Friday, September 25, 2009

Jenny Reviews: Dungeon Fighter Online!

A Game that was shown from one of the pictures. Dungeon Fighter Online is a Korean multiplayer PC beat 'em up video game, and I found it fun and addicting because it was like LaTale and Trickster Online
...Only a Non-Kiddish Version.
*P.S: Please keep in mind, the "BGM" ranking will go into the Graphics ranking.

Community - 9.5/10
The community can be quite nice at times. I actually loved how nice I saw some talking while walking around the beginning towns. I'm not sure if it's different when you become a higher level, but It's quite nice to have people to talk with.

Graphics - 10/10
I freaking love the graphics in this game. The skills, the Storyline comic, and the graphics themselves are pretty badass. I also like how the Male Gunner and most Mage skills appear on the screen. We have a long way to go before all the jobs are out! However, the music is what gets me with some being techno and such.

Gameplay - 9.8/10
The gameplay is a "Beat'em up" Video Game, so you're expected to see a certain fighting style. This game does not lag as much as normal games do (unless you have a crappy computer), so it's quite easy to attack. Not to mention, that you can spam some skills and make it easier for fighting or letting your Party create combos if you work together. The Back Attack System kind of reminds me of Lunia or Grand Chase, but it's nothing of the sort in a way as well.

I'm not sure about the economy, but it was like in Open Beta this time, right? I look forward to playing this game. I would play the Korean version, but school duties call, and I need to pay attention more this year if I wanna get into High School.
Overall, this game gets a:
9.8 (9.76 Un-Rounded)
Again, I'm looking forward to adding this game onto my list when it re-opens or so, and I'm really gonna try becoming a Summoner!

For a Short Gameplay video, please watch this:

Video uploaded by MasterofRTS
Time to go on Grand Chase~

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