Friday, May 1, 2009

Ntreev got Smarter~

Prepaid Promotions! 

Hi Tricksters!
New Prepaid cards are now available in the continental United States! Brand new prepaid cards are now available at 7-11 convenience stores across the nation! And if you purchase one of these prepaid cards you can redeem it on our website for Ntreev Cash Points! But that’s not all, from May 1st to May 31st anyone who recharges using a 7-11 Prepaid Card will receive an Angel Exchange Ticket for every $10 dollar card charged.
Tricksters from Singapore have long been familiar with Cherry Credits, but now Tricksters that recharge with the Cherry Credits Prepaid Cards will receive an Angel Exchange Ticket for every $10 recharged! Charge with a $10 card and receive one ticket. Charge with a $20 card and receive two tickets! This Cherry Credits promotion is only available from April 27th to the 31st of May. 
When: April 27th to May 31st for Cherry Credit users. May 1st to May 31st for 7-11 card users.

What: Recharge with a Cherry Credit or 7-11 prepaid card and receive Angel Exchange Tickets!

Prize: Angel Exchange Ticket 
-- Trickster Online Team
So this is like the $25 Dollar Card Releasal Event. 2x Angel Tickets, bla.bla.blah..../o/. Mean while I'm going to see if my friend can make me an account for Elsword. Toodles~

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