Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recharging Cash?/Good-Bye Grand Chase~

Well, I have to say Good-Bye to Grand Chase for now. I've stopped playing it, and I've gotten bored of it. North America has screwed up the order, and I'd rather play Brazilian Grand Chase...if I could ever get through! Anyways...All my charged points will go to PangYa and Trickster Online. Since PangYa doesn't have it's cash items at the moment, I'll be charging on Trickster. Possibly getting into Gachaing again(not so much, since the gacha right now is featuring Sense + Power), and since I'm leveling my Sheep, get her some new equips. They really should have a system like TalesRunner, which you can use gPotatoes to buy TR, or like Maple Story, that sold Mesos in the cash shops for a limited time. I haven't played Maple Story like I said I would actually O_o;;, So I'm not sure if it's permanent. Hope to see you on the World: Jewelia.

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