Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, 2008 is over, and 2009 is now here.

Good things, Bad things & Okay things have happened this year.

Good Things:
- Try out lots of new games, and make lots of new friends.
- We have President Elect Barack Obama becoming the first African-American president.
- I got back to Grand Chase, just in time for Amy.
- I charged my first set of Astros
- I've created a bond between Wayne & I.
- I've created a bond between Zeffy & I.
- I've joined the guild, Synergy.
- I've stopped alot of friends from doing bad things.
- I've covered some Japanese.
- I've covered some Portuguese.

Bad Things:
- Wayne has gotten into alot of depression.
- Athena was hacked.
- My school has become stupider by the second.

Okay Things:
- Working my way back up to Senior E on A18
- Came back to MyMMOGames.
- NTreev USA is catching up with NTreev South Korea.
- We got Amy, as our Christmas Gift.

Can you hear a far voice of Grief? It is a waltz of Ariah...The memories of the nameless braves, Pass away.....with the time....
Carrying the swords and her prophecy, We struggle for 100...To save your smile, to save your hope, To keep your.......history.

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