Friday, June 26, 2009

Scratchy Card Rant - Part II

Remember when I said, that the update was forgiving?

I lied.

NTreev, stop creating slaps in the face, you know it's quite annoying that you've messed up about three times this week. Let's take a quick recap, in the patch notes, it said the following rares were out.
Elven Ears(K)
Wedding Dress(C)
SSAF Suit(N)
Um, okay, first of all, what the hell happened to Scratch Card #18, our Animal Suits, and why isn't it at #19. NTreev you are indeed pathetic, because the next rare was NOT supposed to be this. Advantage to the following characters much? Oh and here's another thing. They don't SELL the eCards anymore, you have to spend ONE DOLLAR (yes ONE DOLLAR) for ONE TICKET. You can't spend $3.60 on like, a dress, and get 3 tickets, no. You have to spend ONE Dollar for ONE ticket. If you spend 3.60 on a dress just for 3 cards, that's regret right thar. You got 1 ticket, baww q_q have fun. This is not going to go well, lol.

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