Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wishlist Suprises~ (Part 2)

Clannad for Christmas, anyone?

So, in this post, we're continuing with three final items (well, 4, but I'll just show the 4th one at the end), and this one's actually for other gaming consoles I actually have right now!

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Another Persona Game, but the fourth addition to the Persona series! Persona 3: FES was a major badass, but I never got to see Persona 4 up close or got a feel to it myself. No one in Texas has heard of Persona, so it's quite annoying to try and get. However, I'm sure I'll find this one way or another.

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Another Kingdom Hearts game to add to my growing KH Collection. Yes, I want KH358/2 Days, since it looked pretty popular (Not to mention: good. I mean, Organization 13 finally gets their true main game). My brother (who knows nothing about Kingdom Hearts) actually recommended this to me after seeing it on the commercial once. So, after a few debates, I decided I was going for it anyways.

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What better way to talk on Skype then have an actual microphone right by me. I'm asking for headmics, yes a Head Microphone. They aren't as much as the games, but it's nice to have something to use so people can hear me clearly.

So, yeah. That's my wishlist! I don't have anymore ideas, and hopefully my brother doesn't ask me for any presents again. I went brain dead after all this, but before I go...

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Asking for a Pre-Paid card from FailTreev, but then again, I always ask for this, so...

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