Friday, January 23, 2009

Trickster Online - Day 1

Decided to go on and Play on Fantasia today [Trickster Online]. I thought this was a cute background, featuring Poppuricia.
I need 42 Boxes and around 18 levels to participate in this stupid event. Ah well, Hopefully I can hax my way through. Though.. I need to get TalesRunner working....and I haven't been playing Lunia, I've been neglecting my Dacy. I also need to start leveling faster in Grand Chase...BAHH!
Digging was annoying, but I guess you could say I got lucky. I don't have very much DA at all!
And I plan on selling these things.
kekeke...galder *o*
Finishing Up Chapter 2, I finally got my lazy self up to 20!
Whee and Calivar!
I wanted to fight that stupid Furious Cannonshell, since it was well...making me furious! =P


All in a days work~[Kudos to helping dragon]

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