Sunday, April 19, 2009

LaTale, officially known as LaFail? No, more like OGFail!

Side-scroller MMORPG game, LaTale, was commonly known as LaFail for most people due to all the crapsake lag. OGPlanet did very well with most of their games at first. Had four different games, and basically helped to serve their players happily. Oh man, that changed Late '08, and early '09! July '08 was the release of the Closed Beta Game, Latale. (JP Romanized as; Rate-ru) 1,000 Players were able to get in with no lag, and if lag, tiny lag spikes. As Open Beta Came, the lag got worse, and later on Official Release, eight channels with more than 5,000 people, and all the lag is cluttering up even into the quietest servers! The players have started to quit, because they could not even move! LaTale's movement also kicked out Albatross18, and BBFailTanks was popped into play...AGAIN. Rumble Fighter has become a YEAR behind South Korea's GEM Fighter. OGPlanet refuses to fix the lag by creating a Second Server too(for LaTale)! To take it all on, a Game Master was fired in late 08/early 09! What does that mean?
OGPlanet is officially a Money-Grubbing Company.
I've left OGPlanet for now, since I can't stand what would happen next. I'm predicting the next game to close or be moved would be Rumble Fighter. However, Ntreev is not failing that much as it used to. It's games are becoming balanced, and they're going faster and becoming up to date with Korea! I think, LaTale should've gone to the company Alaplaya. Would've attracted more :/

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