Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sorry for not posting in quite awhile. I mean, I would post more, but there isn't really anything to talk about. Unless you'd like to see me rant about gaming and such, but otherwise there isn't anything I can post about in Blogspot, and even LiveJournal. Twitter basically has all my updates now, and I haven't worked on Pieces of Me for a bit. Then, there's also the fact that I still need to post Game Reviews on my Blog and Anime Reviews. I just got through testing last week, and I'll be attempting to post alot as I go through this year.
I should also give you specific details and remind you on what I'm reviewing Games, Anime, and other stuff on.

Community, Graphics, Gameplay, *Economy
Storyline, *Art, Characters
Storyline & Characters

* = Optional to Review About

So, yeah. I'll try to post about my life as much as possible on my blog~

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