Sunday, May 24, 2009

[RUNIAsenki/ルニア戦記] - Create a Title Contest

While waiting for Episode 7/Kali's Implement into jLunia, Nexon decided to host a "Create a title" Contest.

Apperently, due to my horrible translation.

Top 1 - Once the Title is Implemented, it is yours as well, and some costume clothing.

Top 1 - Title will be Implemented and you get a box of stars (Quantity of 3)

Top 3 - The title will be implemented.

So either way, the Top 3 get their title implemented.

I'll figure it out once I get a correct translation.

I've entered this contest with "Burumingu Hi-ro-(ブルミングヒーロー)" AKA Blooming Hero.

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