Monday, December 7, 2009

Updates, Apologies, and Much More.

"We'll be shopping, decorating, and [have] plenty of snow~"
Yep, I'm alive. No really, I am xD;. I apologize for not updating the blog as much as possible. Lately, I've been trying to get alot of things up and running, and therefore do not have much time to update the Blogspot blog. However, I've updated my LiveJournal during the weekend, so you may wanna read that before anything else if you wanna know about my life.
Secondly, the Game List will be updated sooner or later. I haven't been able to update anything but my DeviantArt, and LiveJournal. My Laptop will have it's Monthly System Restore routine (lol, but I left it w/o a firewall for quite awhile.) and I will have to reinstall everything along with recover all of my music from the CDs I have.
Lastly: I'll have PangYa and Lunia returned to the gaming list, along with Grand Chase... again.

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