Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trickster Updates

2.30.3 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Thanksgiving is almost here! How can you cut that juicy Turkey without a nice carving knife? Blacksmith Marx is in Gate of Tapasco Volcano to help you make the ultimate turkey carving knife!

2] Stella has arrived on Trickster to read your fortune! She has opened her fortune telling business throughout Caballa Island. In order to use her services, you have to talk to Fortune Teller in Event Garden and finish her quest first.

3] Bika's quest has been added! Andrew is in Megalopolis & Blooming Cora to give a quest for all Bika the Bull owners. Andrew won't be around for too long~ He'll be gone on 12/03/08.

4] New login background featuring Stella has been updated.

Game Adjustments

1] Apprentice Knight Quest Part 2 has been changed so players who have not done part 1 can do part 2. This quest will be removed on 12/04/08.

2] My View has been expanded! You can now change your titles if you have more than one, show your character information to other players and add in your own greeting message. You can now view your Skirmish record, Revolution boss seals and other neat features! The images have been updated as well. You can access My View by pressing the V key in-game.

3] Several new in-game UI improvements have been added
- Quick Slots have been expanded to 5 slots.
- Items can now be picked up by ~, J, and Z key.
- Trade window now has a 3 second delay for confirmation.

My Shop Updates

1] Sheep Boxes featuring Amelie has been added to My Shop! Huggles to the Caballa Island!

2] Level 170 sets featuring Afrit & Titania has been added to My Shop.

3] Pink & Amethyst Elixirs are back for a limited time!

Gacha Updates

1] Aria has arrived in Gacha Town 3! Her items will help you explore Caballa Island!


1] 2nd Anniversary Party! prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

2] 4G Lucky Day prizes have been distributed to the qualifying accounts.

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team

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