Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Announcements...

Hey, everyone! Surprised I actually appeared with a post today? To tell you the truth, I was going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but there were some...problems that came up during so.

My Laptop died again, and it's the Motherboard...again. So, I'm unable to play games or basically do anything without a computer freezing up and completely messing up on everything. To add to that, I won't be getting another laptop, but possibly a Desktop and that's not going to be for awhile. I will only be on the Desktop for awhile, and I won't be gaming at all.

Second of all, Merry Christmas! I'm wondering what you guys got from it. My family pulled through at the last minute and got me the PSP 3000 along with PangYa Portable & Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 4. I've stopped working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan-Fiction for now and decided to settle in and continue Blackbullet ( & Links to Fantasy (Check deviantART). Kinda sad for the YGO FF, since GX_ST just came out with episode 117, but I'd rather watch the Anime.

Thirdly, I've kinda lost interest in blogging alot. Indeed, I can do Anime reviews and post maintenance notes, but I don't wanna do that anymore. It gets to repetitive, and most of the stuff is just MyShop now. So, as a result, I won't post as much as I used to on the blog. Besides, I got a school life, too, and it's been kind of whack with the economy lately.

Thank you for reading, and most importantly, thank you for viewing my blog so much!

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