Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Come on NTreev, you can do better than this!

NTreev, so far, you were acting like a good company, but became irresponsible to most players due to one tiny thing. You forgot to do the Tee Time and came 2 hours late due to your lunch break, I mean come on! I understand, lunch break, gotta eat, right? Must you delay that for TWO HOURS!? I mean, yeah, you got all the Tee Timers worked up and spamming the lobby like crazy, but I'm not really ranting about that, lol. I'm ranting about this.


It has been brought to our attention that recently there has been an increase in non-English communication in open Pangya channels (i.e. general chat), so we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our stance. While we do welcome players from all regions who are legally eligible to play our games, we must insist on English as the only language to be used in public channels.
As Ntreev USA only conducts business in English, we are only to support that language. Because of this, we are obligated to regard the use of any foreign language in public as spam since we cannot ensure that it complies with our Terms of Use. Penalties for violation of this rule may vary based on the severity of the infraction from a warning to account closure.
If you witness players speaking a foreign language in a public channel (unlocked games, lobby, lounge, et cetera), please advise them that this is an English-speaking version only. If the behavior persists, please take a screenshot and report it to 1:1 support or use the in-game reporting function if it is available where you're playing.
Our overall goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our players. As a matter of courtesy, we would like all of our players to understand the language being spoken in-game.
In the meantime, please refrain from any inflammatory comments about race, religion, nationality, et cetera as that sort of behavior is both unconstructive as well as prohibited by our rules, thank you.
Swing for the Heavens!
-- Pangya Team"


--Piruix Reference-- (lol) This Company. I mean come on, we did that for a FREAKIN...no wait, scratch it, WE'VE BEEN DOING THAT SINCE OGP TIMES, HAVE WE NOT? There are just some God Forsaken Idiots who don't know what English Only means, wait, so I have to use a gd Google Translator for you!?

Brazilians - Apenas Inglês (Yeah, I actually translated this phrase, it's 12AM lol.)

Frenchies(who haet GOA) -  En anglais seulement

Italians(who haet GOA) - Solo in lingua inglese

PH - Ingles Lamang

Spanish - Sólo Inglés

Flame me, bash me, do whatever you want. It's called PangYa U-S-A for a reason, even though NTreev is a failure and thinks it doesn't mean crap.

Also, GIVE ME INFORMATION ON MY ACCOUNT! I missed father's day cuz my password somehow got changed, I don't need anything else bugging me.

-takes a breather-

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