Friday, December 12, 2008

Whoa what do we have here!? jTO has been releasing some new stuff, and right when the blog went into Revo! Ah well, Anyways. Raven is still in here, but she does not update the blog,instead I do. Anime will be posted around here. Different Game Info, and More!

Japanese Trickster -
1st Update - Fortune Teller [Permanent]
Japanese Trickster just had this feature implemented a while back.

It all starts with this:

Got a Star Box? You can get it from pretty much any monster. It looks kind of fun. You get a bunch of random cards, and she gives you a fortune for 3 hours. The price of galder goes up everytime you wanna switch it. These don't stack I think....Well it's a pretty good system implemented, because alot of people can't afford the bonus in MyShop, or the pharoah and blood set. You can fix the title in the MyView window now.

2. Double Exp Event [12/5 ~12/29]
Yay jTO! They're currently hosting a Double Exp Event for all players. It's pretty neat, as they have low rates sometimes. This should also make up for the lag they have. They have set up times for them are the times.

12/5/08 - 18:00 JST to 12/8/08 - 12:00 JST

12/12/08 - 18:00 JST to 12/15/08 - 12:00 JST

12/19/08 - 18:00 JST to 12/24/08 till Regular Maintnence.

12/26/08 - 18:00 JST to 12/29/08 - 12:00 JST

3. Swamp Revolution
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,What the Hell!? Swamp's getting revamped(like it's in revo position, but the monster levels are gonna go BOOM!). Apparently Tau has a Crisis, and it's up to you guys to stop it. The Following places listed will be revamped and boosted. It's happened in eTO but I like doing jTO updates.

Swamp Field 1~6(No 5)
Forest Maze
Swamp Dungeon 1~6(5 Included)

Places Will be Added - Apparently it's trial:
Swamp Test 1 - An Empty Lotus
Swamp Test 2 - An Empty Lotus 2
Swamp Test 3 - Lotus Test
Swamp Test 4 - A Hero's Base

Purple Frog [Name Unknown]
Found in Swamp Test 1

Frog Prince
Found in Swamp Field 4

4. Tutorial Update -
Yay! Bunny Maid finally gets something good done to her. Maybe this'll stop all the beggers! Bunny Maid gives quests that you can complete while surfing around Trickster for your first time! It starts on the boat!

5. New Years Registration Event [12/12/08 ~ 1/6/08]
For all new people joining jTO well. You're getting rewards for completing Episode 0! (Beginner's Only)

Campaign A - Complete the First Part of Episode 0
1. Knee Pad [Permanent]
Req Lv: 10
Stats: Def + 20|Hit Evasion + 1

2. Booster Bracer Jr. [6 Hours]
Req Lv: 1

Campaign B - Complete the 2nd~3rd Part of Episode 0
3.Takoyaki (x20) [Permanent]

4. x100 Firework Scrolls [Consumable]
Req Lev: 1
Clicking on the scroll activates it. Clicking anywhere in the area has the character throw the fireworks.

Campaign C - Get to Lv30
5. Fake Rudolph - [Permanent Pet]
Req Lev: 28

6. MyShop Drill [Permanent (100 Life)]
Req Lev: 20

6. Invite your friends to Japanese Trickster Online! [12/2/08 ~ 1/6/08]
Inviting your friends = Big Prizes! Well not Really, but you still get something good. Your friend must level and actually join the game!

Top Coin will be received when you invite someone to the game, however:
The Newbie Ticket will be rewarded when the person joins and levels to 10.

The Tickets can be exchanged at Mint for:
Propeller Drill - 100 Life
Emergency Health Box
Big Ticket [Exchanged for different boxes]
Booster Bracer Jr. [3 Days]

Having Big Tickets and Top Coins can let you exchange to Rosemary at Megalopolis and give you the following:

Pineapple Box [Containing: Pinapple Weapon [30], Pet [60], Sheild [30], and Hat [30], or 30 Pinapple Cocktails (Random)


You may receive a Emergency Health Box.

7. Job Change = Get Fashion Items! [12/9/08 ~ 1/6/08]
Apparently jTO is doing the same thing eTO did. If you job change before maintenance day, you get fashion items depending which character you have. They've been chosen picked and matched [Mostly White]. Remember jTOers Job Change is Lv60 TM Lv50.

8. Veterens, your time is now!
Hey! Did you quit jTO due to it being to laggy, or you just didn't like the server? Well they're offering you to come back with a perfect attendance event! They give you a snowman box which can be exchanged for sets if you come back!

9. OPERATION C.A.R.D: Season 6!
Card Hunter Eugene is back! With what though? Of Course New Weapons! It's the same as always so don't think it has changed, though we just got 3 new weapons in store, which of course are at the cost of your crests! What's this, a new accessory? Wow, Trickster does not seem to stop changing. Thank you Aria! xD;

Super Lightning Sword
Req Lev: 90
Category: Weapon
Time: Eternal [Permanent]
Stats: +9 MA, +7 DA, +5 LK, +20% Lightning Attribute, Slots 1~4(Random).
Compound: DA,LK, & Lightning Attr.

Ultra Lightning Sword
Req Lev: 140
Category: Weapon
Time: Eternal[Permanent]
Stats: +14 MA, +11 DA, +8 LK, +35% Lightning Attr. Slots: 1-4 (Random)
Compound: DA,LK, & Lightning Attr.

Yellow Angel Feather
Req Lev: 100
Category: Accessory
Time: Eternal [Forever]
Stats: +0~+160 AP, +0~+10 AC, +0~560 MP, +0~+10 MA, +0~160 MD, +0~+800 WT, +0~+10 DA,+20 Lightning Resist, Slot 1-3
Compound: MP,HP, & Lightning Resistance.

Dark Plunger
Req. Lev: 90
Category: Weapon
Time: Eternal [Permanent]
Stats: +6 MA, +3 LK, & +3 HV, 4 Slots
Compound: Dark Attr.

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