Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trickster is to Gametree as LaTale is to HappyOZ?!

Awhile back, Gametree and HappyOZ had partnered up with NtreevSoft + ActozSoft. I was looking up information on the two companies and I'm just going to come up with a short conclusion.
Both game companies are running out on money! The Economy's gonna blow!
NTreevSoft is still there, it's just the fact that Gametree has partnered up with them and with a conclusion, they have added more games. Dinomachia, Trickster Online, and PangYa were obviously not making enough income.
HappyOZ has also brought in a game in Closed Beta, known as Jongchun. Their other games (LaTale, A3, & XUP) never brought enough income either.

Ecnomony's busting badly for all of us, but it seems South Korea's going down as well.
I will search up more information when I get the chance, but that's all for now.

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