Thursday, June 11, 2009

PangYa - 6/11 Patch Notes

Jump-In Mode added, now players can join a Tournament room within 5 minutes of it starting. 
Chrono Point event has been added! 
Special items, including the limited-time "Pang Ramyon" caddy may be purchased from the Chrono Point button on the main screen. 
Chrono Points are earned through gameplay; 25 points for every 10 minutes. 
Some items have a limited quantity, and may be unavailable for purchase. 
Check the in-game UI for a full explanation of points, costs, and availability. 
This event will run from now until the June 24th maintenance. 


In celebration of summer, special promotional items will be on sale until July 8th: 
A character package for every character. 
Two new clubsets. 
Two new comets. 
A discounted package containing popular consumable items. 
Tiki Report Scroll has been added to the shop permanently. This item allows players to leave a finished tournament early and receive the results later. 

[Papel Shop]

Added pop-up showcasing current rare set. 

[Game Adjustments]

Added "Reports" tab to Gift Box in support of Tiki's Report Scroll. 
Added Notice functionality with a welcome message. 
Corrected minor localization issues. 

-- Pangya Team
So this patch they've added the PangYa Portable Outfits. I'm going to try to get cash and get a set. They've also added "Jump Mode" like in PangYaKR where you can jump into a tourney at any given time.

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