Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For a maintenance so small, I wouldn't expect big things out of them. Though I find the box somewhat fail, since it's highly expected to get Aging Cores + Gems, and Runes and such.
[You have obtained 10 Aging Cores]
[You have obtained 15 Gem.]

x2 Event got removed for this crap? Well, it's not all crap, we have yet ANOTHER necklace event. I'll post it in a bit.
Nuuuu My Ryan equip~! It's disappearing. Q_Q;,

I'm not suprised, Dark Assassin is possibly coming next. It'll be worthless to me, except the exp because I don't use Lass that much XD.

Wow new tiers? Well I'd expect it, whats the point of having a new level gap o_o.

I smell Penumbra Valley~

I was checking up on PangYaEU after forever, it looks like Season 3 is coming their way, but I see most EU players have moved to A18 because we're close to season 4. *Sigh*

One day Lucia....

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