Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trickster Online - 9/17 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Phantom School Event has started!

2] Mature Compound Event/Refine Event has started!

3] Episode 5 Pre Event has started!

4] A new login background featuring Shara is now available!

5] Fiesta is open for 2 weeks!

6] Card Hunter Eugene got lost again. Track him down and demand an explanation as to why keeps getting lost!

7] Enjoy Autumn’s Daily quests!

8] GM_Eni Is now in Megalopolis Exchanging Attendance sheets.

Game Adjustments

1] Attendance Sheets are bankable.

2] Big Blue Pets have been fixed and are now tradeable.

My Shop Updates

1] Azhi the Drake Character Box is back for 3 weeks!

2] 4 Brand New Head accessories are available permanently!

3] Anvil of an Era has been introduced for powerful refining!

4] Refining support set is now available for a limited time!

5] All Elixirs are available for limited time!

Gacha Updates

1] Gacha Town #2 has been updated featuring Shara!


1] Play an Hour Event is over, and prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

2] Poppuri Event Stage 6-7 prizes, top 10 players, and 500+ box users have been distributed to all qualifying players!

3] Unused My Shop Points from Poppuri Event V's Top Driller have been removed.
I was actually suprised. Episode 5 is heading our way, and I'm not even on Episode 4, yet. I better get working after school and homework today.

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