Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trickster - 12/17 Maintenance

Game Updates

1] VIP Shop has been updated.

2] Double Egg Event - Leonardo is giving out double eggs for three weeks!

3] The League of Guilds Campaign has begun! Check out event news for details.

4] Christmas Event - Santa Needs your help! Talk to Rudolph and Fairies in event garden to start!

5] Card Hunter Has wandered off again, Find him if you can!

6] Friend Finder My Shop Event – Special bonus for our new release of Friend Finder. Please check event news for details.

7] Stella My Shop Event - Event – Special bonus for purchasing Stella’s Winter boxes during event period. Please check event news for details.

8] Singha Box My Shop Event – Purchase Singha boxes during event period and get special prizes. Please check event news for details.

Game Adjustments

1] Quest Log has been updated, Now you can have up to 6 Normal, and 6 Story quests at once!

2] Tapasco Revolution event is over – Rewards for Teleport registration and Key Quest Completion have been changed to reflect this.

3] Guardians can now been hidden when using the Hide Skill.

My Shop Updates

1] Stella's Winter Box (2weeks) - Stella’s all dressed up for winter. Check out my shop!

2] Friend Finder (permanent addition) - A new Friend Finder will let you teleport directly to your friends. Check out our new addition!


1] Blood Box My Shop Event is over, and prizes have been distributed to all qualifying players.

2] Thanksgiving Harvest Items have been distributed to all players.

3] Thanksgiving Harvest Equipment can be upgraded at Rosemary in Megalopolis Shop.

-- Trickster Online Team

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