Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wishlist Suprises~ (Part 1)

A new piece of artwork from Trickster Online, after Armcho left.
Lately, I've been asked to create lists for my family because of, well, Christmas! I quickly asked for a PSP for my mother (even though it might be late, plus I don't care about the PSP2 or PSP Go) and some games.

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You should've known the first game I would jot down would be Persona 3: Portable. I'm a large Persona Fan, even if I just played SMT: Imagine or Persona 3: FES. I can not only play as a girl XD, but I won't have to worry so much about having nothing else to play on Car Trips.

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FFF Yeah, PangYa. PangYa may not be my favorite game due to it's take over by NTreev, but having NTreevSoft's PSP version, would surely be my favorite add-on to a game list. I won't even have to pay a ton of pang, because it should be easy to get some!

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You should know, being a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan as well, asking for Tag Force 3 & 4 wouldn't be much a suprise to viewers of my Blog. Tag Force 3 is with GX, while Tag Force 4 is with 5D's, so...

I'll be posting another wishlist on here, but it'll deal with my presents that aren't PSP related. I don't expect most of them to be here ON christmas day, I mean, it's 2010, it's another year that can go around!

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ScottB said...

I'm not much on anime,(mostly because I'm jealous on not being able to draw it myself), but I really enjoyed reading you're wish list. You've really got high expectations. If you don't mind, would you care to take a look at my blog and see what you think?