Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Childhood Games - Part 1 [Online]

The pictures here do not go in chronological order!

1. DragonGem

I think, this was one of my very first games that I played online, DragonGem. It was cutesy, it was fun, but there were tons of hackers and the text quality was pretty crappy. However, It closed down in America, Japan, and South Korea due to not being popular enough. It was pretty fun.

Friends from the game, who are still in contact w/ me: None.

3. Maple Story

Mmk, so this is where basically me and Cliff first started to hang out, mainly because it was fun at the time, but it was still infested with hackers and smart...idiots (lol I'm not saying it.) in the community. I've also met Tabby and Sage, two others in this game.

Friends in Contact: Cliff, Tabby, & Sage.

2. ToonTown Online

My favorite game, here and now. I think this is where I met most of my friends (Michael, Raven, etc.), and some of them from awhile back have found ways to contact me again, so I'm pretty grateful this has all happened.

Friends who are still in contact w/ me: Michael, Raven, Katie, and some others even though they're mad at me or somethin.

4. Trickster Online.

From the beginning of Closed Beta, to the end where I dropped it, My friends have mostly come from this game and ToonTown. We worked together most of the time, (I.E: Glacier, Zekii, Katie, and I would party like crazy, or I'd hang out w/ my fox friend Momohime.) and I usually was the one who lagged behind, as Katie and Zekii were the first one's to reach 200 in our little group of friends when Revolution/Links to Fantasy came.

Friends still in Contact: Zekii, Katie, Raven, and Cliff.


So yeah, long story short, this is really how I met all my true friends!

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