Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Updates #3! [NEW]

Grand Chase -
  • PvP Day event has been added!
    • Score 5 kills in a PvP match and gain 100% more EXP/GP for that match
    • If someone on your team scores 5 kills in team PvP, the whole team will receive the bonus
    • This bonus is available on all maps, including Gorge of Oath
    • Only individual kills will be counted, so a team scoring 5 kills between two players will not receive the bonus
    • Special Champion Boxes will drop for the winners of PvP matches during the event
    • The drop rate is 100% for the winners of a survival or team match, fight or tag mode
    • The Competitor's Quest mission will be given when you log in, calling for 50 wins on any character in PvP
    • Completing the Competitor's Quest will automatically grant the Challenger's Quest in addition to your reward
    • Completing the Challenger's Quest will automatically grant the Gladiator's Quest in addition to your reward
    • This mission cannot be completed after the event period has ended
  • 15 Brand new emotes have been released
    • 5 New Emotes can be acquired from winning PvP matches
    • 5 New Emotes can be acquired from completion of dungeons
    • The drop rate on acquiring emotes from dungeons is higher in Champion mode than in normal three-star difficulty
    • The new emotes cannot be found in dungeons on one and two star difficulty
    • The new emotes cannot be found in Trial Forest or Trial Tower
    • 5 New Emotes can only be compounded from the other new emotes
    • A special accessory will be given out to users who collect all 15 new emotes during the event period
    • The new emotes can still be found the event has ended
  • Grasping at Flames mission has been added to celebrate Sidt's upcoming release!
    • The mission requires you to collect 10 Feathers of Flame
    • One feather is given every day for logging in
    • An additional feather is available each day as an attendance bonus
    • The reward is a 15-day timed accessory based on Sidt's wings

  • Changed continent unlocking requirements
      To unlock...
    • Ellia Continent: Complete Gaikoz's Castle
    • Xenia Continent: Complete Battle for Bermesiah

    Please note: If you unlocked a continent prior to the patch, it will remain unlocked. This change is for new continent unlocks only

Audition -
New Music has been added, and ALOT has been removed!

Wonderland Online -
Wonderland's letting you create Thanksgiving Cards! Have relatives you can't see right now, but wanna send a card? Here's the link!

Petz 5/Oddballz:
No New Updates

Albatross18 -
No New Updates

Lunia -
Site's on Maintnence heh.

Mabinogi -
None xD;

Trickster Online -
No New Updates!

Maple Story -
No new events except a 7-Eleven event ~.~

[NEW]: ToonTown Online -
Hah~! If you guessed this than you were right! ToonTown will be joining our game station. I will be updating this WAY more often when I get my 3month game card(@_@ B> A Yearly Subscription) Anyways let's get started.

We're having another ToonTask Derby! Now that we have more Black Cats :D. Good Luck, Have Fun, and get started!

[EVENT!]: Let's Welcome ToonTown
Since ToonTown has come to our blog, I suppose we should hold an event to make it say hello! We'll be holding a ToonTown Video and drawing contest!
What you need to do, is make a ToonTown Promotional Video
OR You can draw a picture of your toon and friends.
Winner prizes:

1st Place(2 - One in Drawing Category and One in Video)
- YT Channel will be featured on my blog for 2 weeks (15 Days really, so everyone will get a chance)
- A Banner saying "Let's Welcome ToonTown!"
- A Video you've made of YOUR choice will be featured on my Channel for 15 Days as well. Then the Drawing Category winner will go next!

2nd Place(5)
- Banner Saying "Let's Welcome ToonTown!"

3rd Place(10 Runner-Ups)
- Banner saying "Event Paricipant"

Have Fun! You only have 2 Weeks!

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