Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update's #1!

Game Station News:
December is coming, which means....Newsletters! That's right, we'll be working to make newsletters to send out to emails~! =o Older Newsletters will be archived into the Photobucket I have, so keep that in mind ^^

Let's get to our games~!
Jenny here~! Along with new game updates!

Grand Chase -
Ryan is here, and so is Defensor! A.K.A. Aegis Knight is coming, therefore NTreev's holding an event for the Aegis, which will come next maintnence. Let's stay tuned for that.

Audition -
No New Updates

Wonderland Online -
Hear the Fairies whisper! Wonderland will have a new server, Fairy's Whisper! That's right, no more Dark Spell after it comes. I will also be making a wonderland online adventures series, with my Healer JenTheMuse!

Petz 5/Oddballz -
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
New Clothes, Shoes and gloves for Kooh, A Jacket for Kaz, and the magical suit for Arin! Also including The Rainbow and Devil Feathers, that raise your pangya bar for winds 7m+

Lunia -
No New Updates

Mabinogi -
G3S4 Is Out! Paladin and Dark Knight have been released. There are also new clothes, and Gachapon Fashion! :D Peaca and Rabbie have an advanced and basic dungeon! Check it out~!

Trickster Online -
Wow~! jTO Items! Pirate Min~ Yaaaay!2nd Anniversary, and Devil Buffalo is Out! Don't worry Trickster, its not like you have a 3rd season or anything. Angel Cat(Jen), Devil Dragon(Azhi) have passed, but Bika(Devil Buff) has released himself. The only thing I find sad is that they nerfed the levels due to CULTURAL REASONS >.>; GG NTreev those were supposed to be the strongest pets in the game @_@

I guess that's all hehe xD; Arigato Gosaimasu for Reading, and look out for more updates!

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