Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Anime Review] - Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of Sinners~

I support this epic Pairing~!

So, I just finished watching Kara no Kyoukai Movie 7, and that's the last movie of the series! It was pretty cute, and I almost cried twice because of how cute, yet sad it was... I guess I should just review now and get straight to the point and review the FULL Anime.

Storyline - 8.9/10
Shiki basically has a split personality. One of her sides want to kill, while one is what you could call "Fragile". She calls the fragile "Shiki" while she calls the Murderous side, "SHIKI" and SHIKI later dies to protect Shiki. (This is further explained in Movie 7) I only rate this 8.9, because the storyline does not go in numerical order, and therefore is very confusing even watching it in the order it goes in. However, this is all explained and clarified in Movie 7.

Art - 10/10
The blood, Character designs, and the way each murder was interpreted was simply stunning. It all looked really nice and blended easily with colors. There was no overuse (I mean like, zero) Kaomoji expressions, because this is a serious Anime. Basically, it's Higurashi's Nature.

Characters -10/10
Each Character had a personality that was portrayed well, and each character had a part in the story. There was an automatic pairing into the story, that in a way was not carried out, but also carried out. Mikiya is in love with Shiki, and Shiki basically rejected him at first. In a way though, Shiki can express her feelings without even telling him.

Overall Grade - 9.6
This anime is a great one to watch, I recommend it to people who like Mystery or Murder-type Animes. If you do plan on watching it, Google the movie order, since you'll basically spoil most of it if you go in numerical order.

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