Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Help Here!: Rejoining Games!

I need your help, and fast! I wanna rejoin a few gaming communities, but I'm kind of wary here. I will list a few questions on this blog, and if you can, please answer them! I will also be listing the games here as well.


1) How has the community changed? Better? Worse? If so, please tell me how it has changed.

2) Has leveling gotten easier? Harder? Are quests easy to complete, or have they gotten to the point for relying on friends?

3) Has this game turned into a total LOLCASHSHOP game? Has it made anything good enough for players without money to withstand certain things?

4) Is PvP required to level now?

5) How is the economy?

and lastly:


Following Games:

Lunia, LaTale, Wonderland Online

If I get really negative reviews, I probably won't stay for long. If I get NO reviews, I'm probably gonna see for myself.

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