Monday, October 26, 2009


TinierMe is an Online Chatting "Game" that's similar to Gaia Online...only cuter. This game is made by GCREST, which in a fact, is the same Company that's hosting トリックスター+, also known as Trickster+ (Japanese version of Trickster Online). Fishing is the only game on the thing so far, but it's still updating and it's easy to get coins with surveys and ringing people.
So far, I've seen people dress up as Ash from Pokemon, and Touhou Characters, and one of my forum-mates are trying to dress up as a character from the Persona series.
The Community's quite nice, and I'm loving every step of it.
It's in beta, too, so there's gonna be some problems sticking to it. Once it comes out officially, I'll review it fully! ^^
(is awaiting for someone to mimic Judai Yuki's clothing x3)

Also, I'm feeling quite generous. Well, actually, I'll do this once in awhile. I'll be inviting people to TinierMe, this includes secondary accounts for more coins. I get 300 each person I invite and they sign up. You also get 300 coins, and the fact that the referral system's for everyone.

I'd do that, "Email me @" crap, but it sounds like a bot, so just ask me for an invitation.

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