Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm not a Hacker!

Okay, my friend brought up a really good discussion, even if I am pissed at him. Lately, every game that I'm actually good at and I beat people in, I am automatically called a "Hacker." Excuse me? You don't even know the TERM hacker. You think I'M a hacker yet you haven't checked out Albatross? No, you know what, forget Albatross. That place is swarming. I don't care whether you are JOKING or not. Do not call me a hacker for gods sake. Especially TalesRunner! How the HECK do you hack in that game?! They DETECT IT. No matter how sucky GameGuard is, they DETECT IT. They block you for 10mins or more. Get the Ideas? I'm actually glad he brought up the thing.

Friday, January 30, 2009

GPotato + Ntreev Improving?

Okay well, After 4 years, I came back to GPotato on January 18th, 2009 to play the game Tales Runner. Tales Runner is a game that uses Cutesy characters to race. Using GPotatos gives you extra EXP + TR, so it's not really demanding. The Couple System also gives you exp depending on the ring you wear. GPotato do I say it? Sucky, Money-sucking, Laggy worth of crap company, that no one seems to care about. Especially with FlyFF.
Take a Gander at it, FOUR YEARS LATER. Their prices have really lowered, they hosted a game I've never seen before (TalesRunner), and are soon to host the game I've played in the Singapore Ver. Luna Online! GPotato has really pulled it off since FlyFF days. Shot Online was moved to a different company, which I thought was pretty good.
GPotato isn't the only one improving, Ntreev is too. I've been a customer for...hmm...almost 3 years. It used to have very slow updates, and events were too time consuming. It was the life till MyShop came. Leaving all the Veterns to leave. I'm not leaving this time, but I won't be playing it as much. Ntreev is DETERMINED. Not to leave Grand Chase like Nexon JP left Grand Chase, closed. Same goes for Trickster! Go Get them Ntreev! For once I believe in you~!

Nocturne hit's 50 Boxes


huaiHEUIEiheiaehueiaAEHiiHUahue -shot-
-cough cough- Dang, I'm turning Brazilian All Over Q_Q

Charging For Trickster?

Lately, I've been charging on games, but instead of using Credit Cards, I use Game Cards from MANY different Game Companies. The one I've charged on the most so far is Ntreev, trying to build up my characters on Grand Chase, and Grand Chase Only. Now Granted, I've charged a few times with Nexon, so Ntreev + Nexon are at an equal basis here, and..since I'm not playing Mabinogi for awhile, Nexon Cash is useless to me. Though, what made me bring this up was the fact that if you do not charge in a year @ Nexon, your points are dumped. No seriously, it's back to 0. Seeing that made me go: "Screw you Nexon, you lost most of my respect." Granted, I only have 800 Points (Possibly 0) on my Nexon account now. That's still pretty messed up, considering some people quit.
Ehh...I'm getting Off Topic. Anyways, I've already charged so much for Ntreev, I'm kind of starting them. I mean sure, the community sucks, and always sucks up to the Game Masters. I can easily deal with that, since well, I'm not really into GMs. Maybe I'll fool around and go "Haiii Loki~!" or such, but I usually ask them about Technical Problems or Game History. Anyways, since I'm inching torwards the point where I don't need to charge for Grand Chase, I've decided to start charging for Trickster Online as well. After all, I can afford them now with the Game Cards. So usually, I'll go 60/40 with Grand Chase & Trickster. If I really need something for my Character on Trickster, it'll topple up to 80/20. Then later on settle to 50/50. Splitting Points will be hard, since you won't need much on Grand Chase as you do on Trickster.

The Poppuri Event.

Being lazy, and waiting till STAGE 4! @___@;;, I need to dig up 70 boxes, in 292 Hours, or Less. A.K.A I have to dig up 30 boxes on SyphirasNocturne + PopCandy needs 50.

Also: What the heck....

(Taken at 7:45AM CST)

I'll have quite the trouble...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arme's Skill Tree [BGC]

Patch Notes

  • Third Job for Lass has been added! Now Lass can learn the shadowy offensive techniques of the Dark Assassin with the completion of a Cash or GP mission!
  • For two weeks, if you complete a Dark Assassin mission (Cash or GP) you can choose an additional reward of 15-day timed cash claws.
  • New connecting missions have been added for levels 25~30.
  • Big costume heads are dropping randomly in Champion Mode, check it out!
  • Between February 2~4, check your attendance to receive a cute Groundhog accessory for 2 days! Every attendance check you perform during this time gets another 2 days.

  • The Dark Assassin Mission for Lass characters level 30 or higher is available for cash purchase.
  • Claws have been added for cash purchase in support of Dark Assassin.
  • Captain Pilot set for level 46 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Demonic set for level 49 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Highlander set for level 52 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Peryton's set for level 52 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Angelic White set for level 55 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Noble's set for level 58 has been added to the shop for Ryan.

  • The Worn-Out Dark Assassin Mission for Lass characters level 30 or higher is available for GP purchase.
  • Claws have been added for GP purchase in support of Dark Assassin.
  • Anansi accessories for all characters have been added to the Powerup Points shop.
  • New Mystery and Emergency Regen potions have been added to the Powerup Points shop.
  • Dragon set for level 45 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Bull set for level 45 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Valkyrie set for level 50 has been added to the shop for Ryan.
  • Iron Mask set for level 55 has been added to the shop for Ryan.

  • Experience gain has been increased across the board to help you level up!
  • Platform maps in certain Bermesian dungeons have been improved, making them easier to cross.

--Grand Chase Team

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grand Chase Server Maintenance

We will be performing server maintenance on 01/28/09.
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From January 28th 2009 09:00PM PST ~ January 29th 2009 02:00AM PST (UTC -800)
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

System Restore.

Because of my dad restoring the computer, because we don't have Norton Anti-Virus, He will be cleaning out my computer by friday, meaning I still have to save all my stuff. So, All my games will be gone and I have to reinstall and stuff. I won't be updating much, because I'll be patching X_x;;.

Korean PangYa & Me.

Okay, so I may have quit Albatross18, But I've never lost Interest into it. So If I can get my friend to make me an account, I'll be joining Korean PangYa again. I'll be an only Hana :3. Keep watch!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rumored End? Part 2

Okay, so we know Alba's probably not going to close, but seeing how it's going downhill from here, it's pretty crazy. I learned that Albatross has missed some updates since S1. So this is about it's 3rd or 4th time on it. But, They ARE slacking. It takes longer for the Help Desk to answer, The gift boxes were NEVER fixed, even after they said "Oh, we'll get right to it!" I hope they at least tried. Then there no update. Well, Whatever you do OGP, if you don't abandon A18, I swear to god you'll get my respect back.

LaTale OST - Part II

Tracks 1-30:
Tracks 31-50:
Tracks 51-76:

Ripped By: Syphira/Jenny
Ripped From: Korean LaTale Website

I planned on posting this awhile back, but since I got lazy, I posted it now.

The Rumored End...? Of Albatross18...?

Remember when I said I WOULDN'T post anymore updates on Albatross18? With all due respect, I'll tell you why I quit/went on hiatus the first time.

Hackers used the Pang Hack, and created havoc for us. Rares went up, and Community slowly went down. I couldn't even find a decent room without hackers anymore, so I quit. But, this...This is crazy...

「Hello Golfers,

Unfortunately there will not be an update this week. Please keep checking our website for future notices and updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.」
Eh!? No Update!? Could this be true? Will Albatross really close down? If it does....OGPlanet, you've let a good game, go to waste. Players are moving to Korea when they can, and JP has blocked proxies. Thailand is the only one standing, but I'm saying no one plays that anymore. If Alba happens to close, I just want to say...Thank you...for all my friends.'ve tried hard, but you've failed. NTreev may fail harder if taken just might...end it all...

LaTale OST

[Coming Soon...]

What the heck does "OST" stand for?
OST stands for "Original Sound Track". Coming from either games or movies. Some folders could be named "OST" or "Music" or "BGM". Keep a look out for them!

Vingador Ad

Yeah...Was gonna post this earlier, but I got lazy ~.~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anime Madness~

I've gotten back into watching Anime again. So I'll be posting the next 3 animes I am watching/will watch.
1. Azumanga Daioh
The Anime I am currently watching would be Azumanga Daioh. I think it's really cute so I've watched most of it already. Right now I am currently on Episode 18, and I think the characters I like the most would be Sakaki and Chiyo! Chiyo sounds like the Japanese Version of Dacy Dalstrin from Lunia. Sakaki is just like me, I act all hard and touch, but can like cute things, so it's pretty crazy.

2. Ragnarok The Animation
This is one of the animes I will watch. I had a passion for Ragnarok once, but then I got bored of it, tried to come back but it didn't work >_<. So I decided to stick with the Anime. I have a Wordpad Document, so when I want to I'll post it up here so you can see what I am currently watching from there on out and such.

3. Bokurano
A anime I watched awhile back, but never got to finishing it, so I forgot about everything. I got to the part where the 2nd one dies and it's up to the brainy to control the room..I think O.o;...anyways I'll update more on Anime when I start watching it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Leviathan Magical Brie!

Before - Black Magic Brie

After - Leviathan Brie
X3 Yay~

Trickster Online - Day 1

Decided to go on and Play on Fantasia today [Trickster Online]. I thought this was a cute background, featuring Poppuricia.
I need 42 Boxes and around 18 levels to participate in this stupid event. Ah well, Hopefully I can hax my way through. Though.. I need to get TalesRunner working....and I haven't been playing Lunia, I've been neglecting my Dacy. I also need to start leveling faster in Grand Chase...BAHH!
Digging was annoying, but I guess you could say I got lucky. I don't have very much DA at all!
And I plan on selling these things.
kekeke...galder *o*
Finishing Up Chapter 2, I finally got my lazy self up to 20!
Whee and Calivar!
I wanted to fight that stupid Furious Cannonshell, since it was well...making me furious! =P


All in a days work~[Kudos to helping dragon]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dark Assassin/Vingador

And to celebrate this Occasion, I will be putting up my lass video on the blog!

Jin's 2nd Job:Taesacha

Weapon: Tonfas
1st Grade Skill:??
2nd Grade Skill:??
3rd Grade Skill:??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Atlantica Online, TalesRunner & Trickster Online

Okay well, The game kind of looked interesting to me. Especially with graphics, and the patcher picture looked pretty cute too..IGN: Syphira

Anyways, I'm also playing this other game called TalesRunner. It's a racing game, not like those car-like games, and you use cute and kooky characters. I chose Ming Ming and my IGN is Syphira :3

Anyways, I've come back to Trickster, for about the 20th time in my life, but this time I'm doing half and half. I've created a Cat named SyphKat [Yes I deleted her, and remade her.] on FANTASIA. So I'll be working on her too! :3

Can't...Find...Atlantica Pics @_@

Syphira V.S. Saphira

Okay, let's get this straight. First of all, I'm pretty sure if you've seen a DRAGON in CLOSED BETA TRICKSTER ONLINE['06], named "Syphira" then it was me. As we all know the book "Eragon" was released August 26, 2003. Yeah, that's great. Eragon readers that play Trickster, probably know the dragon's name was Saphira. Well guess what?

Syphira was NOT taken from the book Eragon!

Now I'm sure, people think I've taken it from the book.
Hello? 5 Years ago, I was 7 years old! I didn't even KNOW about the book! Syphira was NOT stolen from Eragon, it was something me and a friend made up for Trickster! Now for the Sheep that took my name, I don't mind, but don't confuse me with her. Thanks >.>;;

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PvP Video #1

lol yes I know I was bored D:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bye-Bye Pangya~

I'm sad to say this is my final farewell off of Albatross18. It's not because of hackers, or anything like that. I quit for personal reasons, so no, I won't be here IF Season 4 arrives. I won't be here to get to Senior E. I will not post any updates about Albatross18, but previous entries will NOT be erased. Don't worry, I'm not that cruel.
...For now, I think I'll pay a visit to Grand Chase and Wonderland.

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Kudos to Firest [Drakknuss], for the Siren Gameplay in gorge.

bGC Updates: - Credits to Firest

Quest Information:
1 Sword of Gaikoz
1 Partusay's Ruby
10 Anmon Knives
50 Medals of Victory
1 Sword of Gaikoz
25 Medals of Victory
[CREDIT: Firest]

:3 well there you have it..

And We have our...

Actual Gameplay of PangYa Portable~! :D

Video Uploader: TheEqualizer (gamers2618) of Ruliweb
Video Creator: TheEqualizer of Ruliweb

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Kudos to Firest for the pic :3,
Siren will be coming out tomorrow *o* [Brazilian Grand Chase]

New Video Out - Randomness

Was Bored Okay? D:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Video Progress~

Well, I've been doing tons of schoolwork, that I've barely been able to work with videos with Raven.

The Following Videos that will be made are:

- SC Heroes - PangYa Ver. [Currently at: 15%]
- [Comparison] - JP Lunia Dacy vs Chiyo of Azumanga Daioh [Currently at: 0%]
- jTO updates ^^;
- Friends4Ever - PangYa [Currently at: 0%]

The Discontinued Projects [That may/may not be continued] are:
- PvP Unfairness II - Raven's Rants
[Reason]: Didn't feel the need for it.

- Iminlikewithyou Randomness I
[Reason]: Pamela's Recorded Audio never matched, therefore making clips useless.

Blog Moves up to the 4th Result on Elsword.

With just one post of Elsword, we're already at the 4th Result~!
Go Go Me~! :3
(Credentials to Raven for telling me).


We will be performing server maintenance on 01/13/09.
The maintenance hours as scheduled:
From January 13th 2009 09:00PM PST ~ January 14th 2009 02:00AM PST (UTC -800)
During the maintenance, Grand Chase access will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The ending maintenance hour is subject to change. We will post an update if it changes.
-- Grand Chase Team
During this:
- Penumbra Valley will be Added
- Necklace Challange will End.
- Gacha Pet Havoc will be gone
- Charity event will be gone.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lunia Vids.


Twice the Exp & Pang/Clothing for School~!

Um , wow, thanks OGP o_o. Double Exp and Pang for 2 weeks~! I can use my Phoenixes~! *o*, You should've just fixed the boxes though, Unless they totally screwed up with you, then I can live with that. Anyways, DANG! Seems that I have to give Kudos to Sweatdrop for doing that, too bad I don't have a PSP, nor can I get anything from outside of the US :(. Ah well, One day Pangya Portable.

We are inching closer to Season 4 ^O^, ARIN GOT HER JEANS WOO~!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contacting me InGame

You can easily contact me inGame, I don't really care =o.

Grand Chase -
IGN: SyphiraChan

Japanese Lunia -
Add Kimba or /w Kimba. If you wanna dungeon, Invite me.

Albatross18 -
!(<3)Dacy(rose) is my IGN. Add me/Whisper me, I'll be on during Double Exp (somewhat.)

Luna Online (Singapore) -
Whisper/Add Syphira.

JP Trickster -
Fantasia Server/Whisper Syphira.


Oooh~! jTO

[Fox ain't my normal charrie, it's a sheeep~! >:], BEWARE]
Whoa...jTO you overload things too much ~.~
But hell, x2 Exp + 1.8x Exp = OHDANNG

Do want do want do want do wannnnt~!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Now I'm pretty sure most of you know about the game Neopets, correct? Neopets is a virtual online pet game where you can create up to 4 pets, and take care of them. Unlike Power Pets, these pets do not die. Then there are the freebies you get once in awhile. I may hypercam the Neopets site once in awhile, but I dunno x3. Maybe I'm just that kiddish~ =o.

Anyways, The Christmas Event is still going on, I have already 50+ Socks, and I can't sell them now~! Besides, the event is coming to an end already. 3 Days and we have the next update, meaning our socks will just stay there. The gift boxes aren't opening either. >.>;;

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unlucky Day...-_-;;

*sigh* I hate Grand Chase today, I've been so unlucky this morning. I had 320k GP and I felt the need to try to get my necklace to level 9(Shadow). First of all I decided to donate some, leaving me 190k. I REALLY wanted +3days on my Chakrami for my Amy, since she only has 1 day on it. I got about 100+ gems. 30 Boxes Screwed me over. I leveled up my necklace and it just kept FAILING.

Credit goes to Original Artist.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hitting 40 [January 1st, 2009]


BB Luna Set ;x;

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, 2008 is over, and 2009 is now here.

Good things, Bad things & Okay things have happened this year.

Good Things:
- Try out lots of new games, and make lots of new friends.
- We have President Elect Barack Obama becoming the first African-American president.
- I got back to Grand Chase, just in time for Amy.
- I charged my first set of Astros
- I've created a bond between Wayne & I.
- I've created a bond between Zeffy & I.
- I've joined the guild, Synergy.
- I've stopped alot of friends from doing bad things.
- I've covered some Japanese.
- I've covered some Portuguese.

Bad Things:
- Wayne has gotten into alot of depression.
- Athena was hacked.
- My school has become stupider by the second.

Okay Things:
- Working my way back up to Senior E on A18
- Came back to MyMMOGames.
- NTreev USA is catching up with NTreev South Korea.
- We got Amy, as our Christmas Gift.

Can you hear a far voice of Grief? It is a waltz of Ariah...The memories of the nameless braves, Pass away.....with the time....
Carrying the swords and her prophecy, We struggle for 100...To save your smile, to save your hope, To keep your.......history.