Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Syphira V.S. Saphira

Okay, let's get this straight. First of all, I'm pretty sure if you've seen a DRAGON in CLOSED BETA TRICKSTER ONLINE['06], named "Syphira" then it was me. As we all know the book "Eragon" was released August 26, 2003. Yeah, that's great. Eragon readers that play Trickster, probably know the dragon's name was Saphira. Well guess what?

Syphira was NOT taken from the book Eragon!

Now I'm sure, people think I've taken it from the book.
Hello? 5 Years ago, I was 7 years old! I didn't even KNOW about the book! Syphira was NOT stolen from Eragon, it was something me and a friend made up for Trickster! Now for the Sheep that took my name, I don't mind, but don't confuse me with her. Thanks >.>;;

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