Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grand Chase - 6/2 Patch Notes

Jin is on his way, log on to receive a Soul of the Fighter Doll (7 Days) that increases EXP by 10%!
Dungeon drop rate has increased 10% for one week for rebuilding the park.
Refer-a-Friend event has been added
New and Returning Knights will have an option when logging in to name the friend who referred them.
A "Returning Knight" is any player who has not logged in since May 1st, 2009.
A "New Knight" is any account created during the event period.
Prizes will be given out upon login to new, returning, and existing knights.
The player who refers a new or returning Knight will receive prizes when that Knight performs an attendance check.
New and Returning Knights will also receive prizes for their first attendance check.
A player can refer up to 12 new or returning Knights, and will receive progressively better prizes for each one that performs an attendance check.
As an added bonus, friends receive a 30% bonus to XP and GP when playing on the same team in PvP or Dungeons.
For a full explanation of the event, please visit the event page on the official website.

Park background has been returned to normal.
Cow's statues have been reinstated in the Park.
Silver Land Continent added to World Map, however it is currently locked as no dungeons are available.

--Grand Chase Team


Bull...I was expecting Striper or Siren to come next. *Sighs* I don't care, lol. I'll just train my Amy while I'm at it or somethin'.

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