Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jenny's Blog to Drop Grand Chase Updates

So yeah, Grand Chase is starting to get boring. I've spent $100 on the game already, and I really want to save up. Yeah, I'll get Raven to get on my PvP mule or something, so I can kill it for GP quests. Anyways, for now, I will be dropping Grand Chase updates off of this list, at this point. Though all the old ones, will stay there. I used to have a cat named "SyphKat", but I deleted it (at Lv118) and moved it to Fantasia. My new character is a Sheep named "SyphirasNocturne" (Lv58+). Don't worry, I'll still be playing North American + Taiwanese Grand Chase! 

"ありがと。。。。そして。。。。さよなら。。。。「Grand Chase」"

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