Sunday, May 31, 2009

PROJECT: miraLOID - Ready to Sing!

What is PROJECT miraLOID?
Project miraLOID consists of my friends and I singing, but the pictures I color resemble us as VOCALOIDs. Each singer consists of the program 'Skype' and a Microphone(Automatically Installed/Plugin). Each singer will be rated by pitch. Like VOCALOIDs, the singing is not always perfect, so don't be all sad if the singing turns out bad, as each miraLOID will have a weakness and strong point. For now, there are only two miraLOIDs, and hopefully we'll have more in the future.

What are miraLOIDs?
MiraLOIDs are fan-made VOCALOIDs using human voices started by Jennifer Jackson(ToonTownCat) and Elexis Blash(ChiiiRaven). While they are the only two in the group so far, they match up to balance voices, and are currently recruiting. The word "miraLOID" comes from the word "mira-" and "VOCALOID". VOCALOIDs are a singing synthesizer application, while the word "mira-" can be romanized as "mirror". The miraLOIDs usually mimic any song, but can never seem to make up their own song.

Who are the miraLOIDs?
Name - Syphira Hatake (畑家 サイフィラ;Hatake Saifira)
Age - 12
Colors - Blue and Black
Character Item - Wand
Voice Actor - Jennifer Jackson(ToonTownCat)
Strong Points - Low Notes, Timing, Slow Songs, Speedy songs
Weak Points - High Notes, Remixes, Rap.
Languages - Japanese, English
First Appearence - Toeto
Description - Syphira Hatake is the leader of the miraLOIDs and is often persistent when it comes to singing. Being a young VOCALOID in the group, she can support various beats for a few minutes, and pairs well with Uzuaki.

- Syphira usually takes on the look of KAITO or Hatsune Miku, however in the song "Toeto" she takes on Luka's look. Her most common look is Miku.

- When Syphira takes on KAITOs look, many(Especially Uzuaki) tease her by calling her 'Flat Chested'. Though, she was really supposed to model KAIKO, but when taking on her look, she failed.

- Syphira has black hair, and blue clothing, with the exception of "Toeto".

- Syphira's "Miku" look, makes her look like the Fan-Made vocaloid "Zatsune Miku"


Name - Uzuaki Haruka (遥か ウズアキ; Haruka Uzuaki)
Age - 11
Colors - Brown and Green
Character Item - Pudding
Voice Actor - Elexis Blash(ChiiiRaven)
Strong Points - Low Notes, Melody, Slow Songs
Weak Points - High Notes, Speed, Remixes, Rap.
Languages - Japanese, English
First Appearence - Toeto
Description - Uzuaki Haruka is Syphira's sister. She is the co-leader of the miraLOIDs and often messes up when singing with Syphira. She attempts to sing alone most of the times, and when dueting with Jenny, usually takes over small parts with Jen as the leader.

- Uzuaki takes the look of Gakuko or MEIKO. She only appeared with a Luka look during "Toeto".

- Uzuaki is often quiet whenever singing with Syphira, as either Syphira's voice overlaps or she is just a soft singer.

- Uzuaki has Brown-ish hair with Green clothing.

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