Monday, November 30, 2009

Gaming Updates & Life Updates

Shinji's so OOC here.

I would like to make an announcement for all the people who are viewing my blog and would like to spot me In-Game whether to just talk or play around. This month is December, therefore, I will be taking 6 large tests this year.

Around the first week of December, I will be taking a Writing Mock test and therefore will not be able to play any games.

Around the week before Winter Break, I will be taking four more Mock tests and will be stuck in a room for 8 hours on end. This means, I will not be playing any games for the rest of those days.

Due to my Schedule, my Gaming time has been placed at an all time low. This means, I will be postponing all gaming schedule times on my gaming list.

The only reason I wasn't on these few weeks were due to Anime watching, xD.

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