Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog and Game Updates #2

Site Updates:
- New Poll: Please Contribute to it!

Grand Chase -
Aegis Knight, is finally here! We're barely catching up, So stay tuned for more info!

Audition -
Whoa Look out! They're giving DOUBLE Nexon Cash! Extra 10k for 10k Cards or Extra 25k for 25k Cards! How good can that be?

Wonderland Online -
Fairy's Whisper has arrived, meaning a new patch and download is released! Did we tell you theres a double exp event going on? Well there is! Check it out after downloading the patch and such.


Petz 5/Oddballz -
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
No New Updates

Lunia -
New hospital costumes for all characters!
Levels 0,25,45,and 55 have been released!

Mabinogi -
No new Updates

Trickster Online -
The Second Anniversary Party is still going on for 5 more days! Let's get a move on Folks!

[NEW!]Maple Story -
Let's welcome Maple Story to the Game Station. We won't be playing it, but we'll be updating it the best we can.
"Arrgh!" Pirates are here ^^! We can finally play as pirates. There's an event for pirates too, check it out guys :D

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