, so I'll post them now. I've lately been getting into watching Movie Trailers (For Free Stuff! The latest I've gotten was a Halo Wars Master Chief Hat!ww) This is my latest Outfit.

And...This is my next outfit!
Yaaay I have enough gold but I dun wanna be poor so...I'll just wait till I get 100k~ :D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yaaay~! [Wings Expire Q_Q]

I'm not gonna update on what happened to my laptop so...If It's down it's down XD

Laptop Fails...I give up!

Once Again, the Laptop DAIED on me but this time it was due to the battery. It turned off due to battery and wouldn't turn on. I even tried GC on the XP, but it froze doing the GORGOS server! Basically screwed, now I can't:

- Get on Any Games
- Get on MSN
- Can only get on Virtual Sites such as Gaia.

But before I gaikoz'd I did this stuff on my Vista yesterday:

My Amy:
Muse Mission [GTFO]:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My dad was messing around with my laptop today, and the computer somehow locked us out with a Copyright Screen. My dad was working with it for quite awhile he says, and it started back up on him. Finally the Ignorant Dad does something good, but now MY GRAND CHASE WON'T WORK DUE TO GAYGUARD!! I'm still tinkering with it a bit, but hopefully I'll get on.

Patch Notes!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

  • Second Job for Amy has been added! Now Amy can become a Muse with the completion of a Cash or GP mission!
  • Playing as Muse will give a 50% EXP/GP bonus in dungeons and PvP.
  • Any player who completes Amy's job change mission before 02/24 will be awarded a permanent Elite Holy Spirit Armor Set and Kamiki Violin (200 Uses) at the end of the event.
  • Muse's cash mission is discounted by 10% for one week!

  • The Muse Mission for Amy characters level 20 or higher is available for cash purchase.
  • Violins have been added for cash purchase in support of Muse.
  • Amy's Muse Armor Set for level 20 has been added.

  • The Worn-Out Muse Mission for Amy characters level 20 or higher is available for GP purchase.
  • Violins have been added for GP purchase in support of Muse.

  • Curse status effect graphics have been fixed.
  • Irrelevant introductory text in Champion mode dungeons has been removed.

--Grand Chase Team

Muse's Arrival, In time to play?

YES! I can get on the Desktop again. It messed up and wouldn't let me log on at all, and of parents will blame me for everything that happens to the computer. I didn't install ANY THING. What does my dad say? WELL SHE INSTALLED SOMETHING TO MAKE IT NOT WORK. =|....

No MSN for me right now, it'd lag /o/

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laptop Problems...

Okay so, Lately my Laptop somehow could not turn on. After a few hours, My dad had somehow gotten it to start up, but... All it shows is the copyright information. As of now my parents will be getting a Loaner Laptop for me soon (it has a 3 Month Warrant, WOO~ X3.) so as of now the following games I can't play are.

- Trickster Online
- Japanese Lunia
- Taiwanese Grand Chase

If I cannot get North American Grand Chase to work, I cannot play that either, sorry for the inconvenience, but I will still try to get updates up on here. I may not be able to post pictures though. I will also try to get Elsword to work again so I am going to try to download it on HERE, than on my Vista Laptop.

- Thanks,
Jennifer (Also known as Syphira!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Kooh!

Happy Anniversary, Kooh! You've kept us tons of memories from PangYa + Trickster Online! We hope you stay with us till the end of the world, by just being that little Pirate Girl you are~
Official Page:

In my Opinion - Top 5 Items - Advanced

#1 - GC Club
What's it do?: It's a pretty nifty thing, it was sold in like 3 patches and is given out for most event awards. It is also given out as a Quest Reward. It's not equippable, so you automatically have it on!
Statistics: Puts your Room to the Top, like a VIP. You can expel people Unlimited Amounts of Times, Unlimited Chat Color Change(All Colors Available). +25% Exp/GP, Dungeon Stats + 10% AND Unlimited Paint Effect.

#2 - GC Star
What's it do?: It passes +30 to all Stats [Strength, Defense, + Vitality] And was sold before Xmas!

#3 - 2008 Festival Winter Sets
What's it do?: It was sold during Christmas, and this was limited edition for ALL characters. It was a set for Lv25+, with Lv30 Stats like Luna's Set! You'd have a godly set that could last you for another 15~30 Levels if you change sets often or rarely.

#4 - Warrior Equipment
What's it do?: It increases Vitality, Defense, AND ATTACK. It's not even an accessory! It's a very rare weapon that is given out in quests. I don't think there has been a permanent equipment (unless you stack +1000days like some people have in the Knights of Charity Event.)

#5 - The Pet, Havoc
What's it do?: Havoc, was a Special Gacha pet in NAGC, but also know as Cerberus in many other Grand Chase versions. This pet, is like Ice Pixie + Pepe. You can get out of their I've heard, but Havoc keeps you there. Completely immobile until you find a way to Counter-Attack it or someone kills you/hits you. Kind of neat if you ask me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Muse Ad


Happy Valentine's Day~[For Real =3]. To celebrate it, look what me and raven did for the lulz!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ntreev - Do some Changes

I know alot of people are wanting Albatross18 to change, since OGPlanet didn't really follow the path of Korean PangYa. So, I'll give some Ideas that Ntreev USA could add.

1. Ability to Sell eCards
In Korea, players have the ability to sell eCard rares they don't either want or need. They usually sell them if players are in need of extra cash. It's similar to the Boxing Event, except you get Pang, and instead of trading for the SAME eCard, you can obtain a different.
- You are able to Sell Clubsets
- You are able to Sell Suits such as SSAF or Swimsuits.
- You cannot sell Rings [I.E.: Crimson Ring]
- Prices are Subjected to Change, ALOT.

2. Increase the eCard Rate [Slightly.]
This was a big error in PangYa. The Rares were soo freakin...RARE! Like...Not even regularly rare, you'd spend tons and tons of money, like Gacha, but Trickster and Grand Chase can give good stuff very easily. However, PangYa's Rares you got in a pack, otherwise you'd get useless crap.

Happy Valentines Day to all! Spend time with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Husband or Wife, or just friends and Family in General~!
-Love and Huggles[haha I'm copying NTreev :D]
from Jennifer and Elexis

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ntreev USA, Please get moving!

As most of you know, NtreevUSA hosts 2 seperate games. Ntreev's Trickster Online and Ntreev's Grand Chase - Season 2[Join the Chase, Save the World!], but for those Trickster/Grand Chase addicts like me, we all know it's been unbalanced for quite awhile. Apparently, OGPlanet will be giving Albatross18 to NtreevUSA in order to keep Alba rolling and most players will be able to return to this game, and Ntreev will also get more services. However, As I stated before, the game has been really unbalanced with MyShop and more. Though hopefully our Accounts will be moved, I cannot count on it. Ntreev will need to get it's ball moving, in order to maintain a Third game on it's accord. I am predicting that they will follow Korea's Path from there on out, and for now I will be moving to Ntreev once again. You've known me as SyphirasNocturne, SyphKat and even lil'Sheep. But you'll now know me as !(<3)Dacy(rose)! Please balance everything Ntreev, we are all counting on you!

Trickster Online - Patch Notes

2.36.3 Patch Notes

2.36.3 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Revolution Continues! Snow Hill area has been revolutionized! We are offering special limited time bonuses when you complete the teleport quest and finish the Snow Hill key quest! Click here for more information.

2] Love is in the air! Are you looking for love this Valentine's Day? Talk to Shaman Girl Jia in Megalopolis and make love happen!

3] Card Hunter Eugene got lost again. Track him down and demand an explanation as to why keeps getting lost!

4] Market Rate feature has been added. Type in '/rate' to use the feature.

5] A new login background featuring Vivian has been added.

Game Adjustments

1] Poppuri Treasure Boxes can now be opened

2] Compound rates on some Bunny character items have been adjusted.

3] Due to a popular demand, Item Girl shop drills will keep their discounted prices for now.

My Shop Updates

1] All new emotion masks have been added to My Shop.

2] New Valentine Box items have been added to My Shop. Theses are available in level 40, 80, and 160 for a limited time only!

3] All My Shop potions are discounted by 50%. This is a limited time engagement until 02/25.

4] All My Shop pets above level 100 are now specially priced at 6000 points. This is a limited time engagement until 02/25.


1] Poppuri Drilling Event IV Stage 1 ~ 3 prizes have been distributed.

2] Top 5 Driller prizes have been distributed. Here are the top 5 drillers!

- Jewelia - xxNightFoxxx - 23279 Boxes
- Jewelia - KingK - 22590 Boxes
- Fantasia - Bizan - 22092 Boxes
- Jewelia - Neji64 - 21855 Boxse
- Jewelia - sKetcheD - 20515 Boxes

3] 2000 Points for collecting 21 Attendance Sheets have been distributed.

4] 4G Vests Return Event prizes have been distributed.

5] Bonus Gacha Coins prizes have been distributed.

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patch Notes

Grand Chase Patch Notes

  • Couple's system has been added!
    • To form a couple, you must purchase a ring from the shop (GP or Cash).
    • When you have a ring, right click your intended in the Park to propose.
    • Couple's items may only be worn by couples.
    • Couple's items are shared and can be used at the same time, and may be freely equipped/unequipped (except rings)
    • If a couple breaks up, any purchased items are given back to the original purchaser (rings break).
    • When you form a couple, a new couple's section is added to your GC Messenger (Friend's List).
    • The length of time you've been together will be shown at the bottom of the screen, with special prizes after certain times!
    • Different rings have different benefits, but all effects are only given when you play with your partner!
    • If you get close to your partner in the Park or during a game you'll see an effect, based on your ring's level
    • A special heart icon will show your partner in PvP/Dungeon lobbies.
  • In anticipation of Muse, Amy will receive 50% more EXP/GP for one week.
  • Valentine's Day event has been added!
    • Knights who raise their Heart Necklace(s) to a high enough level will receive prizes.
      • Level 7: GC Club (3 days), 1 Gacha Coin, Guardian Knight's Mantle (5 days)
      • Level 8: GC Club (6 days), 3 Gacha Coins, Guardian Knight's Mantle (10 days)
      • Level 9: GC Club (10 days), 5 Gacha Coins, Guardian Knight's Mantle (15 days)
    • Prizes are given out based on the level the necklace is at when the event ends, tiers do not stack.
    • Each necklace that satisfies the requirements will be rewarded accordingly.
    • Participate in PvP and Dungeons to find Valentine's Day Chocolates
    • Chocolates can be given to your favorite character in the Park.
    • Click on the character statue in the Park to give your chocolates.
    • After a week, the character who received the most chocolates will start a special bonus. There's a different bonus depending on which character wins!
    • Special choco items will be sold in the shop for a limited time.
    • A Box of Chocolates will be given for every attendance check for the next week.
    • Each box contains 5 chocolates that can be used as "potions" in Dungeons.
    • Two players wearing a choco bracelet near each other will see a special effect!

  • Heart Necklace has been released for all characters!
  • Gold and White Gold Couple's Ring Sets are being sold for Cash in the Couple shop.
  • Blue and Pink PJ sets are being sold in the Couple shop.
  • To help earn Amy a little cheaper, three special mission packages are being sold in the Academy.
  • Pepe and Sidt 1st Job Gacha weapons are being sold for all characters in the VIP Shop.
  • Pepe and Sidt armor sets are being sold for Lass, Ryan, Ronan and Amy in the VIP Shop.
  • For a limited time only, permanent choco weapons will be sold in the weapon shop.
  • For a limited time only, permanent choco bracelets will be sold in the accessory shop.

  • Simple Gold and Simple White Gold Pair Rings are being sold for GP in the Couple shop.

  • Grand Champion set stats have been adjusted to match Black Champion set stats.
  • Grand Champion Mantle has been distributed to all qualifying accounts who did not receive it initially last week.
  • Pet Item and Pet Shop tabs have been consolidated into one "Pet Shop" tab to make room for "Couple" tab.

--Grand Chase Team

Maintenance [Trickster Online]

Server Maintenance Announcement

We will be performing server maintenance on 02/11/09. Poppuri Drilling Event, Poppuri Stimulus Package, Trickster Triple Threat(except Bunny Quest), and 4G Vests Return! events will be ending.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 02/11/09 07:00PM PST to 02/12/09 01:30AM PST

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team

Poppuri Event Hits Stage 8.

With 13 hours to spare, GG Guys.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good-Bye Pangya~

As of March 10th, Albatross18 will shut down it's service, and the only games that will be left will be: Rumble Fighter, LaTale, & Cabal Online. I've been telling people this would happen, Sweatdrop said it too, so I'm not even gonna bother telling them anything anymore about PangYa. I specifically TOLD THEM THIS. Ah well, good bye pangya....your times will be treasured. I just wanna say Thanks OGP. You made me have new friends, I will have to find my friend Levanah, but then it'll all be good when I do find him. OGPlanet, I will not be using your services for now. I will migrate to GOA or if you can fix up the Lag I'll be GLAD to come back to LaTale.

Luka Megurine

This was a VOCALOID that came out January 29th [January 30th in Japanese Time], 2009, and has started the VOCALOID3 series. Her voice actor is Yuu Asakawa.
[From Anime News Network.]
The software maker Crypton Future Media has announced on Tuesday that the third virtual singer in its Character Vocal Series will be Megurine Luka. The Character Vocal Series uses voice samples and Crypton's version of YAMAHA's Vocaloid software engine to create entirely new songs when ordinary computer users type lyrics and musical notes. Crypton's official blog had announced on Monday that voice actress Yuu Asakawa provided the "moody yet husky female voice" for the "cool, somewhat mysterious" character. A "version 0.9" of her rendition of "Amazing Grace" can be heard on the official blog, as well as unmodified and tweaked versions of another demo song. The character's software will go on sale in Japan on January 30. Unlike its previous two characters, Crypto advertised Luka's 3GB vocal database as "Japanese/English bilingual," and chose her name to express its hope that she will transcend borders and cultural barriers. The name "Megurine" can be read in Japanese as the "sound that travels (the whole wide world)," and the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of "nagare" (flowing) and "ka" (song) or "kaori" (scent).

The first virtual singer from Crypton Future Media was Hatsune Miku, whose voice was provided by Saki Fujita and whose name can be read as the "first sound of the future." The relative ease in which users can create Miku songs from scratch made her a big hit for fan-made music and online videos. Hatsune Miku eventually inspired several official manga (including one drawn by Crypton's character designer Kei), many unofficial dōjinshi manga and software, and the requisite merchandising. She also made anime cameos, won the Free Entry Award in the Seiun Awards for science fiction and fantasy, and won the Network Award in the Anime Kobe Awards.

The second character duo from Crypton Future Media was Kagamine Rin and Len, as voiced by Asami Shimoda. The brother-sister duo's name Kagamine literally means "mirror sound" and their given names Rin and Len symbolized "right" and "left." The musician and occasional anime voice actor Gackt lent his voice to Gackpoid, a separate spinoff from the Vocaloid vocal music synthesizer that SSW's Internet software company developed. Berserk manga creator Kentarō Miura drew the character design for Gackpoid.

Gaia Online - Fairy Wings SOLD!

Okay, look back on the post "Fairy Wings 2x!" Post if you don't get this. I was just downloading my old games right? So I decided "Hey, I'll post the Wings in the Marketplace for 20k Gold. Maybe I'll get a Sale?
Yay! +19.5k Gold *o* [Due to tax]

Yay TWGC!....Not! Part 2

Okay so, I finally got TWGC up yesterday, but this is the sad part.


It'll be sometime but I'll be reinstalling everything, starting with TWGC so...keep watch :3

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yay Taiwan GC!....NOT.

You'd think I'd be playing, but I'm not Q_Q;;
Apparently, the Patcher is acting like a idiot, and not loading at all. Until I fix this problem, no TWGC posts from me T_T;;

Migration to GOA

I've been starting to miss Pangya, Albatross18 continues to fail to update, probably leading for the Rumor to become true and Alba will shut down. Though, all is not well in GOA's world either. Apparently, GOA has started to ban Pros that have migrated to their Version of PangYa. I don't know if it's true or not, but it sounds like it. I don't know yet, I'll either: A)Migrate to GOA, B) Ask a friend to sign me up for Korean PangYa, or C) Leave PangYa alone and continue to play other games. I was going to go back to LaTale, but my Ping is still at 1000, and it's still laggy. Oh well, I'm still thinking ^^;

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Petition! - Unblock North America!

I was talking with some of my Guildies from the Guild, Synergy. Apparently they lifted the IP Bans, but they did a very smart loophole. Only OTHER servers can come to North America. We're still locked out. There are very few Pros and lots of Cons that I wish to list.

1.Players from Philippines that were blocked off in October 2008, can now play with us again. Meaning they don't have to deal with an all quiet community.
2. Old Friends are Reunited. They don't need to hide with an IP Bypasser anymore.

1. If anyone remembers the incident where the Singapore players raided and lagged us to death? Yeah. It's back.
2. We cannot access other servers.
3. It's going to be quite hard telling which ones are from America and which ones are not.

On top of that, Firest ([FOA]Firest) has made a petition in the Brazilian Grand Chase forums. I really hope that thing gets signed, I want to visit my old brazilian friends again ^^.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ES FOAR LEAGUE -shot- S4 League XD

Yeppoz, doing another page 1/2 with another game! -jkjk- No seriously though, I'm going to be talking about S4 League on this post.
Wut ish S4 League?
S4 League is an Online 3-Person Shooter Game. You rely on Skill, Teamwork, and NO LAG -shot-. Seriously though, it's a pretty good game. I did try it out once, but I lagged so bad...I couldn't even move ;x;. Hopefully I'll be able to try this out again one day~!

I managed to use some S4 League pics of my friends gameplay [shhh~(゜Д゜)!]
[Coming Soon o3o]
Videos~ [GG CLIFF LOL]

No seriously, Cliff if you're reading this...
*gasp* TheinmademedothissoIdecidedtodoitcuzI'mawesomelikethat LOL

Poppuri Goes Steadfast

Well, 103 hours left till we fail/beat the poppuri event. Apparently I'm suprised. We're getting more boxes than we were before. I'm suprised, we're not as slow as crap anymore. Something must've happened to speed up the progress.

- The Box Rates must've been upped
- Stage 6 has an EXP Event.
- Some people must really want Shadow Poppuricia.
- Half the Population MUST have gotten their charries to 40.

It's only a matter of time, at this rate we should get 6.9mil Boxes, Ntreev gave us a break...somewhat, but they should still give us +1mil Boxes.

Concluding Azumanga Daioh

I have to say this was a pretty awesome Anime. I finished it at like 2:00AM in the morning and it was pretty nice. Maya [The Cat from their Trip.] Somehow found it's way to Sakaki, and Chiyo agreed to let it stay at her place till spring. I also watched Azumanga Daioh - The Very Short Movie, and if you watch that, it sums up the beginning episodes. It's only 5 minutes long...or 3... I forget, but that's just to give you a spoiler/warning. Now It's time for me to watch Ragnarok the Animation~!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fission Mailed - Stage 8orz.

Okay so they KNOW we're going to fail, but they don't give us 2mil+ boxes? WTH...
Hello Tricksters!

We've heard the outcry for uniting to finish the stage 8 and we've heard heart wrenching call for the new Shadow Poppuricia as well.

We are proud to extend the opportunity to obtain this hot new pet! Announcing...

Cuz’ this is Driller, Driller Night! Top Driller Part Deux!

At the end of Poppuri Drilling Event, we'll be awarding our dedicated drillers!

If you have 2000 or more Poppuri Boxes on 1 character you’ll receive the following:
- Shadow Poppuricia
- Sign of Charisma(30 Days)
- Mystic Favor(30 Days)

If you have 1500 or more Poppuri Boxes on 1 character you’ll receive the following:
- Shadow Pop Cape
- Black Dog Pouch(30 Days)
- Black Cat Pouch(30 Days)

The prizes do stack so if you have more than 2000 Poppuri Boxes at the end of the event, you'll receive the prizes for 1500 Poppuri Boxes as well! Please be aware, we will only award the prize group once per account. Good luck Tricksters! May the Power of Poppuri be with you!
I could care LESS about the pet. I just want the following to be fixed.
- +7 Days of the Event
- Increase Drop Rate of Boxes
- Slightly Decrease the Boxes Needed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fairy Wings 2x!

That's Two in a Row! One from last week, and one today! That makes 40k! =|. Holy Abyssal, my guildmate that I haven't seen in awhile told me about these things. You can get pretty good gold from them. Who knows? I may sell both or I may keep both X3

Shadow Poppuricia?

Okay so, I was checking today. We're not on Stage 6. Or 7. What are we on? 5! Yes. 5. And they want us to do a freakin' Stage 8? Hello!? We have people grinding and crap! Not many are gonna keep drilling any longer. Ntreev did something good by raising the level requirement, but the box rareness pissed me off. I won't be able to get 500 Boxes now (I have 121). So, I won't get a Pendant or a Hat. I'll still be drilling, Screw Febuary Attendance for GC. I'll do march. I'm waiting for Muse anyways. So...GG Ntreev. Though on the other hand, maybe I'll make a Trickster related Story featuring the Pet. Make her a evil pet or something.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fortune System

Now I planned on posting this yesterday, but it took too long. The Fortune System is from Card Packs. You put down 3 cards and click cards from her inventory. If you get a correct combination you get a title along with stats. Incorrect you just get stats.
I tried it again and got Bloody Wind.
[Video Guide]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Episode 1 For the Lulz.

This got me mad AND yet I had a bunch of help on this part. So my sheep is currently at 56/53 at the moment. But, this just got me started. First of all I met up with a good friend of mine that wasn't on my friends list, but on my MSN list. Katie! So we started with the Tea!

What ticked me off was when we were hunting Bell Clusters, Harkon Ornaments, and a Harkon Necklace for 3~4 Hours. Oh the Irony, Oh the Rareness, Oh the....Annoying CROWS CLAWS.

30 Minutes Later Katie got the 2nd Cluster. We decided that when Katie got 40 Heirlooms and I got 20, we'd open them up to see what would happen. Lawd.

Katie got some things, but no Ornaments, 2 necklaces instead LOL.

Then we dirtied up the place :3
Now I must level up to 80! *o*

So I've heard....

That Stella has gotten haxer!? When it first came out, I didn't even bother doing the quest so I haven't done it yet. Though, if you look at MyMMOGames, [Don't look through ALL of it =w=, start skimming.] then it's been reported that Stella got haxxed out a week ago. [Wow I'm slow.] Anyways, I may start doing the Star Gazer Stella Quest, It doesn't look so hard, Plus this will be great for my sheep!
Did I mention that my sheep hit Bard?