Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trickster (Story Series)

Awhile back, I planned on creating a random Fictionized story based on the game of Trickster Online, and when I'm finished up with like 4 others that I need to finish up, I'll steart working on the Trickster one. However, I think I'll just give a small summary to most of them. The whole storyline will keep going depending on how the episodes go, the story will revolve around friends. So, I'll just start summarizing now. I may even post it.

Trickster: Links to Fantasy

Trickster: Links to Fantasy revolves around what you would call "Pre-Revo" lifes. The 8 Tricksters: Jenny, Thein, Katie, Harrison, Momohime, Rhiney, Raven, and Cliff are to come to Caballa Island because of certain personal problems, however, the plot starts off with Jenny being stowed away onto the boat. They learn about the 16 Cards and (I changed this up) the Harkon being shattered and unable to give off energy that would show a passage. They also learn that they are trapped in a game, and have to dress up as Animals and hone (lolcorny) magical energy to find the harkon and cards.

Trickster+ Love

The name inherits from jTO's Trickster Love. The time frame is indeed screwed up and the Harkon has become lost, but the 16 cards are no longer needed. While at home, the 8 tricksters hear about it and need to reregister all that they know about them to return to Caballa Island. This plot revolves around Episode 0 and 1(along with the early key quests, and with the Pharoah set), in which they must relearn the skills they've forgotten before. After finding out that Caballa Island can indeed collide with Earth, they have no choice but to talk to Calivar's Hologram, along with Eclipse, to get some clues about the new Caballa Island.

Trickster: R (REVOLUTION)

The Plot continues and moves into Episodes 2 and 3(Along with the continuing key quests, leading most of the sets we have, come out now.), also having certain pets come out like Lina or Miracle Jen to guide them on their way out. This also marks the where one of the bosses have a large plot to them, and with finding the Harkon, they have to find out more about why Caballa Island turned the way it did.

Trickster: A New Discovery

The Shining Crystal Set makes its debut, along with the story revolving around Episode 4 ONLY. From obtaining a Dev Card Key like in Trickster: R, you find the Dev Room, in which they can only access with it. A spirit haunts the Tricksters, and one even thinks about Resigning. The Computers are easily destroyed, with most of the data uncovered, the cards come in handy once again, but you're wondering if they'll stay this way.

And...That's all on the story subject. Like I said, I may post it on here.

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