Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quit yer Complainin'

Now, I try not to get mad at the little things, but COME ON people! Okay, yeah, Ntreev said Late March, and then they had a problem with Coding. Delayed till April. Hey! At least you're getting your accounts back! NTreev has TWO OTHER GAMES to work with, and have a SMALL GAMING COMPANY IN THE US. NTreev has Grand Chase and Trickster Online to work with. Nova is coming out tonight, and Trickster...Trickster's having an Update on the 8th! You have a right to be impatient, you have a right to rant, but hey at LEAST you're getting to play PangYa again, and have to migrate to Korea, Thai, or even GOA. Chill Doods... Chill..

(Picture's not mine) 

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