Monday, April 6, 2009

Facts About Me - #1/10 - Storymaking

So, I'll start listing facts of what I do in my daily spare time. This is #1. I love creating stories, most of them uh..well..Have a sort of romance thing to them. They can be based off of games, or on rare occasions, be based on fanmade characters I make up. Right now beginning one based off of my fanmade character, Teal Sakatara (サカタラ チル-Sakatara Tiru) or also known as Tea the Homunculus (チ・ゼ・ホムンクリス Ti ze Homunkurisu?), a girl who was captured by GUN and had her parents killed at the age of 3. I'm too scared to post my stories up here, so I keep them to myself. I'll never have the courage though xD.

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