Sunday, May 31, 2009

Altador Cup - Practice Matches

If you haven't heard, Altador Cup is back, and signups are here! I signed up for Darigan, and I was practicing this morning, only to find out that I got 5 TO 1! Duddeee I score way better with Layton Vickles and Tandrak Shaye. YAY ME! ;o;
Check the schedule, you might be going against us during June.

PROJECT: miraLOID - Ready to Sing!

What is PROJECT miraLOID?
Project miraLOID consists of my friends and I singing, but the pictures I color resemble us as VOCALOIDs. Each singer consists of the program 'Skype' and a Microphone(Automatically Installed/Plugin). Each singer will be rated by pitch. Like VOCALOIDs, the singing is not always perfect, so don't be all sad if the singing turns out bad, as each miraLOID will have a weakness and strong point. For now, there are only two miraLOIDs, and hopefully we'll have more in the future.

What are miraLOIDs?
MiraLOIDs are fan-made VOCALOIDs using human voices started by Jennifer Jackson(ToonTownCat) and Elexis Blash(ChiiiRaven). While they are the only two in the group so far, they match up to balance voices, and are currently recruiting. The word "miraLOID" comes from the word "mira-" and "VOCALOID". VOCALOIDs are a singing synthesizer application, while the word "mira-" can be romanized as "mirror". The miraLOIDs usually mimic any song, but can never seem to make up their own song.

Who are the miraLOIDs?
Name - Syphira Hatake (畑家 サイフィラ;Hatake Saifira)
Age - 12
Colors - Blue and Black
Character Item - Wand
Voice Actor - Jennifer Jackson(ToonTownCat)
Strong Points - Low Notes, Timing, Slow Songs, Speedy songs
Weak Points - High Notes, Remixes, Rap.
Languages - Japanese, English
First Appearence - Toeto
Description - Syphira Hatake is the leader of the miraLOIDs and is often persistent when it comes to singing. Being a young VOCALOID in the group, she can support various beats for a few minutes, and pairs well with Uzuaki.

- Syphira usually takes on the look of KAITO or Hatsune Miku, however in the song "Toeto" she takes on Luka's look. Her most common look is Miku.

- When Syphira takes on KAITOs look, many(Especially Uzuaki) tease her by calling her 'Flat Chested'. Though, she was really supposed to model KAIKO, but when taking on her look, she failed.

- Syphira has black hair, and blue clothing, with the exception of "Toeto".

- Syphira's "Miku" look, makes her look like the Fan-Made vocaloid "Zatsune Miku"


Name - Uzuaki Haruka (遥か ウズアキ; Haruka Uzuaki)
Age - 11
Colors - Brown and Green
Character Item - Pudding
Voice Actor - Elexis Blash(ChiiiRaven)
Strong Points - Low Notes, Melody, Slow Songs
Weak Points - High Notes, Speed, Remixes, Rap.
Languages - Japanese, English
First Appearence - Toeto
Description - Uzuaki Haruka is Syphira's sister. She is the co-leader of the miraLOIDs and often messes up when singing with Syphira. She attempts to sing alone most of the times, and when dueting with Jenny, usually takes over small parts with Jen as the leader.

- Uzuaki takes the look of Gakuko or MEIKO. She only appeared with a Luka look during "Toeto".

- Uzuaki is often quiet whenever singing with Syphira, as either Syphira's voice overlaps or she is just a soft singer.

- Uzuaki has Brown-ish hair with Green clothing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PROJECT: miraLOID (Preview)

Coming soon...

「Singing comes from your heart, no matter what. If you're singing for greed, then you shall sound like a broken record...」

About time..

Now...I'm bored. Q_Q

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tales of (Series)

I think, my favorite game franchise besides Ape Escape & Klonoa would be the Tales of- Series. Especially with the fact that they have an epic battle system to go along with it. The party system, epic voice acting (even in English), and the fact that it can keep you occupied for quite awhile. My favorite games of the series might be the best known ones: Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. I only like some music out of Tales of Legendia, but I've never really seen gameplay of it. I'll be asking for ToS for my birthday, and possibly ToA. ToA again, because my friend like, broke my CD for it Q_Q;;

Skipping an Anime, for now...

Skipping to Kara no Kyoukai. Why?

Sketchbook has become a major pain in the butt for me. Especially the fact, that I can't find any episodes to download without hesitation! Some require memberships, others say I'm limited, and when I finally download it, it shuts off on me, and goes back to the beginning! Time for Kara no Kyoukai.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reunited Once Again...Athena and her Account.

Picture by PangYaJP member.

For awhile, I used an account on OGPlanet with the IGN of 'PrincessAthena'. However, it was always being used, so people could be kicked off at any given time. Most of them were looking for stuff to steal off the account. Now that it is May, and PangYa is successfully onto NTreev, I had no choice, but to take the account for safe-keeping, hopefully having the owner return to it. This morning, I decided to check Gaia, and recieved a message from a member on my profile. She asked if I played Athena, and I truthfully said "Yes." We talked for a bit, and I found out that she was the original owner, I've given her back the account, and now we may be able to play  together sometimes. I'm happy to give her back the account, as it wasn't really mine in the first place.

It looks like I've reunited someone, like if I was reuniting friends.

And for those who are wondering, I'm not sad. I'm not angry. I'm not crying. I'm pretty glad, and I feel better inside. Believe me~

Trickster Online - 5/28 Patch Notes

news > announcement
2.43.1 Patch Notes 

2.43.1 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Path to Captain Skull has been revamped! Are your ready for the challenge? Yar~

2] New Legendary Unique 'Dread' items for Captain Skull have been updated.

3] Phantom School Snack Bar has added drills in sale. 

4] A new login background featuring Roan Coldvice has been added.

Game Adjustments

1] Personal Shop sale slots have been updated to 12 slots.

My Shop Updates

1] New Raccoon Boxes are available featuring Roan Coldvice! These are available in 50, 90, 150, and 210! These boxes will be available until 06/10! 

2] Chagan's Pouch & Tau's Pouch have been added.

Gacha Updates

1] Gacha Town 3 has been updated featuring Darling Dorothy!


1] Sunny 4G Bonus! event prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

2] Train Daily!(part 1) event prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

3] Bonus Gacha Coin event prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

4] Gacha Head Cases event prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Round 1: Complete

After finishing up my crying for the president, I had no choice but to finish up the world tour for once...I think I was okay after, I was happy. ^^

R.I.P President Roh

President Roh Moo-hyun (노무현), died from commiting suicide from a scandal, or so they say. Even though, most of us do not know him, at least give him your thoughts, as he is the 1st president of South Korea, to commit suicide...
More About him here
Information gathered from Sweatdrop.
This is really tragic, though. As, when I was older, wanted to visit South Korea RIGHT after I visited Japan. ...I hope South Korea could pull through their situation..

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal [Walkthrough]

The Klonoa game that did not make it to America, Klonoa Heroes: The Legendary Star Heroes! I plan on using my Visual Boy Advance to create a walkthrough for the game. Please enjoy, as these will be videos placed onto YouTube!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Toeto Duet - Part I

Coming soon....

Hackers can't get me down, anymore!

I've returned to PangYa for the fact that I am looking for all my friends there again. I know, I've seen about 25 hackers and counting, but I know the GMs are taking care of it as well. I'm also glad about the World Tour event. You remember me posting something about Updating PangYa, correct? I'm kind of glad, though. All my Moogler friends AND my old friends have greeted me. Though, I'm still looking for my old friends like 'Levanah' or so. But, for hackers that try to ruin the parade, flame me, bash me, destroy the game. NTreev is NOT as dumb as OGPlanet. They will take you down and call you out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

[RUNIAsenki/ルニア戦記] - Create a Title Contest

While waiting for Episode 7/Kali's Implement into jLunia, Nexon decided to host a "Create a title" Contest.

Apperently, due to my horrible translation.

Top 1 - Once the Title is Implemented, it is yours as well, and some costume clothing.

Top 1 - Title will be Implemented and you get a box of stars (Quantity of 3)

Top 3 - The title will be implemented.

So either way, the Top 3 get their title implemented.

I'll figure it out once I get a correct translation.

I've entered this contest with "Burumingu Hi-ro-(ブルミングヒーロー)" AKA Blooming Hero.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ToraDora! - Complete!

'scuse the lazy editing, but I've finally completed the ToraDora series! The series got really dramatic after Episode 16, and I liked Opening #2. I would spoil it, but I don't really like have anime spoilers on my blog, but I think you should know what anime is next!

That's right! Sketchbook time! Sketchbook consists of 13 different episodes, and if I divide that correctly, one of the newer OPs may come at around episode 2,5,or 7. After all that Luna Online, I think I deserve an Anime Break =P.

Luna Online's Community Rocks.

So yeah, I was playing Luna Online again today. The other day, I advanced to Ruffian, and today I got my angel wings. However, I love how the community will randomly buff you, so you can already engage in combat quite easily. It's usually the Mage Classes, and sometimes the Fighter Classes. Maybe tomorrow or later on today, I'll finish up these god forsaken quests that have been biting me ever since 7:30am in the morning @_@;;

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dropping TalesRunner...

I have finally lost interest in this game. And it had to be before summer break too...Anyways, TalesRunner will be dropped from the update list, and I will also update the "Links to visit" part of the blog. I also need to catch up on my korean games (Trickster & PangYa), and I'm also in the mood to play Test ToonTown some more, as I haven't played it in forever.

So for now...Goodbye, TalesRunner.

Time to Update PangYa~

As the PangYa website has been "Ntreev'd" and they've given us some events!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Childhood Games rock.

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen my last post on my most favorite villian o_o. Ape Escape and another game have been my favorite childhood games. Can you guess what?

YES! Klonoa! I HATE how they changed his cutesy little voice though ;o;.

Stepping Wind xD;;


Ryan Promo & Arme Rewards

The staff has 304 Attack for 7 days, and you get a crest, perma inert staff, and a continent jewel for 3 days.

Grand Chase - 5/20 Patch Notes

Viken is coming! Ryan will soon get his 3rd job so start preparing! 
Play as Ryan (any job) for a 50% GP/EXP boost until June 2nd. 
If you unlock Ryan before June 2nd, you will receive: Ryan's Guardian Knight's Armor Set + Cloak (5 Days), Guardian Knight's Axe (5 Days), Druid's New Cont. Amulet (3 Days). 
If you unlock Sentinel before June 2nd, you will receive: Ryan's Guardian Knight's Armor Set + Cloak (5 Days), Guardian Knight's Jade Hook (5 Days), Druid's New Cont. Amulet (3 Days). 
All prizes will be distributed during the June 2nd maintenance. 
Players who already have Ryan/Sentinel will still receive the prizes. 
Check the shop for deals on Ryan/Sentinel missions! 
Monsters have destroyed the park! 
The park background and loading screen have been changed to reflect the destruction. 
Monsters have been added to the park (they can't be attacked). 
Next week, we will rebuild the park with Building Materials. 
Building Materials drop from all dungeons at all difficulty levels except Trial Forest and Trial Tower. 

Ryan's Cash mission has been discounted to help you train for Viken! 
Sentinel's Power-Up Package will be sold for a limited time. 
Certain Cash weapons and armor pieces previously missing from the shop have been added for Lass, Ryan, Ronan and Amy. 

Certain GP, Crystal, and Power-Up Point weapons, armor pieces and accessories previously missing from the shop have been added for Lass, Ryan, Ronan and Amy. 

--Grand Chase Team

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grand Chase - 5/19 Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on 05/20/09. 
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From May 19th 2009 09:00PM PDT ~ May 20th 2009 01:00AM PDT
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

Let's Play: Luna Online [Open Beta]

Yep, playing Luna Online again. I'm also playing with Firest on this game. IGN for me is Syphira, and I hope to see you on X3

Saturday, May 16, 2009

[トリクシスター+ⅹSPHERE] - Promotional Song In-Game?

More Info:


Trickster got a promotional song (Also known as their "Theme Song.") from Pl@net Sphere, as it is called "Treasures!" by the SPHERE group. It is from the album, Future Stream. Lyrics are below if needed.
deau hitobito ni shiawase o
sonna jibun ni narou ima kara narou
ookiku fukuranda kitai o hanatsu
toki ga otozurete lucky, we can fly high

watashi kara hajimaru gooru wa
shiranai kedo shiroi teepu o
hohoemi de tsunagareba daiseikou
welcome good day
issho ni asobou

taisetsu na koto wa itsudatte onaji
sukoshi yuuki oboeta koukishin
taisetsu ni shitai me no mae de hikaru
takaramono wa kimi no kokoro (password, password)
nozoite mitai (password, password)
kagi o mawashite OPEN!!

tsune ni atarashii odoroki o
tsukuru kimochi de ikou migaru de ikou
akita omocha demo odoridasu you na
wana o shikaketara rookie, come on the stage

iu dake wa futsuu no mainichi
uragawa ni wa himitsu waarudo
kodomo demo otona demo daimanzoku
always good dice
genki o ageyou

massugu na michi o sukoshi dake modoru
yasumu koto mo hitsuyou na yoteihyou
massugu ni nobiru kono saki no yume o
tsukamaetai kimi no tame ni

taisetsu na koto wa itsudatte onaji
sukoshi yuuki oboeta koukishin
taisetsu ni shitai me no mae de hikaru
takaramono wa kimi no kokoro (password, password)
nozoite mitai (password, password)
kagi o mawashite OPEN!!

Battle Mage - Complete.

Done! Finally!

--Thanks to:--

Raven - Chiii: For helping with PvP wins.

Zeffy - Zeffy: For helping with Lower Floor

Jake - bocaj69: For helping with PvP (2v2)

And everyone else who participated to help <3~

Arme says 'hai~'

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Final Step...

*Yawns* Alright, so I'm finished with Step Two, and I'm like Half-Way through Step 3. Whenever you're ready, Raven.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trickster Online - [Late] Patch Notes

2.42.2 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Entertainer Elicia is inviting good behaving children to her concert! Go find her in Event Garden to see what's up!

2] New Daily Monster Quests have been added! Talk to various NPCs in Desert Beach area to get your daily monster quests!

3] Card Hunter Eugene got lost again. Track him down and demand an explanation as to why keeps getting lost!

4] Pet Fusion system is now available! Talk to Pet Breeder Erin and fuse on!

5] Zorra's origin quest is now available for all Zorra pet owners! Find out the Zorra's prologue and enjoy the bonus accessory!

5] A new login background featuring the fallen Jen has been added.

Game Adjustments

1] Super Maid Kana's dialogue has been corrected.

2] Quest View Update has been re-added.

My Shop Updates

1] Pet fusion catalyst item Erin's Secret Book is available in pack of 3s and singles!

2] New head items Tiny Moon, Shoo, Twinkle Star, and Danger hat are available in level 70 & 150!

Gacha Updates

1] Special Gacha Town has been updated featuring Ahzi the Redeemed & Jen the Fallen! This special town is available only for 2 weeks!


1] Super Weapon Box Sale & Event prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

2] Bonus Gacha Coins(Gacha Galore) prizes have been distributed.

3] Control the Weather! prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

4] Iluminate The Rose Garden! prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

5] Super Driller Bonus! prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

Almost done...

'Tis was a long day, and I leveled. Thanks to Raven for having PvP fights with me, but I think I'm going to have to PvP MORE for the 3rd step. X3 I can do it~!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grand Chase - 5/13 Patch Notes

Fourth Job for Arme has been added! Now Arme can learn the explosive magic of the Battle Mage! 
Fourth Job change requires level 40 to begin. 
The Battle Mage mission is completed in three parts, your job is not changed until completion of a THIRD mission. When you complete the first mission, the next will be given automatically. 
Prizes for acquiring Battle Mage by May 19th include: Ancient Relic War Staff (7 days), Inert War Staff accessory (permanent), Mage's New Cont. Amulet (3 days), and the Crest of the Grand Magus (permanent). 
Prizes will be distributed with the patch on May 19th. 
The Wyrm's Maw, a new dungeon has opened in the Xenia continent! 
Valstrath dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon. 
A new crest "Keeper of the Flame" has been added, requiring 78 completions of The Wyrm's Maw in Champion Mode. 
Players who log on during the next two weeks will automatically receive the "Rise, God of Flames!" mission. 
Completing this mission rewards a set of Blazing Lava Stone accessories for 7 Days. 
Powerful Flare Knight weapons timed at 15 days will drop rarely from the boss. 

The Wyrm's Maw dungeon added, Valstrath dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon. 

The Battle Mage Mission for Arme characters level 40 or higher is available for cash purchase. 
War Staves have been added for cash purchase in support of Battle Mage. 
Battle Mage's Armor Set for Arme characters level 40 or higher is available for cash purchase. 

The Worn-Out Battle Mage Mission for Arme characters level 40 or higher is available for GP purchase. 
War Staves have been added for GP purchase in support of Battle Mage. 

Recipe books to create Honor Runes and Old Honor Runes may now be found from bosses in all Xenia continent dungeons. 
Honor Runes and Old Honor Runes have been added to Xenia's Jewel Boxes. 
Honor Treasure Chests may occasionally be found by completing Xenia dungeons in Champion Mode. 
Chaos Orbs will now drop from Samsara, Mynos, and Sarkiln. 
Gemstone fragments in Xenia dungeons have been replaced with refined gemstones. 
Experience gain in dungeons has been returned to normal on the Gorgos Server. 
Experience gain in PvP has been returned to normal on the Gaikoz Server. 

--Grand Chase Team

Trickster Online - 5/13 Maintenance


We will be performing server maintenance on 05/13/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 05/13/09 07:00PM PDT to 05/14/09 01:00AM PDT

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team


By the way, I'm back onto GC, so I'll be posting it's patch notes in a few. <2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

50 Levels to go...

Finally leveled to 30. 50 Levels to go till Gunslinger!

Happy Mother's Day~!

The Clock Strikes 1am! Happy Mother's day Everyone ^^;;

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pokemon: HeartGold & SoulSilver!

So yeah, Nintendo Japan--in Fall '09--is planning on remaking the gameboy games "Gold" and "Silver" into "HeartGold" & "SoulSilver" (as Translated) for the DS. There is not much information gathered except a "lolGoogle" translation, which I fixed up to be understandable. 

:We announce that "Pocket Monsters(Pokemon) Gold and Silver," the second entry in the popular RPG series, originally released on the Gameboy system in November of 1999, will be remade for the Nintendo DS this autumn under the titles "HeartGold" and "SoulSilver." New elements will be added in this tenth anniversary return to the Johto Region.

A continuation of the original series (Pocket Monsters Red, Green, Blue, and Pikachu), Gold and Silver recorded remarkable sales of 23,000,000 copies worldwide. It introduced monsters that hadn't appeared in the gameboy games, along with various new features.

Red and Green(Which was called Blue in America, we never HAD green.), the first games of the Pokemon series, were remade for the Gameboy Advance in 2004 as "Fire Red and Leaf Green," making this the second set of remakes. While Red and Green had fantastic upgrades in their transition from Gameboy to Gameboy Advance, this time the games are skipping the Gameboy Advance and going directly from Gameboy to DS. So they will almost certainly have drastically upgraded graphics and sound. Details will be released on the official site shortly.

Currently in development for the Nintendo DS are the newest entries in the Pokemon series: "Pocket Monsters HeartGold and SoulSilver." Taking place in the Johto region, the games will be upgraded with all of the series' current features and will also be paced with brand new features. This year marks the tenth anniversary of "Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver's" release on the original Gameboy, so its revival is only fitting. Since its release in 1999, the game has sold over 23,000,000 copies worldwide. 

Basically, we're assuming that you got a big graphic upgrade. It will use the same graphics as Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum did.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Okay..Excuse me, but um...WHAT THE HELL, MAN!?

I JUST got home, and found out that I had won something. I'm like "What?" at my parents in bewilderment, because of what they said. There's a form shown below:

(Text says: Winner #9, and my name...and the product code and stuff like that.)

(There were 70 winners btw.)

And so you're probably wondering "How the **** can a 12-Year-Old girl win a like...$500 Keyboard?" ...1 Game.
Pictures of said board:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trickster Online - 5/6 Maintenance

Server Maintenance Announcement 

We will be performing server maintenance on 05/06/09.

The maintenance hours as scheduled:

From 05/06/09 07:00PM PDT to 05/06/09 07:30PM PDT

During the maintenance, My Shop web purchases may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.

--Trickster Online Team

Yes! LaTale!

Well my rant about OGPlanet is still how I feel, but I'm glad I can get on LaTale without so much lag again. I found out that MSN kept screwing up the game, and when I shut it off everything turned to normal.  I really wanted to go back to LaTale, and now I'm back guys! X3

Let's Play: Dragonica Closed Beta!

You have been selected to participate in the Dragonica CBT~

Starting : 7 May 2009, 12 PM
Ending : 18 May 2009, 12 PM
Now, like two days ago I got accepted into Dragonica. I was really wanting to play this game. It reminded me of DragonGem when I was like...8...7....5. LOL. Anyways, I hope to see you ingame~ (IGN will be Syphira.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gag Track #4 - Lure!

I'm tired now...@__@

Childhood Games make me cry...

For the fact that I miss returning to them, T_T;;..Anyways, if you've known me, then you probably know what I'm talking about. ToonTown. Yes, ToonTown. Why? Kind of made me die a little inside when I canceled my account. I couldn't talk to my Secret Friends, and I couldn't explore very well. Okay yeah, they have Speedchat Plus now, but umm...I think I'm just going to wait till I get my account back, so I can get to like 110 Laff. Anyways, I'll be on my Test Account. Leave a Comment if you want to be my Secret Friend if you have a test account, or just email me at my Email Address []

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ntreev got Smarter~

Prepaid Promotions! 

Hi Tricksters!
New Prepaid cards are now available in the continental United States! Brand new prepaid cards are now available at 7-11 convenience stores across the nation! And if you purchase one of these prepaid cards you can redeem it on our website for Ntreev Cash Points! But that’s not all, from May 1st to May 31st anyone who recharges using a 7-11 Prepaid Card will receive an Angel Exchange Ticket for every $10 dollar card charged.
Tricksters from Singapore have long been familiar with Cherry Credits, but now Tricksters that recharge with the Cherry Credits Prepaid Cards will receive an Angel Exchange Ticket for every $10 recharged! Charge with a $10 card and receive one ticket. Charge with a $20 card and receive two tickets! This Cherry Credits promotion is only available from April 27th to the 31st of May. 
When: April 27th to May 31st for Cherry Credit users. May 1st to May 31st for 7-11 card users.

What: Recharge with a Cherry Credit or 7-11 prepaid card and receive Angel Exchange Tickets!

Prize: Angel Exchange Ticket 
-- Trickster Online Team
So this is like the $25 Dollar Card Releasal Event. 2x Angel Tickets, bla.bla.blah..../o/. Mean while I'm going to see if my friend can make me an account for Elsword. Toodles~