Friday, December 12, 2008

10. Countdown #1 [11/25/08~12/24/08]
Log on, Stay on for a few hours, log off, then you get boxes after maintenance! X3
When you log on you have to stay on for sometime, in the end you get gift boxes which MIGHT contain:
-Portable Port ADs
-5 Memory Ports
-5 Resurrection Scrolls
-10 HP Pots
-10 MP Pots
-1 Marble Drill [700 Life]

11. Countdown #2 [11/11/08~12/24/08]
Log on, and recieve an Orudi Coin, which can exchange for 3 items.

When 5 Pieces are Collected:
10 Heart Firework Scrolls [Req Lv: 10]
1 Juju Charm [Req Lv: 10, 7 Days]
1 Sample Poppuri Drill [Req Lv: 30, 100 Life]

When 10 Pieces are Collected:
1 Orudi Sword [Req Lv: 90]
1 Orudi Helmet [Req Lv: 90]
1 Orudi Sheild [Req Lv: 90]

If someone collects 20 Pieces:
Advanced Pet Turkey [Req Lv: 90]

Just talk to elizabeth!

12. MyView Update
MyView got a MAJOR revamp! You can now use the "View Information" Tab when right clicking someone. It's pretty convient, seeing as we don't have to go "WHATS UR TM" or "WUT R U WEARING" Anymore.

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