Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back to Kotoko~

Rummaging through my big freaking music files, I found Face of Fact by KOTOKO! I also found 4 other songs by her too, so I thought I should get a refresher!
I seriously want these games for Christmas!

Lol, my friend's been gloating to me about this game, but I thought it looked pretty good. Especially because I was starting to lose interest in Sonic! Wolf-Form Woo~! Hopefully I get this for XMas @__@;;

2nd Game that I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to. I've always wanted ToS but could never afford it, but since they released it for PS2 awhile back I'm pretty sure I can get it now! My favorite character is...SHEENA HECK YEAHHH X3!

No Way, a Remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories! OH MAN I HAVE GOTTA GET THIS! Luckly, it's for the PS2. Another thing I'm asking for christmas.

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